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Richmond Times Dispatch Letters To The Editor

Richmond Times Dispatch Letters To The Editor

Dagsavisen and is part of BH Media’s group, which also includes Suburban News’ weekly publications (The Mechanicsville Local, The Ashland-Hanover Local, The Goochland Gazette and Powhatan Today).

Letters: Unvaccinated Should Pay Own Medical Bills, Loyalty To Trump

Here’s good news for the many readers who use our popular e-edition every day: We’re getting a much-needed upgrade.

Veteran Times-Dispatch columnist and Pulitzer Prize winner Michael Paul Williams will be honored this month by both of his alma maters.

Veteran photojournalist Bob Brown has seen and done it all in a career spanning more than 50 years, winning nearly every award in Virginia journalism along the way.

Chris Coates, an award-winning and innovative journalist who has run several newsrooms in the Midwest, will be the Times-Dispatch’s next editor.

Observer Taps Veteran Journalist For Editor

At the Times-Dispatch, our news staff is always looking for innovative and engaging ways to present our award-winning news content.

We are excited to announce our website redesign and wanted to share this video with you about the new features.

Times-Dispatch managing editor Paige Mudd, who started at the news organization in 1999 as a summer intern, has been named Lee Enterprises’ local news director for the East region.

Richmond Times Dispatch Letters To The Editor

Suburban News (RSN) is proud to announce the appointment of Powhatan Today editor Laura McFarland as managing editor of all its publications, including The Mechanicsville Local, Ashland-Hanover Local, The Goochland Gazette and Powhatan Today.

News & Media

Entrepreneur and consultant Kelli Lemon joins the Times-Dispatch to lead a new video initiative to establish RTD and as the leading video source in the region.

Michael Paul Williams is a man of perspective, but he gained a new one at an old institution Thursday when both chambers of the Virginia General Assembly honored him for winning the Pulitzer Prize for Times-Dispatch commentary.

As the COVID-19 pandemic loosens its grip, the region is emerging with many stories to tell. The Times-Dispatch’s 2021 summer intern class is here to document this reawakening.

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Rep. Donald McEachin, D-4th, congratulated Times-Dispatch columnist Michael Paul Williams on Tuesday for his Pulitzer Prize for commentary on race and racial inequality in .

Research Communication And Advocacy (rca) Update Jennifer Kalczuk, Chair Of The Apta Marketing And Communications Committee Morgan Lyons, Vice Chair.

After the Virginia Press Association’s annual awards were announced in April, I was surprised not to find Michael Paul Williams’ name among the winners.

Szvetitz: The value of local journalism has never been more evident than in the last 16 months. Here’s how we did it in .

As I wrote in March, on the anniversary of Virginia’s first positive COVID-19 case, our coverage is informed by our shared humanity and a deeper understanding of where we’ve been and where we hope to go.

Richmond Times Dispatch Letters To The Editor

Times-Dispatch Wins 67 Awards in Annual VPA Competition, Including Grand Competition and Outstanding Young Journalist Award

Letters: What Are The Effects Of The Filibuster On American Voters?

The Times-Dispatch won top awards — including the major news and advertising contests, best in show and outstanding young journalist — in the Virginia Press Association’s annual competition.

Szvetitz on ‘A year of COVID’: Horror, pain, humanity, humility and – yes – hope. We have all changed this year

My 11th grade English teacher never let us use the word “thing” when describing, well, things. He wanted us to use our vocabulary and imagination to paint a picture, tell a story, evoke feelings and emotions, not rely on something so indescribable, bland and simple.

The Times-Dispatch has named veteran photojournalist James Wallace, the paper’s director of photography, to a newly created role as senior editor for news, photos and audiences.

Letter W N Ruffin Danville Va To J C Hemphill Richmond Dispatch

As we near the end of this most unusual year of pandemics, protests and a historic presidential election, it’s a good time to reflect on what matters most.

For the third consecutive year, the Times-Dispatch won the major competition award in the Virginia Press Association’s annual competition, recognizing overall excellence in news and advertising in the category that includes the state’s largest newspapers by circulation.

A former Times-Dispatch editor, Thomas P. Kapsidelis, was among eight media professionals inducted into the Virginia Communications Hall of Fame Thursday.

