Words With Letters Choire

Words With Letters Choire – I know, I know. Choir members can be chatty and don’t always show up on time, and sometimes it feels like standing up in front of them and saying the same thing. things. each. week.

But success does not mean that everything will be perfect. This does not mean setting unrealistic expectations for your group or holding them to unfair standards.

Words With Letters Choire

Words With Letters Choire

Jim Rohn wisely said, “Successful people do what unsuccessful people are unwilling to do. Don’t wish it were easier; wish you were better” ( source ).

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What can you do today that will prepare you for success on the test this week? What can you do in rehearsal that will set your choir up for success?

I usually practice the Sunday hymn and service music first, then 5-6 hymns from the folder (progressing from new or recent to more familiar), ending with something the choir knows well (maybe next Sunday’s hymn).

Aim for a balance of new, developing, and familiar hymns to keep your choir interested and engaged ( source ). Also, alternate slow, lyrical hymns with more upbeat ones for contrast.

Decide how much time you want to spend on each piece in advance and track the time as you go. Include one thing you can cut back on if you’re short on time and one thing you’d do with an extra five minutes. (source)

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Consider other ways to introduce or reinforce musical concepts: vocal model, hand sign or gesture, facial expression, movement, etc. Keep instructions very short and to the point.

The best way to do this is to get them to sing as much as possible. When you need to stop, give immediate feedback to prevent talking to their neighbor.

If you need to work with one section, give the others something to do — all sing this line together, or sing your part quietly, or listen to _____.

Words With Letters Choire

For newer hymns that have already been featured, start with the newest or most challenging part instead of automatically starting over each time.

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Avoid repeating chants or parts they know very well – spend the rehearsal time on the things that need to be practiced.

Don’t limit your listening to notes and rhythms. Listen critically for sound quality, tone, balance within the ensemble, breath, phrasing, dynamics, and vowels and consonants.

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Use kinesthetic teaching as much as possible. This will help keep your choir engaged and improve retention ( source ). Encourage singers to take ownership by showing up on time, marking their music, listening and staying focused in rehearsal.

One of the most useful ways to introduce something new is to use a whole-part-whole sequence: introduce the whole hymn first before breaking it down into parts and working on the details. If your choir isn’t quite ready to read a new piece, play a recording and have them follow along.

Secrets For Running A Successful Choir Rehearsal

Get involved in the warm-up! Use them to prepare or solidify new concepts and refer to them later in the rehearsal (another incentive to be on time!).

Plan your weekly (90-minute) choir rehearsal in no time with this handy printable! Print, fill in your rehearsal items (warm-up, Sunday music, hymns, etc.) and you’re good to go!

Always try to start and finish the rehearsal on time. This shows respect for your choir members (remember, they are volunteers!) and shows that you are serious about the work you do at rehearsals.

Words With Letters Choire

Don’t wait for everyone to arrive, because you will teach them that they can be 5-10 minutes late and not miss anything.

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Move quickly between sections. Don’t give them too much time or they will lose focus and get off topic.

Write the rehearsal order on the board or give the singers a printed half-sheet when they arrive so they can arrange their music before the rehearsal starts (encourage them to arrive a few minutes early!).

If you’re asking your choir to sing something again, give them a specific reason – think about something, change something, adjust a vowel, shape a phrase, listen to each other, etc. Simply saying, “Sing it again” will result in them either mindlessly singing it again or change things on their own.

Think of effective ways to share new music and collect old music. If you have a folder/box system, you can distribute music quickly and easily

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Training. When singers take their folders on the go, they’ll have all the music they need.

Anticipate the needs of your congregation by keeping a jar of freshly sharpened pencils, a box of tissues, and a bowl of cough drops nearby for those who need them. Also, make a few extra folders so you have something to grab when the new singers come to rehearsals.

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For some of your singers, choir rehearsal may be the only opportunity they have to make music each week. Make it as musical as possible!

Words With Letters Choire

Introduce musical terms before notes and rhythms, or at least in combination with them. It’s a lot harder to work on phrasing, breath and dynamics after you’ve been pounding notes and rhythms for a few weeks.

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Music is music and so much of what we teach and work on in rehearsal can be applied to other pieces — vowels, good breath, tone, vocal technique, diction, etc. Encourage your choir to develop transferable skills by reminding them of this.

You’re more than just a choir director — you’re a musician, a singer (maybe not a soloist, but that’s okay!), a teacher, and a spiritual mentor ( source ). Be the best version of all of those things by continuously acquiring knowledge, skills and education.

Take advantage of continuing education opportunities in your area. Go to a conference. Attend live music events. If voice is not your primary instrument, practice singing and using your voice (source).

Designed for adult choir leaders in church settings, this 2-hour self-study course includes relevant educational theories about how adults learn + a variety of practical tools and resources to use in your ministry and teaching.

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Words With Letters Choire

Printable sheet music for SATB choir, handbells (12-21 bells) and instrumentalists for all seasons of the church year. Buy now >>

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A collection of (mostly free!) printables and digital resources to help you perform at your best. Browse the library Take care of your privacy online. Be careful not to use your full name. Use only your first name or nickname.

What are the secrets behind the song “Choire” that makes it rock? Your name is more than just a name!

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The true meaning of ‘Chorus’ cannot be described with just a few words. Your name is your destiny, heart’s desire and personality. Chorus is a name that indicates that you are the foundation of society. Your good sense of structure makes you an excellent organizer and manager of any company. You are also stable, disciplined, practical, reliable, hardworking and thrifty. Being impulsive is not your style. You think things through carefully before you act. Turning ideas into reality is one of your best qualities.

Your heart’s desire is peace and harmony above all else. You need friends and company. Your gentle nature makes you avoid conflict as much as possible. There is always an internal battle when you are unsure about something. Sometimes it is difficult for you to openly express your needs and opinions. Even worse, you will give up when faced with a more aggressive person to avoid an argument. You don’t like the use of force.

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When people hear the name Choira, they perceive you as someone who is pleasant, stylish, diplomatic, gentle and graceful. People want to get close to you because you have a comfortable and non-threatening position. Others may find you charming with a certain sexiness. You may seem quiet, shy or reserved, but all they have to do is ask and you’ll participate.

Your name carries a certain luck and strong instincts about matters of the heart. You openly show your feelings or emotions rather than holding them back. You prefer to be the center of attention at social gatherings.

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Words With Letters Choire

There is no record of the name Choire in the public records of the US Social Security Administration (ssa.gov). Imagine that your name is not present in 6,028,151 public records. One possible reason is that your name appears less than five times. Ssshhh, the SSA is trying to protect your privacy. You might want to use a short version of your name or perhaps your nickname.

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