Words With Sa Te 5 Letters

Words With Sa Te 5 Letters – Did we catch you working on your Wordle (or another word puzzle) for the day? We suspect you’re here because you’re struggling to figure out today’s answer and are looking for a list of 5-letter words with S in the middle. Hopefully you can fill in some additional information, like which letters you know aren’t in the answer, to help you narrow down the list we have for you below.

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Words With Sa Te 5 Letters

Words With Sa Te 5 Letters

Below you’ll find our complete list of 5 letter words with an S in the middle to help you start working through possibilities and get you to the solution you need for the day. Always use the information your work has already provided to eliminate options from the list.

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That concludes our complete list of 5-letter words with an S in the middle that we’ve put together for you! Hopefully you were able to use the list of words to solve the Wordle puzzle you were working on! You can find more information about this game in the Wordle section of our website. So in this lesson we will learn about the letters Sa Shi Su Se So and Ta Chi Tsu Te To. As you may notice, some of the letters here don’t seem to fit, and I’ll tell you why shortly.

I will put a FULL Hiragana chart in each lesson, just so you can see all the upcoming/learned Hiragana letters.

When learning Japanese, like any other language, you may notice that there will be some exceptions to certain words. In this case Si becomes Shi, Ti becomes Chi and Tu becomes Tsu. You might think this is a little strange, but thankfully all these exceptions make sense.

Si -> し(Shi): So instead of pronouncing “shi” as Si (see), you would pronounce it as Shi (she). You may realize that saying Si instead of Shi is much more difficult than you might think. This is a very similar reason for many of the other exceptions.

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Ti -> ち(Chi): Very similar to Shi, so instead of saying Ti (te), which again is much harder to say, you would pronounce this letter as Chi (tai-CHI).

Tu -> つ(Tsu): Instead of saying Tu (for), which is a bit difficult to say in Japanese, you would say Tsu (TSUNami, t-soup).

Those are all the exceptions in these 10 letters, so let’s get on with learning the Japanese letters themselves!

Words With Sa Te 5 Letters

Since some of you may not have been able to pronounce some of the words in the last lesson, I have included a Youtube video to help with pronunciation!

Wordle Is A Love Story

And that’s all folks! This is the end of the second part of the basic Hiragana lesson, but if you want additional practice, stay tuned for the OPTIONAL homework.

INSTRUCTIONS: Write all capitalized words in Hiragana, and all lowercase, leave them as Romanized letters.

That’s it for homework in this lesson! If you have any questions, feel free to ask them in the comments!

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This website saves cookies in your browser to improve your online experience and show you personalized content. Read our privacy policy and our cookie policy for more information and to learn how to set your preferences. In this post, I break down long vowel sounds (or long vowel words) to help you learn them when working with struggling readers and spellers.

Looking for long vowel vocabulary lists? Download all 5 of my long vowel glossaries in pdf format in my free library by joining my mailing list below.

Long vowels are vowels that are pronounced the same way as their names. You will often hear teachers say that long vowels “say their name”.

Words With Sa Te 5 Letters

Long vowels are very common but they can be tricky because there are so many spellings for each long vowel.

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Dyslexia In The Schools: Assessment And Identification

Long vowels are words that have vowels that say their names. Below are some examples:

Learn more about teaching the long sound here, and check out my Long A Words activities and printable activity worksheets.

For ideas, tips and tricks when teaching the long e sound, read this post on teaching the long e vowel sound and check out myLong E Words activities and printable activity worksheets.

You can learn more about teaching as long as I sound in this post. And check out my Long I Worksheets sets in my shop for printable activities on the long i sound.

Letter Words With S In The Middle

I don’t mean a vowel sound, just a spelling pattern. So, for example, if you are working with long a, you would be working with the spelling pattern

, and so on. You should not teach multiple spelling patterns together, even if they make the same sound.

I know most programs out there combine all the spelling patterns for long vowel sounds into one lesson, especially in spelling lists, but this doesn’t work for struggling readers. You have to break it down for them and just do one at a time.

Words With Sa Te 5 Letters

Since syllables have a lot to do with whether vowels make the short or long sound, if students don’t already know the 6 syllable types, then teach them along with the long vowel sound.

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Games, dictation, word sorting, flashcard memory or matching, word hunts, textured writing, body spelling and bingo are all fun ways to practice the long vowel sounds.

The main activity that is often overlooked is dictation. It seems so simple but the task involves listening to a word, determining the spelling and transferring that information into written form. These are all skills that struggling readers need to practice.

I made these word lists to teach the long vowels. I find these handy to have on hand when playing phonics games or planning activities for long vocal lessons.

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Did you know that there is a whole set of syllabic rules that tell you exactly how to spell and where to split words so you can see what sound a vowel will make? In order to get to that point, you first need to learn the 6 types of syllables. I’m sure…

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Wondering why some words are spelled with a double consonant at the end, like miss, and others aren’t (like rob)? There’s actually a reason this happens, and it’s called The Floss Rule. The Floss rule helps you know when to double the last consonant and it’s a pretty easy rule to learn…

Did you know that silent e does more than just make the preceding vowel speak its name? In fact, a final silent e has 6 other jobs in addition to this! I didn’t know about these other jobs but once I learned it made so much sense. Hopefully this overview will help you understand the other…

Words With Sa Te 5 Letters

Did you know that the schwa sound is the most common vowel sound in English? And despite this, it’s a tricky sound to teach, especially when it comes to spelling. In this post, I break down the schwa sound so you can confidently teach your students all about schwa! What is…

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