Lines And Letters Bridgewater Nj

Lines And Letters Bridgewater Nj – T-Rex, the Trans Regional-Express plan proposed by the Regional Plan Association would expand commuter rail with new tunnels and lines to meet commuter demand expected in 2040. (RPA)

A $71 billion regional transit project could solve the commuting problems your children may face in three decades.

Lines And Letters Bridgewater Nj

Lines And Letters Bridgewater Nj

It’s called the Trans Regional-Express or T-Rex for short. The Regional Plan Association, calling it the “largest public works project undertaken since the early 20

How Somerville, N.j., Embraced Growth

T-Rex is a massive expansion of the commuter rail system of existing Transit, Long Island Railroad and Metro North lines to accommodate an expected 34 percent increase in suburban traffic to Manhattan by 2040. in November and gave a detailed plan on Wednesday.

Could T-Rex save a region suffocating due to its own pollution or will it die out on the pile of grand plans never built?

T-Rex proposes to build more Hudson River and East River railway tunnels, create two new underground railway lines under Manhattan and rehabbing long dormant railway lines in New Jersey. It would require the transit agencies of New York and New Jersey to cooperate so that trains from each agency could run through Manhattan across the region.

“It takes the commuter rail system and uses it to increase and relieve congestion on transit systems, and to create express service,” said Richard Barone, RPA vice president of transportation. “We see it as an investment of several decades, which will continue. We are digging ourselves out of a hole.”

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RPA wants to lure commuters onto T-Rex trains by promising faster trips from Paterson to Columbus Circle in 26 minutes,  to Grand Central Terminal in 29 minutes, or from North Bergen to midtown in 11 minutes.

IOW has a rail transit regime that works as reliable intrastate transportation instead of a bunch of diesel-guzzling trains that sit idle all day in Sunnyside Yards — SiriusXM Rob Thomas Radio (@InsiderTwets) April 13, 2018

Similar plans have been made in Paris and in London, where the first phase of the £15bn Cross rail project was built over nine years and is about to enter service.

Lines And Letters Bridgewater Nj

The first phase of T-Rex relies on the entire $30 billion Gateway project, Barone said. Gateway would build two new Hudson River rail tunnels, replace and build a second Portal Bridge over the Hackensack River, build a second set of Northeast Corridor tracks from the tunnel to Newark, a loop track at Secaucus for Bergen County trains to access the NEC and an addition to Penn Station New York.

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T-Rex would push the new Gateway tunnels across Manhattan over the East River and build a rail station at 31

Street and Third avenue that would connect at a station with the proposed a proposed north-south Manhattan spine.

The second phase builds that backbone or “the backbone” of T-Rex, an underground rail line along Third Avenue, connecting “the Bronx to the Battery.” The uptown-downtown spine would connect to the extended commuter line that crosses Manhattan at 31st Street and Third Avenue.

Two new underground crosstown lines would bisect Manhattan at 57th and Houston streets and cross the Hudson to New Jersey. The 57th Street line would connect to the Long Island Railroad’s Eastside Access line to Queens and to a West Shore rail line in Bergen County.

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The Houston Street line would enter New Jersey in Hoboken and use the dormant Bergen Arches rail line through the Palisades to connect with Transit lines. Both would connect to the backbone of Manhattan.

These tunnels built would allow the creation of the ‘Jersey Loop’ to take pressure off the PATH, the New York subway system and the Port Authority bus terminal.

T-Rex could build New Jersey projects that have been on the shelf for years. That includes the Monmouth-Ocean-Middlesex line along Route 9 to Ocean County, a Paterson-Newark Light rail line, and the reactivation of passenger service on the New York, Susquehanna and Western Railroad line to Paterson and the former West Shore line.

Lines And Letters Bridgewater Nj

Trains running through the region will also require standardization of trains, electrical systems, stations, fares and schedules between Transit and the MTA’s commuter lines. While a full merger is unlikely, the railroads could be operated by an existing regional agency, Barone said.

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To fund it, RPA proposes that $2.4 billion annual nibbles be taken from the $71.4 billion cost over 30 years, Barone said. The two states will have to come up with funding, but T-Rex can be funded with a mix of government and private funding, similar to Cross Rail he said.

T-Rex will also use ideas that RPA has proposed to reduce project costs that could hit $20 billion of the estimated cost, Barone said.

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“Rapid transit is the answer, not commuter rail,” said James C. Greller, a retired Transit and DOT planner. “I don’t see the ridership warranting these expenses.”

Alternatives have been overlooked, such as extending L train and 7-line subway tunnels to New Jersey, experts said.

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“If they extend the L to Hoboken, they will have their direct connection to the subway by going one more station downriver and connecting to Hudson Bergen Light rail, Transit commuter trains and relieve pressure on the PATH,” said Greller.

The plan is also silent on extending the 7-line subway to New Jersey, which is supported by the New Jersey Association of Railroad Passengers, said Len Resto, -ARP president.

“That’s a project that could be “to term” and offer significant capacity gains,” Resto said. “Instead, it has been relegated to a mention at the end of one paragraph. Opportunity missed.”

Lines And Letters Bridgewater Nj

Resto said T-Rex also doesn’t say anything about the role of self-driving cars, the impact of climate change on transit facilities or the preservation of abandoned rail lines from development.

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Lines And Letters Bridgewater Nj

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Lines And Letters Bridgewater Nj

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