Easy Graffiti Letters For Beginners

Easy Graffiti Letters For Beginners – In this tutorial you will learn how to draw graffiti. I originally taught this lesson with my 8th grade students. I had some difficulty getting them involved, so I wanted to come up with something that would hold their attention. This lesson did the trick.

When I started this art class, I knew very little about graffiti. So I started doing some research and discovered a very interesting documentary series (Graffiti Verite) on the subject and got interested. The more I learned about this art form, the more inspired I became.

Easy Graffiti Letters For Beginners

Easy Graffiti Letters For Beginners

The more I practiced, the more I enjoyed doing this art form. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

Graffiti Bubble Letter M Printable

If you’re not completely blown away by graffiti art, I encourage you to open your mind and give it a try. You may be surprised.

I started by showing the video to my students. I created a handout to go along with the video that was filled out and turned in after the documentary was completed.

The next step for them was to decide on the word they would use. I wanted them to use the word instead of their names for several reasons. First, I didn’t want to get any complaints from the school or parents about students learning to “tag.”

I also wanted to integrate linguistics into the lesson. For this, the students chose a word that is meaningful to them. They also wrote a short paragraph about why their word was important to them.

Bundle 1: 4 Graffiti Alphabete

For my example I used the word dream. The importance of this word to me is that without dreams we have nothing. I fell in love with this art form while creating a pattern for the lesson. If you visit me on Instagram @teaches you will see some of my graffiti art. I continue to create “Mara” works even today.

There are many challenges involved in creating graffiti. The purpose of creating graffiti is to be noticed. So now you have to decide how to get noticed. What will be in the background? What colors will be used? How will you highlight the letters?

Do I want the letters to stand out? What typeface will I use for your graffiti? There are many things to consider when painting graffiti. But there is a lot to be gained in advancing your drawing skills.

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Easy Graffiti Letters For Beginners

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Graffiti Font Stock Illustrations

These are the materials I used for this tutorial. There are many acceptable materials that you can use. It’s really just personal preference. As you develop your own style, you will see what art materials you prefer to use.

Before you begin the actual drawing, there are a few things you need to think about.

In this graffiti tutorial I will use the word dream. I usually do graffiti in a hardcover sketchbook. I have cheaper ones for training images and better ones for my finished images. This is the one I will be using today. I picked it up at a Barnes and Noble bookstore on clearance.

If you are going to use markers, make sure the paper has a smoother serration. They seem to take markers better than rougher paper.

Digital Download Graffiti Letters Ink Blotch Graphic Not

In all of my sketchbooks, I keep a piece of paper between the page I’m drawing on and the page immediately behind it. This prevents the markers from bleeding onto the next piece of drawing paper. This extra sheet stays in the notebook and is simply moved to a new location after each drawing.

Before you draw the letters, you need to decide how you want the letters to flow on the page. Will they fit snugly to the bottom of the page? Do you want them to curve in the center or maybe curve out? Should they go diagonally across the page?

I decided on a diagonal flow of letters. Lightly draw guidelines for where your letters should be placed. I usually use a red Col-Erase pencil because it doesn’t smudge like a regular pencil. However, today I’m using a regular pencil to make it easier for you to see.

Easy Graffiti Letters For Beginners

When drawing letters, you want to make sure you fill up as much of the paper as possible.

Fresh Prince Graffiti Transparent Font Graffiti Alphabet

For this reason, you need to know where the middle of your word is. For the word “dream”, the letter E is the middle. If your name or word has an even number of letters, your midpoint will be between the two letters.

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The next step is to divide your drawing area into enough pieces for each letter. Since the word dream consists of five letters, there are five sections on the page. This will be your reference for your letters. This will give you a rough estimate of how big or small each letter needs to be to fit on your paper.

I usually start with the middle letter, which is the letter E. The first thing I do is draw the letter E in the center of the page. By doing this, I try to stretch my letter to the top and bottom of the guidelines I’ve drawn to determine how I want my letters to flow.

Don’t worry about your letter going beyond the section. You want your letters to overlap each other, so that should be fine.

Vector Graffiti Alphabet Letters Stickers 150552 Vector Art At Vecteezy

Go to the next letter. At this point you can work on the next letter to the right or to the left. It’s really personal preference. Next I drew the letter A.

When you draw your word, you’ll need to decide how your letters will overlap each other. This is partly personal preference and partly determined by the letters themselves.

If you cover up key parts of the letter, it will be hard to tell what the letter is and therefore harder to read your word.

Easy Graffiti Letters For Beginners

Continue working your way through each letter of your word. The order in which I draw the letters is my personal choice. The overall look of your drawing will vary depending on how you draw the letters.

Graffiti Font Alphabet Different Letters. Vector Stock Vector Image By ©khvost #44082901

How you stack them, varying the size and shape of your letters will help create your own personal style for your art.

Finish your design by adding the letter D. The biggest difficulty I’m having at this point is deciding how I’m going to overlap the D and R since they both have a top loop in the letter.

After some thought, I decided to have the R overlap the E and the D overlap the R. Once you’re happy with how your letters look, it’s time to clean up the image a bit.

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Erase any lines that shouldn’t be there and darken any lines that should stand out a bit more.

A Step By Step Guide On How To Draw Graffiti For Beginners

After cleaning up your rough image, it’s time to get down to the black marker and start working on the finished artwork. Once all your letters are outlined, use a pink pearl eraser to get rid of the pencil lines.

It’s a good idea to let the marker dry for a couple of minutes before using the eraser to avoid smudging the ink.

Once you’ve outlined your word, go back and condense the lines a bit. How thick you make them is again a matter of personal preference. You can make them all the same thickness or vary the thickness slightly. It depends on you.

Easy Graffiti Letters For Beginners

Now it’s time to add color to your graffiti. This is where the fun begins. And problems. I chose warm colors for my letters.

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You can use any color scheme you want to use. It is best if you have at least a basic understanding of color theory. You want to choose colors that go together in your graffiti.

Four markers were used for the letters in this graffiti image (yellow flame, summer melon, orange sunset, pink fandango). And they were used in that order. All this is included in the Bic Intensity 24 package.

Start adding the bright yellow at the top of the leaf. Work on one letter at a time because you want the markers to stay “wet” as you work or they won’t blend.

Next, add the summer melon. Be sure to overlap the colors. Use yellow where the two colors meet and blend them.

Graffiti Letter G

Now add the sunset orange. Go back to the previous color again (summer melon) and blend the colors where they meet.

There are so many options when choosing how to finish your letters. Which colors you use and how you add color is entirely up to you. However, I would suggest using some sort of color theme when you’re just starting out.

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Easy Graffiti Letters For Beginners

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