4 Pics 1 Word 8 Letters Globe Surf Waves

4 Pics 1 Word 8 Letters Globe Surf Waves – Have you ever listened to a Beach Boys record (most of the guys in the group never surfed) or put on a pair of baggy shorts or stared at the breakers and dreamed of endless summer waves and bonfires. With the perfect surfer boy or girl on your arm, you can ask if you’re connected to the surf culture.

That’s why even if you’re sitting on the beach with your toes firmly planted in the sand, the world’s best surf spots are still important.

4 Pics 1 Word 8 Letters Globe Surf Waves

4 Pics 1 Word 8 Letters Globe Surf Waves

To reach you, we asked Surfing Magazine’s editors to help us compile their picks for the world’s greatest surf spots (our top 10 is heavily influenced by them), plus input from professional surfers and our own experiences.

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The most unusual wave on the list is located in the man-made river next to Munich’s main park, the English Garden. It is completely portless.

This is a one-meter standing wave (meaning you don’t move across the river, but just slide in place) when the water blows rapidly over a large rock to form a crest.

Although water cleanliness is an issue (don’t swim), this exposed break works best when offshore winds blow from the east.

In northeast Taiwan, Fulong Beach has a great campsite nearby and creates amazing right and left peeling waves from the sandbar.

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Although Thailand is not world-class, we love the environment, the warm clear water, the hot Pad Thai at the street stalls and the raucous nightlife.

Not only is it a great surf spot with a right-hand tip, surfers here share the beach with wild monkeys and elephants that graze in the nearby jungle.

On the coast north of El Jabilito Beach, this professional right-hand tube works best when doubled up overhead.

4 Pics 1 Word 8 Letters Globe Surf Waves

Similar to many waves in the Canaries, this reef break is marred by aggressive locals who resent the fact that they open up “their” wave to tourist surfers. Visitors can participate in a paddle race to ride this classic face.

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Cape Hatteras Lighthouse has been popular since the 1970s and is famous for its good surf due to killer storms, which has led to several shipwrecks over the years, earning it the nickname “Graveyard of the Atlantic”.

The only man-made surf station to make the list is the wave pool at Wadi Adventure in the United Arab Emirates, turning the tide of doubt, prompting some to herald the future of surfing.

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“It may not be the best wave in the world, but it’s one of the best wave pools in the world,” said Taylor Paul, editor-in-chief of Surfing Magazine.

Thanks to the fierce North Atlantic swells that wash over the Gulf of Gascony, it is full all year round.

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“Ponta Preta” means black point in Portuguese, and if this were a ski run, it would definitely be a black run.

Popular with European backpackers, this laid-back town boasts religious reggae and surf bars along 70km of sand.

Flanked by two rocky outcrops, surfers should paddle into this killer wave using the right-hand channel, which works perfectly with onshore winds and westerly swells.

4 Pics 1 Word 8 Letters Globe Surf Waves

Perfectly peeling waves break over the cliff shelf, named after the many killer whales that have been in the area.

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On this stunning stretch of coastline 48 kilometers north of Lisbon on the Atlantic coast, you’ll find a sleepy fishing-village-turned-surfer town with six kilometers of beaches, including the sandbar São Lourenço and the Pedra Branca reef break. It is one of the best waves in Europe.

Surfing competitions are often held on this fine quality sandbar on the east coast of Brazil below Sao Paulo.

There’s a fun-loving atmosphere, and great bars where you can watch the surf until sunset and eat delicious local delicacies.

Even professional surfers are close to cracking their boards on this classic wave, which breaks directly on coral and offers 150m rides on peak days.

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With plenty of shelter from the rocks, this beautiful left-hand Euro break can reach up to three meters in high tide.

In a sandy, horseshoe bay, Hanalei on Kauai is particularly beautiful, with waterfalls cascading against a dramatic backdrop of tropical cliffs.

Not to be outdone by Rincon California (also on this list), the once-sleepy Puerto Rico town has become famous for surfing on the Caribbean Sea.

4 Pics 1 Word 8 Letters Globe Surf Waves

Good for beginners and experts, this half-kilometer beach creates waves of up to three meters in warm water.

