Words With Letters Noodle

Words With Letters Noodle – Pool noodles make easy early learning tools for kids. Pool noodle letters are easy to make and great for learning the alphabet all year round. This time of year, pool noodles are everywhere so why not use them for learning too. I enjoy using pool noodles for different things like marble runs, sculptures, and structures! This summer make some pool noodle letters to keep learning fun and enjoyable all season long. Be sure to check out our huge list of preschool activities

Making pool noodle letters is quick and easy to do. We used a serrated knife to cut sections of pool noodles to fit our projects. Please have an adult do the cutting with the knife! For our pool noodle letters, we used these scraps to make blocks.

Words With Letters Noodle

Words With Letters Noodle

For our scissor skills tray, we used these slices. For our pool noodle structures, we use medium slices. To make our pool noodle marble run, we cut the pool noodle long enough to make a ramp! The pool noodle and shaving cream play used all sizes and pieces.

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Be sure to get one of each colored pool noodle in the store for variety! How do you use your pool noodle letters?

There are so many fun ways to use pool noodle letters for play and early learning! I used a permanent marker to write a letter on each one. Add the numbers too! Write sight words for older kids or even math problems!

This activity can be done by many ages at once. Everyone can play and learn with some cheap pool noodles. These 5 ways to use pool noodle letters are the perfect hands-on activity to use in your classroom to help students learn to fun and new way! Read on to get your FREE printable and learn how to use pool noodle letters with your Kindergarteners.

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We are always looking for fun hands-on activities for our students. These 5 ways to use pool noodle letters are sure to be a hit in your classroom!

Pool Noodle Letters For Alphabet Activities

Take one of the pool noodles and write each letter of the alphabet making sure the slotted side of the pool noodle is down. Space the letters slightly apart as you go. Next, carefully using a knife, cut the pool noodle between each letter. Each of our letters ended up being approximately 2-3 inches wide. Repeat this using uppercase and lowercase letters. We also made extras of some letters knowing that we will be using a lot of letters in some of our activities.

For our alphabet building activity, students find the first letter of the alphabet in the bin and attach it to the side of the bin. They will continue to find all the letters that make it to the side of the bin in the correct order.

Students find large letters and place them on the side of the bin. Next, they search the bin for the same lowercase letter. Let them continue doing this until they find all the matching upper and lower case letters of the alphabet.

Words With Letters Noodle

Using pool noodle letters, students find the letters in the bin that are in their name. They will make their name using the correct letters on the side of the bin.

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For this activity, the children will create sight words. You can have them do the sight words you worked on in class that week, or have them sit in front of your sight word wall and have them practice making all the sight words they learned. -pillow until now. When they have made the words with the pool noodles, have them say/read the word.

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We even created a free printable to go with the pool noodle letters for accountability! You can download it below.

Do you have other fun ideas for how to use pool noodle letters in your classroom?

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Words With Letters Noodle

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