April In Bubble Letters

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One of the simplest ways to add flair and creativity to your bullet journal is to use different headings. Just changing the font, or color, or size can change the look of your bullet journal spread. Titles require less skill than doodling too, and can be easily done by anyone. There are many different titles you can use. And sometimes the very simple can be very effective.

April In Bubble Letters

April In Bubble Letters

When I started my first bullet journal my titles were always simple, over time and with practice they got more complicated. I have learned new skills and techniques along the way. The more techniques you learn, the more creative you can get. By combining all the techniques you learn, you can create multiple titles! Here I am going to share with you some simple handwritten fonts that you can easily use in your bullet journal.

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To create a great handwritten title, you don’t really need a lot of fancy pens and stationery. You can create high impact titles with just one black pen. This is a list of equipment I used in the following handwritten list of titles:

Before we begin, I need to point out that I always start with a pencil first to compose my titles (and pages). There’s nothing more disappointing than going straight in with a pen and getting to the end of the page before you get to the end of the word! I have perfectionist tendencies and the ability to erase my mistakes before something goes into ink is amazing! (With that said, keeping a bullet journal over the years has really helped stop being a perfectionist ALL THE TIME. I’m much better at accepting my mistakes now.) Using a pencil to compose ahead of time helps you decide on the size and composition of your words. on page. Many people use pencils first, so don’t be shy about using yours!

Start by drawing your title in pencil in large letters. Next, imagine a straight line about a quarter of your letters. On this line add one small heart for each letter. Here I’ve chosen to do only one heart for each letter, but you can do more if you want. For example, instead of having just one heart on the letter “U”, you can also have another heart on the other side. Once you’ve drawn the heart, ink in the letters with your pen (I’ve used a black fineliner here). Make sure not to pull through your heart. If you want, you can fill the heart with another color. I have used a gel pen to do this.

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As with the last heading, start by drawing your heading in pencil. Then add colored dots at the end of each line. Mix and match your colors or choose one depending on your theme. Finally ink in the rest of the letters with a black pen.

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This title is great for minimal spreads. And it can be as big or as small as you want. Using the stencil, draw circles evenly, enough for each letter of the word you make. Center your letter evenly within the circle and then adjust the lines across to make sure it doesn’t draw through the circle. If you leave this black and white, you get a minimalistic vibe, or color in circles for something a little more vibrant and lively. I used this awesome circle maker tool to draw these circles, you can get one of these HERE and they’re really cheap!

A serif is a small line attached to the end of a stroke in a letter. For this handwritten heading I used the thin end of the Zebra Mildliner. You can use any marker like Crayolas or Tombows. To get started, make your headings uppercase or lowercase. Then add a “serif” or small line at the end of each stroke of the letter.

Next using a black fineliner or gel pen, outline the letters to give them more impact. Very simple! You can change this by purchasing to make the letters bolder or using a color other than black to create the outline. For this example I could have used a blue pen and it was still effective.

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April In Bubble Letters

Drop shadow is a technique that gives the illusion that handwriting is 3d. Once you’ve mastered this technique, you can create a variety of letter styles by changing your drop shadow.

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First create your heading. I’ve used the Zebra Mildliner again and this time using big cursive. You don’t have to use cursive, you can use any font you like, for example you could use a serif font in the last example.

Using a black gel pen or fineliner, draw a line next to the pen (blue) to the right and down, being careful not to actually draw on top of the pen. Imagine there is a lamp sitting in the upper left corner of your desk with light shining on your paper. The lines you draw are the shadows created by the lights.

It takes a little practice to get right, but once you “get it” you can make variations by making the shadow fall in different directions or using a different pen. Very effective is using a light gray pen to draw your fall shadows.

This font requires handwriting that you can color. You can make your own using fake calligraphy, which I’ll show you how to do in this post. Or you can use a simple hand lettering font like this:

June Isolated Inscription Multicolor Bright Funny Stock Vector (royalty Free) 1699517464

First, draw your heading with a black pen. Then color in using colored fineliners or gel pens. In the “JUNE” example below, I’ve shaded the letters by drawing a horizontal line across the letters. The lines are close together at the bottom of the letter and slowly spread as you reach the top of the letter. This gives a nice color gradient. In the “JULY” example, I’ve used an orange gel pen to draw diagonal lines evenly across the letters. You can mix it up by shading each letter with a different color. Or you can keep it simple and use colored pens for the outline as in the alphabet above.

This next handwritten font looks complicated but is actually quite simple and looks most effective in cursive letter combinations. For this you’ll need a pencil (I only used a mechanical pencil my husband brought home from work!). First write your title in pencil, then bold the lines. You can choose to make all lines even or use a more brush-letter look and make the downward strokes thicker than the upward strokes (you can check out this tutorial on how to hack fake letters for more details on how to do this. )  It doesn’t have to be your neatest job.

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Wait for the ink to dry completely, then erase the pencil. You will be left with this awesome outline font! (Be patient while waiting for the ink to dry… go on with something else and come back and erase the pencil later. You will be annoyed if your ink smudges!)

April In Bubble Letters

This handwritten title continues from the one above. Once you’ve created an outline title, you can decorate it by shading with a pen, filling it with a pattern, or doing the following…

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With a fineliner (or marker, I’ve used Kelly Creates fineliners), add lots of dots around the letters. Make the dots close together, they don’t have to be even and uniform, the more random the better.

Once you have that done, add more dots around the heading. The further you are from the letters, the more space around the dots, so you end up with a scatter effect like this:

You can vary this title by using the same colored pen for the outline and dots or you can skip the lines altogether and just add the dots before erasing the pencil! Give it a try and let me know what you think!

This next title is fun and very easy. First draw a line on your page, then under the line draw small flags of roughly the same size (I used the squares in my journal to guide me, each flag is roughly 2×2 squares). Vary the appearance of the flag by changing the underline of the box. Here, I drew the pointy, double-pointed, and curved ones. Add letters to the flag then color it however you like. You can use fine lines as I have done, or colored pencils, watercolors, or markers. Make sure to connect your flag to the “pole” you originally drew at the top.

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