Moonfish Crossword Clue 4 Letters

Moonfish Crossword Clue 4 Letters – Hard bladder deposit / TUE 1-12-21 / Maisie Williams role in Game of Thrones / Ocean dweller named for her roundish silvery body

THEME: IT ALSO TRANSIENTS (37A: Saying of the impermanence of suffering … or a sign of 18-, 29-, 46- and 61-Across) — transitory things

Moonfish Crossword Clue 4 Letters

Moonfish Crossword Clue 4 Letters

Word of the Day: MOONFISH(8D: Ocean dweller named for its round, silvery body) — n. pl. moonfish or moon·fish·es 1. Any of several carangid fish especially of the genus Selene, found on the warm coasts of North and South America and having a short silvery compressed body. 2. Look at the opah. (

Rat’s Ass Review

I will, indeed, pass. MILDEWY is an OK kind of icky, even if the clue is ickier (and more vague) than it should be (1A: Full of fungus, maybe). But KIDNEY STONE really killed the vibe for me, it was too early. I am blessed to have never had a KIDNEY STONE, but from what I understand, it is (or can be) very painful. And then you go and make a little joke out of it with your revealer? I don’t know. I don’t get the impulse to te(e)hee the pain of people like this. I will admit that my tolerance for “laughing at people’s pain” is probably at an all-time low this week (ie the first week after the violent white supremacist attack on the Capitol). I know, it *seems* completely unrelated to laughing at kidney stones, but trolls laugh at pain, and all the ****ers with their stupid body armor and their zip-tie handcuffs, literally plotting to kill Nancy Pelosi and hang Mike Pence, well, you saw the smiles. So many smiles while killing cops. Very happy. So laughing at suffering is at the bottom of my list of things to do today. And speaking of politics, that second theme is a funny one. Since when has any law been “passed”, particularly a (true) BIPARTISAN BILL? “Compromise?” What kind of nostalgic “West Wing”-addled Washington, D.C. is this fanfiction? Currently, a part of the “BI-” in “bipartisan” claims that the presidential election is invalid (based on literally zero evidence) and actively supports white native terrorism—soBIPARTISAN BILL , ha. In addition, the PRO of the PRO QUARTERBACK is an unnecessary tack-on, i.e. it is only here to create symmetry. Quarterbacks at any level come through. There’s nothing special about a pro about that (come to think of it, there’s nothing special about the BIPARTISAN part of the BIPARTISAN BILL, either—there’s no necessary “throwing” connection). BRIEF MOMENT … yes, OK. I think where the theme is, KIDNEY STONE is actually the *best* of these answers, but it’s also the worst, for reasons I’ve already covered.

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I have EPALA- and I didn’t read the clue carefully (11D: Govt. testing site for air and water quality), and so the only answer that seems plausible is EPA LAW, which results in BIPARTISAN WILL, which *really* seems crazy. … but also believable. The only other area of ​​trouble is “OK, NOW,” which … I’m having trouble understanding the tone in which I’m supposed to read the words. The clue is *not* helpful (53A: “Well, okay…”). Are these stand-alone expressions, or … just lead-ins to some unknown statement? “alrighty” really passed me by. Folksy in a way I can’t quite place, ERA -wise. Anyone might say “OK, NOW…” while who says “good?” Voices can be ironic or passive-aggressive. A lack of clear context and vague slanginess both hamper things here. However, I have “OK” and need help from the crosses to get “NOW.” There is nothing else to say. Really like “IT’S A LOT” (simple, spot-on colloquialisms are usually the best; though, again, I’m not sure the clue captures the deadpan, understated beauty of “IT’S A LOT”) (68A: Vague comment similar to “More than you think”). CAROLINA isn’t an “Area,” though, stop. If you use states in your clue, then a state is better as your answer. There is the North and there is the South. Only James Taylor got away from CAROLINA himself.

Don’t know the “GOT” characters yet. There is “Y” and guessed ANYA in 58D: The role of Maisie Williams in “Game of Thrones” (ARYA). That’s pretty close. Someday I will be able to commit to memory more “GOT” names than Ned Stark… OR NOT.

