Blue Circle Red Letters Logo

Blue Circle Red Letters Logo – Like any other field of design, visual identity depends entirely on geometry and forms. These shapes are hidden somewhere, somewhere they are the main element of the logo. Logos with simple geometric shapes are well perceived and remembered. They are very simple, but often very confident and powerful. They are fixed by our eyes and brains much faster and easier than logos with complex and irregular shapes.

Circle logos are the most common among geometric logos because this form is associated with infinity and completeness. The maximum and logical “type” of all geometric figures, a circle has neither a beginning nor an end. Circular logos also symbolize the movement and activity aspirations of the company. So what is not an ideal option? Today we are going to look at the 630 best logos based on the circle as a geometric shape.

Blue Circle Red Letters Logo

Blue Circle Red Letters Logo

A very distinctive spherical logo that we can see on the AT&T Inc. logo. , an American multinational telecommunications company headquartered in Dallas, Texas. The world’s largest telecommunications company and one of the largest media conglomerates adopted the blue sphere as an indicator in the early 1980s, but before that, the circle had always been on the insignia as well, just like the frame. The blue and white striped AT&T domain symbolizes connection, communication, unity, and friendship, along with a sense of reliability and security. The smooth features of the circular element represent the company’s credibility and loyalty to its customers.

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Another traditional and simple circular element can be seen on the logo of USA Today, the first national daily newspaper in the United States. Founded by businessman Al Newhart in Washington, D.C., the newspaper is one of the most popular and well-known, and its logo perfectly reflects that. The expanded solid blue circle symbolizes balance and infinity, for stability and perfection, and shows the newspaper’s approach to the materials and news it provides its readers with. The mark of distinction, the USA Today logo, is very simple and succinct in design, yet very deep and meaningful in context.

Minolta is a Japanese company, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of still cameras and accessories, copiers, fax machines and laser printers. The first blue circle appeared on the Konica Minolta logo at the end of the seventies and was executed in the form of a three-dimensional sphere with five white horizontal stripes. Over the years, the symbols have evolved into a flat, bold circle, with fonts still present. The emblem, instantly recognizable all over the world, represents the globe and white stripes – rays of light. The Globe is there to show off the international expansion of the brand, which was very effective in the 1980s, and now it only shows Minolta’s international popularity and reputation.

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Westinghouse is an American nuclear power company founded in 1999 from the nuclear power division of the original Westinghouse Electric Corporation. The company’s logo is distinguished by four circles – the light frame around the logo and three solid, massive dots placed on the tops of the “W”, the symbol of the brand. This stylized character resembles a crown and a nuclear chain, in which the elements are connected by thin straight lines. The chosen geometric shape fits the purpose of the company, showing infinity, perfection and the universe in general. The blue color, the only one on the Westinghouse logo plate, adds professionalism and confidence.

They use a blue circle with a large artistic “H” in the middle. It looks fairly handwritten, as well as very soft. A similar aesthetic is followed by a white ring placed along the edges of the circle (inside). There are four drop-like extensions protruding from the inside, which are supposed to represent currents of electricity.

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Leaves the Safari logo for the travel theme, because it’s a blue compass. The circumference is divided into small parts using central white lines (some shorter, some longer). There are also arrows aligned diagonally: one red, one white with gray. While these are normal colors, blue is a gradient.

The automaker’s logo is now a thin, dark blue ring. Inside, the letters “V” and “W” are arranged one below the other in such a way that it looks like the first letter and the middle part of the last is reversed. Therefore, the side shafts of the “W” are elongated upwards. Both are attached to the upper edge of the frame.

This company’s logo is a regular circle in dark blue with two extra white detailing: a small dot on the left and an “e” near the right edge. It is followed by the company’s abbreviation consisting of lowercase letters of the same color as the logo. They usually put it on the right.

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Blue Circle Red Letters Logo

The Alfa Romeo logo is a blue circle with the company’s name written along its edge in white letters. The interior of the emblem occupies a silver background, on which they put a Milan cross (a long red), a thick green snake with few details and a white man inside the snake. These are all symbols of Milan, the company’s original city.

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The symbol of this company is a bright blue circle with a white shape resembling a human head in the middle. It is somewhat generalized: the only part that is not white is a blue dot of the eye. The right side of the shape repeats in blue and then white as if in waves. The abbreviation “PBS” is usually written in large blue letters on the right.

The logo of the popular social networking platform Twitter has already become iconic. A white silhouette of a small bird flying to the right is drawn and depicted in profile against a solid blue circle. The circle here is a symbol of unity and community action, only the light shade of blue has raised the sense of friendliness, and it also represents the safety and protection of Twitter users.

Skype is an online video calling tool, and it also has a circle as a key element of its visual identity. Here it is executed in a massive style with a gradient blue background and a matte texture on the surface. The circle with the capital letter “S” is placed in a circular shape with no fluff, over an element stretched diagonally with rounded corners, which depart only slightly from the contours of the main element.

LinkedIn is another social media platform, which uses a circle as the main geometric shape of its badge. Social media focuses on connecting professionals: companies, employees, and prospects who create the right environment, the “circle,” for their communication. The LinkedIn logo consists of a soft and calm dark blue round blue circle, with the small letter “In” in a traditional, heavy no-line font in white.

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The visual identity of NASA is completely influenced by the specialization of the agency. Not only the dark blue background of the badge, which represents the night sky but the circular shape as well. This geometric figure is the first number associated with the space system and planets. The NASA badge consists of a solid blue circle with a white star-studded pattern, a large dark Serif logo in white, a thin white orbit diagonally overlapping the letters “A” and “S” in the middle of the text mark, and the famous red “worm” sign.

Telegram is a popular online messenger, which allows its users not only to chant, exchange texts and media files, make audio and video calls, but also to create group chats and channels in which people can subscribe. The visual identity of the telegram is built on a solid blue circle, drawn with bright light and shade, with a white image of a triangular poet plane, flying to the left, the circle here means communication and communication, while its blue shade is a symbol of protection and reliability.

HP, formerly known as Hewlett-Packard, is a globally known manufacturer of computers and accessories. The company has been using a circular logo in a blue color palette for many years now. The current version features a dark blue circular ring with white italic lettering written on it in bold, without serif font with elongated vertical bands of both letters. Bars cut the boundaries of the circle, allowing air to enter the emblem from both sides.

Blue Circle Red Letters Logo

Target is another US company that operates a chain of retail stores operating under the Target and SuperTarget brands and uses a logo with a circle. The brand’s logo is a simple and graphic representation of its name – a red target sign, consisting of a solid red dot placed on a transparent background and enclosed in a thick circular frame. Its clean forms and intense colors represent order, completeness and simplicity, along with strength and confidence. The logo looks great on its own, although there is nothing special about it, it is very elegant and very stable.

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The circle is from the logo of SAF-Holland, a leading company

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