Diy Marquee Letters Cardboard

Diy Marquee Letters Cardboard – I love the theater. I’m a light girl – what can I say? There is a thrill in good lighting. These tent poles seem to be all the rage these days, but have you seen their prices! This is simple to do and looks great. I ended up using this on the back of my cake and it was gorgeous.

Use your craft knife to cut along the edge of the letter into the open center space. This is a slow and precise process. This edge will be visible eventually, so it’s best to take your time. I found that cutting in sections made it easier to handle than trying to go around the entire letter at once.

Diy Marquee Letters Cardboard

Diy Marquee Letters Cardboard

Do this to both letters. Make sure they are facing the same direction. The “S” in particular really goes one way.

Diy Letter “s” Marquee Light Up Kit

Hold one of the light bulbs up to see your gap. This helped me gauge where the first one would go.

Mark all the places you want the light to be. Because I’m putting two together, I left some light bulbs between the posts. I used about 10 lights per letter.

Carefully fold one of them back and swing the bulb holder into the hole. Remove and rebend the tabs. Reinsert the bulb holder, reattach the tabs.

Pushing the bulb holders through leaves a lot of wires behind. This is where the second letter comes in handy.

Jessie Jane’s Diy Marquee Sign

First gather the wire and glue it to the back of the letter. Place this letter on top of the other. (Remember it has already been cut out!)

Glue the top letter to the bottom letter. I ran my coil all the way around. I also did it in several places to keep it all together.

For this I treated it almost like a paper mouse. I used Elmer’s glue and painted on the seam. Then I put silver foil on top of the glue and put more glue on top.

Diy Marquee Letters Cardboard

To protect the light bulb holders, I stuffed shredded cotton balls into the holders. It actually worked a lot better than I expected.

Dollar Tree Diy Marquee Letters

I used blue spray paint and gave the letters two coats. I think I will use acrylic next time.

Then, when it was dry, I painted the layer behind the lights in reflective silver acrylic paint. This post may contain Amazon or other affiliate links. If you make a purchase through the link, I may receive a small commission to help support this site at no extra cost to you.

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So … we moved in. and 4 days after we bought a tv for my living room…because i was dying a slow death without it. and the box it came in was huge and big and sturdy…and in the midst of the hot mess that was my house…I sat down and made these! (My husband was TERRIBLE!) But you know… huge letters and marquee signs can be so damn expensive.

You need the front and back of each letter or shape. Now. you’re going to want to use block letters … curve s is still doable … but it definitely needs more finesse (which I don’t have) (oh. I’m rhyming!)

Diy Letter “u” Marquee Light Up Kit

I cut cardboard into strips to the size I wanted…and started taping it around…then I taped to the back…

On the arrow back you are going to cut a notch for the plug to come out. I have two…because I wasn’t sure which side I was going to hang the arrow on and I wanted the stopper at the bottom.

Take your second arrow (the one with holes) and stick the lights through. (without bulb) (I got my lights HERE) They had a little lip so once they were out of the hole they stayed that way. (you can tape them in place if needed) and place it in the arrow with the sides. push down until there is a lip (thread out the claw!)

Diy Marquee Letters Cardboard

We had this tape … and I literally just wrapped my finished piece all over it. (you could change the podge paper around – but my mod podge was still packed at this point.)

S Is For Simon {diy Marquee Letter}

Then I painted (spray paint!) …I taped over my light holes so I wouldn’t get paint in them!

Now … i get it all together … and the lights are in there … completely taped up like crazy. and I turn it on and the light bulb burns out. So I run to the store and buy a new one… and it doesn’t work. this is a lousy  connector. and i have no way to fix it. #frustrated

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Girl and Glue Gun is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to “This site uses cookies from Google to deliver its services and analyze traffic. Your IP address and user agent are shared with Google along with performance and security metrics to ensure quality of service, generate usage statistics, and to detect and address abuse.” Graduation season kicks off with a big fun DIY project that has a huge impact. These camp numbers are definitely something you can make yourself and then share with friends as kids graduate over the years.

DIY tutorial for building a large freestanding marquee. Make a statement with these marquee numbers for your event.

How To Make Lighted Marquee Letters

It’s a party and that means big decorations with lots of lights and what’s better than a giant marquee number? They are perfect for almost any celebration and you can customize them for any occasion.

I made these tent numbers with 3/4″ plywood so they are solid and sturdy. Plus I took advantage of the natural 4′ plywood width and made my numbers 4′ tall. Go big or go home right?

Below I’m sharing the tutorial so you can make these tent numbers too. The plans contain three numbers – 2, 0 and 1.

Diy Marquee Letters Cardboard

Step 1: Using the plans here and a pencil square and frame sketch out each number on a piece of 3/4″ plywood (48″ x 30″). Then use a jigsaw to cut out each number shape.

Diy Letter “v” Marquee Light Up Kit

Step 2: Mark the location of each light housing and then drill a 7/8″ hole with a forstner bit.

Step 4: Determine which end of the light string goes to the top and bottom (male or female) depending on how you are attaching all the numbers. Then fasten each plug into a hole with a staple on each side. Also staple down any excess cable.

Step 5: Tear the 1/8″ backing into 5 1/2″ wide strips. Then cut the strip to fit each part of the number. Starting at the longest side, work your way around attaching the backing to the plywood post using wood glue and a pneumatic stapler.

This step is relatively quick, but it’s still a bit tedious to cut each piece of trim to fit. I promise it will be worth it in the end!

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Diy Marquee Sign {knock It Off Project}

To give the tent numbers a base with stability, cut 2×10 to 30″ long and then attach to the plywood number using 2 1/2″ spax screws. (I’m using a 2×6 here because this will sit on a board that is clamped to the back.)

Thanks for participating in this tent number project. Please leave any questions in the comments below and be sure to follow me on social media for samples, tools, and project inspiration: Tis the season for dorms and I have a cool project for you today! You’ve seen them all over Pinterest and Tumblr and you’ve always wanted to try making one yourself. Well, if you think that making an illuminated sign is difficult, I am here to tell you that it is very easy! It’s DIY Sunday and if you’ve ever dreamed of seeing your name in lights, here’s how you can do it! Let’s find out how to make a DIY illuminated tent sign!

I’ve been wanting to give this one away for a while. Being the long-winded type, I wracked my brain for weeks trying to come up with the perfect phrase to light up my wall but I have so many favorite sayings I just couldn’t decide. Finally, I went with my company logo, which is basically my initials with a horizontal “I” for the interior. This is my latest logo and I am quite happy with the result.

Diy Marquee Letters Cardboard

Flip your letters over and insert your craft knife or scissors through the back of the letter and cut along the outer side edge. The stick is hollow inside and usually has a zigzag piece of car board inside to support it but you can easily pull it out. I had to do a few extra steps to get my letters to look like my logo but I won’t go into that here because yours won’t look like my logo right?

Make Easy Marquee Letters

After removing the back of the letter, trace the outline of the letter onto one of your decorative papers, Make sure it is placed on the paper face down or backwards as you want the paper to be on the front

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