P.S. Jane Pauley is the mother of the constructor, so the TV HOSTS clue is pretty cool (71A: Jane Pauley and Rachel Maddow)Happy Halloween! Today’s puzzle is… well, it’s a little scary, although all the theme clues involve things that can stop Dracula, so the puzzle seems to be trying to reduce rather than add to the fear (cause) . However, there are some scary words. EVIL-EYED (34D) is very scary, and SLITS (49D) and EXCISE (10D) can be terrifying in the right context. A SATYR (46A) isn’t very scary…unless he’s in an excited state, and looking at you. An OCTOPUS will scare you if he is giant and attacks your submarine. I don’t remember the Enchanted TIKI Room (47D) at Disneyland being so scary. The word SCAR is pretty scary (one letter away, actually) but it ranks up there with the less scary ESCARGOT (39D). And then there’s always ASPS (56D), but, alas, not On A Plane. ASPS are such frequent haunters of the crossword grid that they are as scary as non-black cats. They should spend some time planning their Next Big Thing, because their capacity to scare (or even hold interest) died with Cleopatra. Give me VIPERS, COBRAS, SERPENTS, even BOAS, for God’s sake. There are a TON of practical anagrams in ASPS, so I challenge constructors to use those, and give ASPS a break. Then they’ll be brought back for Halloween 2026 and/or the Apocalypse, when we’ll be excited/scared to see them. In defense of ASPS, though, this painting is Hot:

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Custom Crossword Puzzles

In honor of Halloween (my favorite time of the year, if not necessarily my favorite day – trick-or-treaters can be a little cheeky every year!), I’m going to make all of today’s photos super scary.

I would have preferred AIR OUT here. Don’t you AERATE the plants or fields or something? YES, you AERATE the lawns, dammit, and you probably won’t “clean” them of the “bad smells” (from the body you buried there?). Do you want to AERATE your lawn? Find out how.

I have HEINOUS here, which comes in the answer backwards (there’s the -NOUS first), which ends up being, yes, RUINOUS for me, time-wise (note the seven squares I painted all hell on NW). This answer is located under AERATE and above 16A (THEME): Least favorite Dracula quotes? (cross references), and I initially had Wrong answers for all three (with 16A I had the same problem solving backwards, so with -FERENCES in place, I prefixed DIF-) . All of this is compounded by my ridiculous CHILLY entry for 1D: Frigid (Arctic) based solely on “H,” which I got from (wrongly) HEINOUS. So the puzzle is a little scary.

Moonfish Crossword Clue 4 Letters

I don’t know about cars, I have a MODEL T here. So, for my edification, and possibly yours, here are (Scary!) pictures of the (counterintuitively) early MODEL T (circa 1919):

Rex Parker Does The Nyt Crossword Puzzle: October 2006

They are scary because they come from the past. Ghost cars! (OK, not as scary as The Ghost Whisperer or Ghost Dad, but I have to do what’s in front of me)

This little jerk shows up more often than he should. Twice last week. I’m sure B-AND-B has been the site of more than a few horror movies, but I can’t think of anything to quote or take photos off hand. Think of your own script.

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I was thrown here by the slightly misleading “Historian.” I picture some little snake-eyed, possibly combed, short-sleeved-button-down-wearing dork of a modern professor, or one of the more tweeded and pipe-smoking ones of the early 20th century. Thomas CARLYLE was a Scottish essayist, satirist, and (yes) historian of the Victorian era. Unlike many things about this puzzle, Carlyle’s writing is frightening, because his strong belief in Heroic Leadership provided the philosophical foundation for later fascist movements. He was once a friend of liberals like John Stuart Mill, but towards the end of his life he suggested that slavery should not be abolished. Beautiful (and scary). The best, best, best fact about The French Revolution, if Wikipedia can be said to have facts, is this:

After the complete manuscript of the book was accidentally burned by the philosopher John Stuart Mill’s assistant, Carlyle had to start again from scratch. What is it? Did he use it for lighting? “Blimey, this well-placed pile of paper with inked scribbles all over it would make a loving fire. I could use a spot of tea just now, I could… gov’nuh.” I just want to know what happened after Carlyle found out. I’m sure that sounds scary. For the maid. Here is a haunting portrait of Carlyle by Whistler:

Cbm Bay Weekly No. 16, April 21

I think I know that Alan Alda grew up in a stage acting family, but lately I haven’t

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