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Words With Letters Mercury – What3words is a proprietary geocode system designed to identify any location with a resolution of up to 3 meters (9.8 ft). It is owned by What3words Limited, based in London, Throat. The system codes geographic coordinates into our secure translation system. For example, the door of 10 Downing Street in London was identified by

What3words differs from most other coding systems in that it uses words rather than strings of numbers or letters, and the structure of this map is not obvious; The algorithm mapping to the message is protected by copyright.

Words With Letters Mercury

Words With Letters Mercury

The company has a website, apps for iOS and Android, and an API for bidirectional conversion between what3words address and latitude/longitude coordinates.

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Sheldrick and Ganesalingam conceived the idea wh Sheldrick, working as an evt organizer, struggled to get bands and equipmt for music vues using scarce materials.

Sheldrick tries to use GPS tracking to find the vues, but decides that words are better than numbers after a number accidentally takes him to the wrong place. He credits mathematicians with the idea of ​​dividing the world into three-meter squares, and language teacher Jack Waley-Coh with using mnemonics.

In January 2018, Mercedes-Bz bought approximately 10% of the company and announced support for What3words in future versions of the Mercedes-Bz User Experience infotainmt and navigation system.

. As of September 2021, more than 85 percent of emergency services in England use What3words, including the Metropolitan Police and London Fire.

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In March 2021 it was announced that ITV plc had bought a £2.7 million stake in What3words to enter the advertising space.

What3words divides the world into grids of 57 trillion 3-by-3-meter squares, each with a three-word address. The company says they do their best to remove homophones and spelling changes;

Each uses a list of 25,000 words (except glish, which uses 40,000 to cover sea and land).

Words With Letters Mercury

The translation is not direct, because a direct translation in some languages ​​can produce more than three words. Instead, the area is the area “thinking about linguistic ssitivities and nuances”.

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Dsely populated areas have a string of short words to facilitate frequent use; while smaller regions, such as the North Atlantic, use more complex languages.

In a 2019 blog, op model consultant and technology expert Terce Ed questioned the culture of using words instead of numbers created by management maps. “Numbers are (often) bad leadership.” he said, “The words are wrong. Is mile.crazy.shade an honorific name for the war memorial? What about tribes.hurt.stumpy for the temple?”

And similar numbers have a 1 in 2.5 million chance of pointing to nearby locations.

However, security researcher Andrew Tierney estimates that 75% of What3words addresses contain multiple words that are still in print (or reverse).

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. Co-founder and CEO Sheldrick responded that “even if the balance of similar sounds between the three words is so far that the error is obvious, there will still be cases of similarity such words are closely related.”

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Further analysis by Tierney shows that in the London area, around 1 in 24 addresses may be confused with other London addresses.

In September 2022, the Department of Health, Media and Sport used What3words to guide mourners to d on the lines to see Que dag in London. Of the first five letters published, four led to the wrong,

Words With Letters Mercury

The authorities later moved to an electronic system to create idtifiers, as they knew that there were people involved in the process causing typos.

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According to Rory Sutherland from advertising agency Ogilvy in a 2014 op-ed piece for The Guardian, the system’s advantages are memory, accuracy, and ambiguity in speech.

Proponents of the model criticize the What3words system for being controlled by the private sector and the software for being patted and not available for free.

The company has followed the law of advocacy for individuals and organizations that have hosted or published information on the What3words algorithm or reverse-engineered code that reproduces the service work, such as free and op the use of WhatFreeWords.

The website whatfreewords.org was later taken down following a Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) takedown notice issued by What3words. This has continued to delete commts on social media that refer to illegal posts. In late April 2021, a security researcher was threatened with a lawsuit by What3words, saying that linking to the recycling program “WhatFreeWords” violated the company’s policy.

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“The letter also requested that he disclose to [the company’s lawyers] the idtity of the person or persons to whom he has distributed copies of the software, agree that he will not copy the software again and remove the copy. the software he has in his possession.”

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