The Scarlet Letters Nordbak

The Scarlet Letters Nordbak – Hollywood elites are used to getting whatever they want, which makes the prospect of playing sexy roles all the more exciting for an industry dominatrix!

Jenny Nordback, aka Mr. Scarlett, reveals how El-Lay’s power players – from famous musicians to A-list actors – hired her to destroy their crunchy rocks by beating, beating and tying her up!

The Scarlet Letters Nordbak

The Scarlet Letters Nordbak

“When you’re at exclusive private fetish gaming parties, [that’s when] you start seeing more [celebrities], and I’ve seen more celebrities in the industry.”

How To Practice Extreme Intimacy With Dominatrix To The Stars Jenny Nordbak — Grow Big Always

Although she didn’t name names, the S&M pro admitted that one of her former “submissives” was a “mega-famous actor” that “most women and I’ve had a few men fantasize about”.

According to Nordbeck, a certain starlet whose “awesome” package nearly broke her character paid to rip out the strings attached to the piercings in her unnamed possessions!

Another high-profile client was a Hollywood screenwriter who wanted to play his scenes. He explained:

“He had very detailed, detailed scenes that he just wanted to play. óΓé¼╦£I am the Maharaja!’ and he is in full suit; like a whole production.”

Hollywood Dominatrix Reveals ‘mega Famous Actor’ Paid For Kinky Acts In Sex Dungeon

The USC graduate believes her profession is very fruitful in Hollywood because her high-powered clients never hear the word “no” said to them. He added:

“Celebrities in particular are surrounded by ‘yes’ men and everyone is terrified of them, and they don’t hear ‘no’ very often. So I think they’re used to having power, so it’s really exciting to hand that power over to someone else.” Jenny Nordback has something special. She’s a petite redhead who exudes the charm and confidence of a polite receptionist – her day job at a children’s hospital, by the way, where she works as a dominatrix. It takes a minute to register that this once-seemingly-innocent woman was secretly whipped in a Hollywood dungeon under the name of Lady Scarlett. Now, happily married and the mother of an adorable son, she’s opening up about her time serving below the sex trade ladder in her new book: The Scarlett Letters: My Male Year in an L.A. Dungeon.

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Thigh-high, black leather boots are the only hint of Nordbak’s wild side. Young-looking and naturally beautiful without make-up, she was full of energy, despite having recently flown in from California for a delayed red-eye. There was evil in his eyes and good character. You can tell he can keep a secret, and he didn’t hold back when asked if he’d consider revealing his list of superstar clients. With a firm but sweet no, I saw Nordbuck’s alter ego, Lady Scarlett.

The Scarlet Letters Nordbak

Coming out of an incomplete relationship and wanting to explore his wild side, Nordbak began his journey through the fascinating world of dungeons by answering an ad in the paper. No experience was required, and as Mrs. Scarlett she found an element of fun in what began as an experiment. He found himself a natural at commanding his loyal fans. While the former dominatrix remains tight-lipped about the identity of the high-profile clients she once tormented, she was open about what many of the men who visited her wanted. Worked in prison for more than 20 years. Nordbak never noticed anything unusual. No shady characters or mafias, no police raids. The single handcuffs were what the customers asked for.

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The most popular fetish? Legs. “It’s surprising how many men want to worship a woman’s feet but can’t tell their partner,” she admits. From men who want to rub, smell or touch the dominatrix’s dirty feet. Nordback discussed the particular excitement that affects his male clients.

“I’ve seen a lot of men who want to see things they’re not used to … when they’re being honest, they’re not looking for a woman with a perfect body. They want curves. They were involved in internal affairs that you wouldn’t expect anyone to be interested in, right down to the smelly armpits. According to Nordbak, many “fetishes” are simple things that make a man’s ideal woman more realistic and very human.

Nordbak’s most famous client had a fetish for being spanked and adored his piercings, which he did in very close quarters. The most surprising? The superstar also wants a very special penetration procedure that would turn many gentlemen off. He brought his own collection of urethral rods of various widths for insertion. The A-list didn’t make it.

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, dives into the reality of what it’s really like to work in a secluded and secretive community.

Dominatrix Lifts The Lid On Hollywood’s Wild Secret Fetish Parties, Where Clients Including A List Movie Stars Are Whipped And Beaten

With strict no-sex and no-panty rules in the dungeon, inappropriate behavior by clients was discouraged. As Mr. Scarlett, the new author has the ability to not only dominate, but also to play the submissive role. Capable of doing this double duty, it became known as a switch. The longer he stays in the business, the more likely his secret life will seep into his real life. She once encountered a former client who did not like attending a meeting at the children’s hospital where she worked. Both of them remained calm despite being in a very uncomfortable situation.

This event was the first step in the excitement that began to dissipate. “If I was hanging out with my friends and a guy was rude to me, I thought it was cool. So that I can hit them in the balls! It’s not normal.”

As with any job, Nordback explained, he was getting more tired than usual. “Kicking, thrashing and yelling stopped being fun.” Then he experienced something in Nevada’s Black Rock Desert at the legendary Burning Man festival. It was with a group of like-minded, wildly sexual friends and her boyfriend that Nordbak realized she had become the fully experienced sex woman she had always wanted to be.

The Scarlet Letters Nordbak

“There is nothing left to explore. The thought of any S & M adventures just didn’t excite me like it used to. It was hollow and empty.” As she returned to her day job and turned her full attention there, she kept her role as Mrs. Scarlett quiet, not even telling her best customers. A few months later, Nordbak began dating the man who is now her husband. They had been working together for a while, he hadn’t noticed before. At first, she thought he was very “vanilla” – sex-worker lingo is sexually bland and a little dull – but it’s clear that a spark between them has ignited a fire. “My husband knows about my past and he doesn’t blink. He’s my everything,” Nordback said with a smile.

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Hollywood Dominatrix Jenny Nordbak Reveals She Flogged A Movie Star And Led Him Around On A Leash

“I tried everything I wanted to have sex with.” Nordback doesn’t have a black book of clients to sort through, and he keeps in touch with some of the women he once worked with, but rarely meets the client. She looks happy as a mother, wife and writer. When she sees her former megastar client on TV, of course she laughs with her husband.

“I feel like a lot of memories of women in the sex industry are based on drug and alcohol addiction and the road to recovery. Not all stories are like that.” I asked if she would be comfortable with her daughter stepping into the role she once held. Nordbak paused. “No one has asked me about that… I’ll be open to it. I want him to know what to expect because it’s something I’ve done myself.”

For now, she and her husband and son have their hands full and can share a part of their life that they have kept secret for so long. After being afraid to tell her family, she discovered that her mother’s reaction was not what she had expected, and when Nordbuck confessed to her scandalous profession, her mother was more interested than concerned. “Freedom and being free is great, it’s no longer a secret. Everyone knows.” Jenny Nordback is an author, retired dominatrix, and former archaeologist. When she’s not writing romance novels, she writes the Stock and Bondage column for Penthouse Magazine, hosts two podcasts based around the romance genre, and enjoys narrating some of the funniest audiobooks. Jenny is an advocate for sex positivity and intersectional feminism. She lives in Southern California with her handsome Viking husband and two adorable wild children. Learn more at

The Scarlet Letters A Secret Year of My People in a Los Angeles Dungeon Author: Jenny Nordback Narrated by: Jenny Nordback Duration: 9 hours 11 minutes Abridged Overall 5/5 stars 141 Performance 5/5/5 stars Story 127/9/9/9 Jenny reveals her secret fantasies lived a double life on an unusual quest for understanding

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