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One of the most famous waves in the Maldives, this vacation offers a left-hand ride and a 100-meter clean tube ride out to sea.

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There’s a catch: Only guests of Donvelly Beach Resort & Spa can access the property. A stay on the exotic island costs upwards of $340 per night.

Watergate Bay isn’t as famous as Fistral Bay, but it has a more English charm, is less crowded and has 30cm to 3m tides.

This rough and hollow wave forms about 1,600 meters offshore and lasts up to 500 meters and reaches a height of 10 meters.

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It is crucial to conserve some energy for the two-kilometer walk along the beach back to the parking lot.

In the year The small, perfectly formed crests where Johnny Fain and Mickey Dora camped in the 1950s are a great place to grab a longboard and surf Beach Boys-style. Unfortunately, the place was absolutely packed because of this.

The Box is probably the world’s most respectable surf, meaning it moves quickly from deep to deep water.

4 Pics 1 Word 8 Letters Globe Surf Waves

The box, named after its square barrel shape, is said to be responsible for a resurgence among thrill seekers worldwide in search of dangerous surfing waves.

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“It’s sharky as hell, but it’s worth it,” says surfing magazine editor in chief Taylor Paul. “It has incredible late rise and delivers a short, powerful right barrel.”

The most famous big wave reef break in the Hawaiian Islands takes its name from the ferocity of the legendary waves.

“It’s right and it’s left, and both offer huge barrels — and deadly results — to anyone crazy enough to drive them,” Paul said.

In winter, waves can reach an incredible 27 meters, when strong winds create the monster that the break is known for.

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In the year In 2012, big wave legend Shane Dorian caught the most barreling ride that won Billabong XXL Ride of the Year, an achievement that is finally leading to his induction into the Surfers Hall of Fame this July.

China is not known for its beaches, let alone surfing, but Hainan Island offers untouched tropical beaches with a series of uncrowded waves.

In the year Made famous in the 1960s surf classic “The Endless Summer,” atmosphere is key in this sleepy town.

4 Pics 1 Word 8 Letters Globe Surf Waves

A private beach may fall on the charm of the beach, but there’s no denying the appeal of a vacation reserved just for you and a few others. All day, any day.

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Especially when he’s rated as one of the top 10 left-handers in the world and has an amazing position.

While it doesn’t break often, when it comes to surfing, Rincon is the best point break in California, boasting long, steep, right-hand swells throughout most of the Northwest.

Not many travelers make it (or even know about it) to this spot on Ecuador’s west coast.

Most of them head straight for the Galapagos Islands and miss this hidden destination that wasn’t even on the map a few years ago.

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There are a thousand or so locals in Montañita and they are some of the friendliest surfers you will ever meet.

After hitting the right-hand breaks, you can spot them at après-surf events on the village’s bar strip.

Locals may respond to direction questions with “back home,” but this is a world-class ride with the bonus of an extra whale-spotting on board.

4 Pics 1 Word 8 Letters Globe Surf Waves

The combination of easy paddle outings and a series of high quality breaks make the Trestles one of the most respected destinations in Southern California.

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Five spots comprise the trestles and offer a variety of left- and right-hand barrels — the best surf (and biggest crowds) are found on the lower trestles.

“There is no other wave in the world that offers such high-performance surfing, and A-Frame in Orange County — the heart of the surf industry — makes it a center for progressive aerials and surfing,” says Surfing Magazine by Chef Taylor Paul.

With consistent reef waves that are absolutely breaking in the spring, the rocks at Sultanas can be dangerous, so it’s recommended to go with a wetsuit for surfers like Surf Atoll.

The professional wave specialists can take the surfers to other good points among the 1, 190 coral islands of the Maldives.

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Near a beach village on the small, beautiful Indonesian island of Sipora, it’s a deadly precision tube that takes time, money and effort.

Warm water, mechanically stable waves, a cave lined with palm trees and dozens of other world-class waves — it’s no wonder the place is called “perfection” by surfers.

Crashing against shallow razor-sharp coral, this spectacular and powerful reef break offers death rides left and right.

4 Pics 1 Word 8 Letters Globe Surf Waves

Intrepid surfers do.

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