Life Letters Lyrics Romanized

Life Letters Lyrics Romanized – These lyrics are more haunting and elegant than I thought. The speaker describes how he was left stranded in this interrupted dreamlike state after his girlfriend left him. He connects to her dream when she appears and disconnects if she doesn’t. He closes his eyes in the darkness and memories light up his room. He visits places they frequent and projects holographic images of her.As a result of his constant dream-like state, he suffers from insomnia. After pondering why his girlfriend left him, Speaker has an epiphany that the center of the universe is love, life, and he regrets being numb to existence. Tired of living in the world, he wants to get out of his haunting memories with her, but the circular structure of the lyrical narrative is as futile as her longing to come back. It suggests that

The elegance of these lyrics lies in their wordplay. The wordplay in the lyrics emphasizes the fatigue motif. His one example of wordplay is his frequent use of verb endings and prosody “gonghae” (곤해). It is a homophone of the tired Korean word “gonghae” (곤해). For example, when a speaker says, “I smoke,” it sounds like he is saying, “I am tired.” This is because “smoking” is a homonym for “tired” in Korean (담배를 피우곤 해). Backpedaling a bit, this is a pop song whose lyrics are generally derivative and formulaic. But they are more interesting than I thought.

Life Letters Lyrics Romanized

Life Letters Lyrics Romanized

Addendum: Ok, I reread my translations and they are really, really bad /cringes/ and I can’t even edit them. Ha…

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