Anthony Broughton Watch The Letters Get Down

Anthony Broughton Watch The Letters Get Down – Phone videos are great to use in a variety of settings! I use audio videos to start students in the morning, during indoor recess, brain breaks, 5 minute intervals, and of course during study blocks. They are a great tool to get your students moving while learning phonics skills. Here are some of my favorite YouTube videos that teach basic phone skills our students must learn.

Watch as your students get down with MISTER B. Each letter has its own dance moves as they learn the names and sounds of the letters. This video is one that your students will be asking for over and over again. LOL

Anthony Broughton Watch The Letters Get Down

Anthony Broughton Watch The Letters Get Down

At the beginning of the school year, I play this video to help students learn the alphabet. It was the first phonics video they got hooked on. And bonus… who doesn’t love Sesame Street?!

North State Journal Vol. 6, Issue 52 By North State Journal

Have fun Tutorial videos are awesome! This goes beyond the rhyme of the alphabet, and the sound of the letter. It also differentiates between consonants and vowels. This video is the first in a series of videos dedicated to each letter of the alphabet. They are great to use with those students who struggle to identify certain letters/letter sounds.

Each letter has a “magic egg” that opens to reveal something that begins with the letter’s sound. Students learn the names and sounds of letters in this phonics video.

Rapping characters is fun in this audio video. Students will work on letters, words that start with that letter, and the sound each letter makes.

Students are introduced to short vowels in this video. Once the five vowels are identified, they are introduced to the short vowel sound each letter makes. It’s a beautiful song sung to BINGO!

Branson’s Agricultural Almanac

From the creator of “Baby Shark”, this phonics video focuses on short vowel sounds. Students are exposed to vowel names and sounds, as well as CVC word families for each vowel. All with the benefit of Pink Fong!

These are a series of videos that cover each of the five short vowel sounds. The song is very fun and your students will be able to follow along easily by repeating the lines in the song.

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After your students dance, they can go around the room during study center. Our Writing Center collection has over 20 different ELA and math activities.

Anthony Broughton Watch The Letters Get Down

Students will learn how the “silent e” turns a short vowel into a long vowel in this video. It’s a bit long, as it walks students through a variety of examples with this phonics skill.

Watch The Shadow Line

Combine this video with a mini literacy center where students can create long vowel words from CVC words by adding “magic/silent e”. The video gives lots of examples of taking short vowel words and adding “e” to create new, longer words. Get your “magic e star wands” ready!

Your students will practice the short and long sounds of each vowel with this audio video. Frogs go through each vowel, make two sounds and give examples of words that start with each. It’s a great way to compare two different sounds.

Jack Hartmann’s vowel sound exercise gets your students up and moving as they learn the difference between short and long vowel sounds. This phonics video is very interactive while giving your students some exercise. Great to use for home holidays and brain breaks!

This video focuses on “L Blends” and is so relaxing your students will be shaking their heads as they learn to blend and start words with them.

Best Action Movies Of All Time

A great short phonics video I use to get students thinking about “r blend” words. We create a poster after, list these words from the video and our own. It’s a great way to get them thinking at the beginning of an inclusive lesson!

Combine this small audio video lesson in small groups when teaching “s blends”. Students are given words that contain each of the 7 “combinations”. Before the introduction of the word are two quick games to allow them to learn to read the words, and finally, sentences with the words inserted to work well.

We love Mister B and all his dance moves, rap songs, and of course we mix and match digraphs!

Anthony Broughton Watch The Letters Get Down

All of these audio skills are included in the No Prep Audiobook collection. Each of the 100 phonics skills included in this resource has two books where your students can learn to read, write, and spell words with professional phonics skills.

Online Stories — Carve Magazine

This phonics video is longer (13 minutes), but it’s great for teaching your students both the vowel types and the long vowel sounds they say. Encourage students to read the words in front of the narrator. Use each section of this video as you teach long vowels and their associated vowel groups.

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Bad vowels are also included in this audio video, such as “aw”, “ou”, and “ew”. Students can practice saying the sounds and reading words that contain these diphthongs.

Your students will love the repeated phrases in this phonics video. They are taught what a digraph is, and then the words that contain each digraph. It even includes “gh” and “ng”, which most videos don’t.

My students love working on vocabulary with the hip-hop guy. They learn digraph letter combinations and words that begin with these sounds.

Youtube Videos That Teach Phonics

This phonics video is a great foundation, but it quickly teaches your students all the “h” digraphs. (sh, ch, th, ph, wh). It also includes “wr” and “ck”. Put the two letters together, try the sounds, and say a few words with each sound. It’s a great way to quickly introduce digraphs!

Follow along with this teacher in the video as he teaches his “class” all the digraphs and words that start with these letter patterns.

Create an audio and visual experience with easy to read Song Lyrics. Covering over 100 different musical experiences, this album is complete.

Anthony Broughton Watch The Letters Get Down

Sung to the tune of “Old MacDonald Has a Farm”, this phonics video focuses on r-controlled vowels and is amazing! Your children can easily follow along, making the sounds of ar, ko, er, ir, ur, and learning other words that have these sounds as well.

Movies On Tv This Week: ‘gandhi’; ‘forrest Gump’ And More

Use this video to help your child learn to read and recognize words with r control vowels. They travel and study at the same time. Great for quick “brain breaks”.

Use our print and go Vocabulary Workbook to give your students a quick review to understand the rhyming skills you’ve recently learned. These worksheets follow the same format, so students can easily complete them in the center or as independent work.

Let your students rap while they sing with families. I use this phonics video as a guide to work on families. Students create their own word family “rap” with 4 words and examples after watching the video.

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My students love this audio video! I use it when we’re on a domestic vacation, or a special is canceled because it’s a little too long. They can use the whiteboard and markers to try and write CVC words, practice combining and reading CVC words, and finally work on reading short sentences. It has a lesson in it! Full Access For 3 Months For Just $3

My students love the Snake Word Pass! I use this video as a quick warm-up before starting block reading, or with small groups to practice segmentation and phonics for reading words.

This is a complete YouTube video (30 minutes) that walks students through each letter sound and then begins teaching them how to put those letters together to form CVC words. Students can also try combining and reading these words.

I’ve included a couple of Jack Hartmann’s videos on this page, but he has many, many more on a variety of school topics, not just phonics. The good thing about his videos is that most of them include some kind of movement for the students, so I like to use them for a quick “memory”.

Anthony Broughton Watch The Letters Get Down also has tons of audio video lessons. Use these to help your younger students during small group centers if they can’t complete some of your centers because of difficulty. Just start a video on your computer or iPad and let them learn at their own pace.

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Do you have any favorite YouTube videos that teach phonics? If so, please drop the link(s) in the comments below. And share this site with your teacher bestie, because let’s face it… they’re going to want to know where you got all those awesome YouTube audio videos! 😉

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