God’s Plan Piano Letters

God’s Plan Piano Letters – From Camille Hammond: I’m the primary chorister in my ward in Oregon and we’re singing this song as part of our primary program this year. It wasn’t particularly quiet today when we were singing and we were singing along to the beats, a nine-year-old boy raised his hand and told us that as we were singing the second verse, Heavenly Father touched his heart. licked it We were able to talk about how that Holy Spirit was testifying to her that the words are true and that Heavenly Father really has a plan for her. When he was leaving to go to class a few minutes later he said it happened again when we sang it again. I told him that it is a beautiful thing that the Holy Spirit can testify to us that the words are true every time we see it. Thanks for this beautiful song!

While I can’t claim to be the beautiful inspiration behind the lyrics of this wonderful children’s song, I can claim the person who wrote them as my sister (whom I love and admire dearly). I am very grateful that he allowed me to participate in the making of this song. We lived this life before, and I believe he knows us. Our faith and strength, our abilities and talents were all very clear to him, and he placed us here on earth in the most appropriate way so that we could discover and use those abilities and gifts. Having made the music fit these words, they have taken a place in my heart and mind and I know we are all here on this earth, “for a time like this”.

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God’s Plan Piano Letters

God's Plan Piano Letters

“I love classical examples of acting in faith and Esther’s story is beautiful. Her belief in God, faith and bravery, especially as a woman, is a story I want kids to sing. Sometimes- Sometimes I worry that we tell our youth that they were reserved for now, that they have gifts and are extraordinary without giving reason. God has important tasks for them. Each of us has divine greatness and are gifts and have been given by God to us believing that we will use them for good. I want our children to sing this truth, feel the Spirit testify to it, and live their lives through their works of faith. Fill it

But If Not (by Laura Harper Vocal Solo)

Many thanks to my sister, Shari, who saw the value in the chorus I wrote and encouraged and mentored me, and most importantly, composed lovely accompaniment. She inspires me in many ways.”

Song: God knew Esther,
he planned her birth,
he knew her faith and power
and sent her to earth.
Esther had a mission,
to fulfill God’s plan,
she had to save her people
by the king’s command
risk her life branch.
She was scared, but she chose faith and said:

“For such a time,
For such a time,
My father gave me gifts
and he would whisper how to
be faithful and brave.
He saved my precious soul
for such a time.”

Second verse:
God knows me,
he planned the time of my birth,
he blessed me with good gifts
and me sent to earth.
I have a mission,
God trusts me to fulfill,
I will learn and use the gifts I have
He will let me know His will will help!
I may be scared,
But I will choose faith and say:

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“”For such times,
For such times In,
my father gave me gifts
and he would whisper how
be faithful and brave.
He saved my precious soul
for such a time.”

This song has been viewed 14804 times on this site. The pdf of this song has been viewed/downloaded 3705 times. I am a mother of five children. In my “free time” I enjoy writing songs. I love the gift of music and believe it can make such an impact for good. All my sheet music is available for free download on my website: mudpoolmusic.org

The song is based on the story “But If Not” found in Daniel 3, as well as my “But If Not” experience of having multiple miscarriages over the years. I hope this brings you some comfort in the “but if not”. Please also refer to the “But If Not” talk by Elder Wickman and Elder Simmons. Elder Simmons says: “Our God will save us from [tests], but if not, … we will have faith in the Lord Jesus Christ, knowing that if we do all that we can, we will in time and in his way, be saved and have what he has.”

Living God’s Word Answer Key

Song: When the road ahead is paved,
It’s not hard to trust God’s plan
Then life takes a different turn,
which I don’t understand.

My father’s ways are higher than mine
My father can see a broader view
So I can’t see if he will save me,
I will choose to trust him, my faith will be renewed.

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He may snatch my test,
But if not I will bear.
I will wait for the Lord
because his promises are sure.


On my darkest nights, I ask for answers from above.
But sometimes the biggest test of life is to face the why and let it go.

Chorus 2
My Father’s Ways Are Higher Than My Way
My Father Can See a Wider View
So Though I Can’t See My Way Ahead is,
br/>My Savior walks with me and gives me peace.

I will trust in the Lord, His promises are sure.

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