Richmond Times Dispatch Letters To The Editor

© Copyright 2022 Times-Dispatch, 8460 Times Dispatch Blvd. Mechanicsville, VA 23116 | Terms of use | Privacy statement | Do not sell my information | Cookie Preferences The Incredible Shrinking Richmond Times-Dispatch A year after a Pulitzer win, the RTD staff is hemorrhaging as Lee Enterprises cuts newsrooms to the bone.

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American Painting Fine Art

An image that circulated in April on Twitter provided a visual representation of how many RTD employees had been lost since 2018.

“I just want to say that today we made some layoff announcements. Three layoffs in the newsroom today,” Chris Coates, the Richmond Times-Dispatch’s managing editor, said during the phone call. “This is through no fault of their own. This was a job elimination decision. This is not limited to Richmond.”

It was Thursday, April 14, and with barely a month in the editor-in-chief chair, Coates had fired three editors earlier that day: news editors John Ramsey and Reed Williams and opinion editor Lisa Vernon Sparks. John Reid Blackwell, the paper’s only remaining business reporter, resigned in protest.

The dismissals were a continuation of a trend. In December last year, Karri Peifer, an editor who had held various positions in the newspaper, was let go. In February, RTD laid off Mark Robinson, one of the newsroom’s star reporters, and two copy editors. Since November last year, more than a third of the editor’s approximately 60 positions have been eliminated through layoffs and downsizing.

Various Clippings With Comments By Elizabeth F. Clarke Sent To Gov. Dan K. Moore, 1967 1968

And since the layoffs on April 14, the organization has on average lost an extra person or two per week, including both human resources managers.

For both employees and readers of RTD, the turnaround has been striking. In 2020, the Metro team’s reporting on the pandemic, the George Floyd protests and the removal of Confederate monuments was considered a high water mark for journalism at the paper. Columnist Michael Paul Williams’ commentary on the latter topics earned him a Pulitzer. Now it seems that the editorial office is being gutted.

Another editor tried to be supportive, saying that after losing people in the past, the paper had always regrouped and come back stronger.

Richmond Times Dispatch Letters To The Editor

“It’s just not true,” a reporter said in an audio recording of the meeting provided to Style by several employees. Apart from Coates, Style is keeping the names of journalists on the recording anonymous out of concerns of retaliation against them by top executives at RTD. “This is a terrible decision and whoever was responsible for it should be absolutely ashamed of themselves.”

The Goochland Gazette

In the recording, a longtime employee questioned what the layoffs meant for the paper’s future, saying Ramsey was the best editor in the newsroom, the sentiment of many employees.

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“Ramsey literally held this newsroom together,” he said. “These are not plug-and-play positions. These were invaluable colleagues. It’s a blow to the editors who remain, as well as the journalists.”

Virginia is a one-party consent recording state, so only one person in a conversation must consent to being recorded. Style was able to verify the recording. (About a dozen current and former RTD employees were interviewed for this story. For brevity, “employees” refers to both current and former employees in this story. Each assertion of fact has been verified by at least three people).

Over the past two decades, as the business of American newspapers has consolidated and ceded to the digital age, a refrain from management has become commonplace in newsrooms: “Do more with less.” Like most dailies, RTD has been slowly shedding staff for years, with reporters scrambling to cover more beats and editors taking on extra duties, including extra weekend and night shifts, to make up for lost positions.

Image 2 Of The Loyal Address Of The Clergy Of Virginia. Williamsburgh: Printed For Fr. Maggott, At The Sign Of The Hickery Tree In Queen Street 1702.

“We’ve gotten to a point where it’s just unsustainable,” says one employee, speaking to Style anonymously because RTD employees are not authorized to speak to the press. Former employees have also been granted anonymity for this story out of concern that speaking publicly could damage their careers. “This place, just when you think it can’t get any worse, it does.”

The timing of these recent layoffs coincides with Alden Global Capital’s unsolicited bid to buy Lee Enterprises, RTD’s parent company since it bought the paper and dozens of others from BH Media in early 2020. Alden*, a New York City-based hedge fund with a reputation for buying newspapers and churning them out for a profit, made an offer to buy Lee last November at $24 a share. That offer was rejected, but ever since, Lee has made moves that seem straight out of the Alden playbook: namely, eliminating newsroom positions and raising subscription prices.

In April, Axios reported that Lee will eliminate more than 400 positions this year across at least 19 local newspapers it owns and corporate roles.

Richmond Times Dispatch Letters To The Editor

Now some FTU employees see

The Incredible Shrinking Richmond Times Dispatch

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