Words With Letters Atticc

Words With Letters Atticc – Q: The two urns have been in the family for over 80 years. They are 10 1/2 inches in diameter and 8 1/2 inches tall. I would appreciate any information you can provide. I always enjoy your column. — F.D.M., Internet

A; Your two Art Pottery jardinieres were made in Roseville, Ohio. Nelson McCoy and J.W. McCoy started the Nelson McCoy Sanitary and Stoneware Company in Roseville, Ohio in 1910. Since 1991 pottery bearing the McCoy mark has been made by makers unrelated to the original company. The mark on your two pieces was used in the 1940s. McCoy Pottery has been a category of specific collector interest for decades. At the top of the ladder relative to collector interest are the many cookie jars they are famous for making. Potential dollar value is under $100 each.

Words With Letters Atticc

Words With Letters Atticc

Q: I am including a picture of a porcelain candlestick with four arms. The colors are pastel and delicate. It is in perfect condition with no chips. It’s wonderful. On the bottom it has markings that look like the intertwined letters T and S and the words Dresden underneath. Can you tell me the age and value? — S.D., Internet

Thisweek Westerville 8/4 By The Columbus Dispatch

A: The mark you describe was used by the Thieme porcelain factory in Potschappel, Germany, near Dresden after the First World War. During the late 1800s the Thieme Company produced equally good copies of famous 18th century Meissen porcelains. They used a copycat crossed swords sign in order to fool the public into thinking they were buying real masks.

In 1909 they were taken to court and forced to stop using the quasi crossed swords sign. After 1909 they started using the script letters T over S with the word Dresden underneath, as your candelabra is marked. The photograph is not clear enough for me to judge the quality of the piece. The candelabra with the young man and woman standing on either side with obvious romantic intentions is a very desirable decorative theme in the current market. Without better photographs all I can say is the dollar value is less than $1,000 and likely between $300 and $600.

Q: Enclosed are some pictures of bubble gum cards that my father collected during World War II. They were packed in packages of “card-o-chewing gum.” There are 25 in all. Any help you can give me on their value will be greatly appreciated. – Y.R., Internet

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A: The bubble gum cards depicting World War II aircraft that you have are in the category of full trade cards, as well as in the category of war memorabilia. The interest in rubber cards depicting aviation war birds has increased significantly in recent years. The current potential dollar value is under $10 per card and will certainly increase if collector interest continues.

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— Ocala-based John Sikorski has more than 35 years of experience as an antiques advisor, consultant and broker. Send your questions to Sikorski’s Attic, c/o The Ocala Star-Banner, 2121 SW 19th Avenue Road, Ocala, FL 34471-7752 or email [email protected]. Network. Jerilee Bennett, The File

I’ve been doing an experiment over the last couple of weeks in my house to see how hot the attic gets during the daytime. I was somewhat surprised to see temperatures routinely in the 120s and 130s during the middle part of the day. And, on one of the hottest days, I was stunned to see 138.5 degrees!

My attic is insulated, so why is that a big deal, you ask? Because heat transfer is a direct function of the difference in temperatures – so with an attic that hot, there is 40 or 50 degrees of temperature difference “pushing” heat through the insulation and into the house – and that overheats the bedrooms And of course running up air conditioning costs big.

Words With Letters Atticc

So I’m starting to reconsider my love affair with whole house fans – the kind that sit in the ceiling and draw air through the window. Yes, you could run it during the day to lower those excessive attic temperatures, but the problem is that you’re dragging 90-plus-degree heat through the house.

Villa Degli Ermini & Wine Estate, Bucine

What is another alternative? A regular attic-only fan. It is much cheaper to buy and install than a whole house fan. It pulls ambient (and much cooler) air into and across the attic during the day. Most models are preset to come in at a specific temperature. And the installation is incredibly easy; It just hangs on the side wall blowing out a gable vent. There are also roof-mounted versions called “top hats,” so named because their exterior vent opening is a large circular disc designed to keep out the weather.

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If you want a more comfortable house and lower cooling costs, ask your regular HVAC contractor for a quote on this appliance.

P.S. Another benefit to this approach is an increase in roof longevity. An excessively hot attic can soften the shingle substrate underneath, allowing the tiny grit particles to slough off more easily than they otherwise would. And this leads to premature aging.

Dear Ken: That little pressure valve on the side of my water heater dribbles all the time. The plumber changed it, but it still happens. He mentioned a small tank they can install. What about that? – Paula

Dan’s Papers Sept. 17, 2010 By Dan’s Papers

Answer: It is called an expansion tank. Usually painted red or blue, the tank is about the size of a 1-gallon milk jug and simply sits on the cold water line just before the water heater. Recall that heated material expands, so when the water heater comes on, the now expanded water has to go somewhere. That’s why it drips out of the pressure valve; It is the only escape to the outside world. The expansion tank, on the other hand, has a rubber bladder inside – with air on one side and water on the other. So it can absorb that extra volume as the system heats up. The price? The tank itself is less than $50, but of course, you will have to pay the plumber at least another hour of work to install it.

Alternatively, check your indoor water pressure. If it is more than 60 pounds, set the regulator back to a little below that level, and the dripping may stop all together.

Dear Ken: In my attic, the previous owner put insulation batt over some old loose stuff. However, the paper on the insulation is on top. Isn’t it supposed to be the other way around? – Jacob

Words With Letters Atticc

Answer: Yes. That paper facing is actually a vapor barrier that stops the migration of moisture from the living area into the attic. In other words, vapor barriers always go to the inside of the house. But here’s the catch: in an attic we don’t want any vapor barrier at all, regardless of which way it’s facing. This is because it can trap moisture that comes up from the living space between the insulation layers. The way to improve this is to handle the paper facing with a sharp knife to defeat it.

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Villa Luna, Kalamaki, Greece

Dear Ken: When our clothes washer is running, a faucet comes from the kitchen sink. is that good – Rick

Answer: In older houses, we used smaller diameter pipe sizes for the drains. Up until about 40 years ago, a 11/2-inch washer drain was fine—and that may be what you have. Now, it is difficult to install a 2-inch pipe for the washer. If that’s not bad enough, new washing machines pump out waste water much more vigorously than older models. So the noises may be normal in your house as the plumbing system struggles to cope with the increased flow. On the other hand, if it has been some time since you had a drain cleaning company, it would probably benefit you to have them investigate the branch lines plus your main sewer pipe.

Dear Ken: I have an older hot water heater. Should I spray it once in a while? What is the process? – Lance

Answer: This work is particularly important for people on well water or small community systems, where there is usually more entrained sediment – not so much if you are connected to a large municipal water supply. Nevertheless, you can check your water quality yourself quite easily by lifting the tank lid on a couple of your toilets. If there is a lot of sand or grit lying on the bottom of the tank, then flushing the water heater is probably a good idea.

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Here’s how: First, turn off the gas, including the pilot light. Then take your morning showers or do a load or two of laundry to use up the valuable hot water in the tank. Next, turn off the incoming cold water valve near the top of the tank. Attach a hose to the small drain valve at the bottom and run it to the nearest floor drain, then turn on the spigot to let all the water flow through the hose. Once the tank is empty, the secret is to blast jets of cold water on-off-on-off into the heater.

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