Macro Letters Impact Factor

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Macro Letters Impact Factor

Macro Letters Impact Factor

Add manuscript types and related details. NOTE: Additions/Corrections, Retractions, and Expressions of Concern included in Post-Publication (Table of Contents) section.

Pdf) Effect Of Macro Environmental Factors And The Performance Of Small Scale Enterprises In South East, Nigeria

While this document will provide basic information on how to prepare and submit a manuscript, as well as other important information about ing, authors are encouraged to visit the ACS ing Center for additional information on everything needed to prepare (and review) manuscripts for ACS magazines and partner magazines, such as

All ACS journals and partner journals have simplified their formatting requirements in favor of a simplified and standardized format for initial manuscript submission. Read more about the requirements and benefits that serve authors and reviewers here.

Templates facilitate the peer review process by allowing authors to place figures and tables near the point where they are discussed in the text. More information about document templates can be found here.

See the list of acceptable software and the appropriate file labels to ensure that your file types are compatible with ACS Paragon Plus. Information about manuscripts generated from TeX/LaTeX is also available.

Scaling‐up Biodiversity‐ecosystem Functioning Research

Each submitted manuscript must be accompanied by a cover letter. During the submission process, you can type it or paste it into the submission system, or you can attach it as a file.

Include a list of Journal-specific sections/components with any description (if applicable). Title, List of Authors, Abstract, Keywords, Main Text (Introduction, Experiment, Results, Discussion/Conclusion), Acknowledgments, References (NOTE: references must meet the requirements for a peer-reviewed submission when submitted, graphics are listed in a separate section).

This information is provided to reviewers during the peer review process (for review only) and is available to readers of the edition (for publication). Supporting information must be submitted at the same time as the manuscript. View the list of acceptable software by file name to confirm that your supporting information can be viewed.

Macro Letters Impact Factor

If any supporting publication information files are attached to the manuscript, these files will be made available to readers free of charge. A brief description of the actual contents of each file, including the file type extension, is required. This description should be labeled Supporting Information and should appear before the Acknowledgments and References sections. Examples of sufficient and insufficient descriptions are as follows:

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Pdf) The Impact Of Exchange Rate On Inflation And Economic Growth In Vietnam

H NMR spectra for all compounds (PDF)’ or ‘Additional experimental details, materials and methods including photos of the experimental setup (DOC)’.

If you include supporting information for review purposes only, include copies of references that are not unpublished or in print. These files are only available to editors and reviewers.

All ACS journals strongly encourage authors to disclose the research data underlying their articles at the time of publication.

Is defined as the materials and information used in experiments that allow the conclusions drawn in the paper to be verified, including primary data generated by the authors for the study being reported, secondary data reused or analyzed by the authors for the study, and any other materials necessary for reproduction or replication results.

Chronoshub Journal Finder

Include log-specific data requirements. Resources available in the ing Center that can be referenced in this section include the ACS Math Style Sheet and the NMR Guidelines.

A well-written paper helps share your results as clearly as possible. ACS Publications’ English editing service is designed to help scientists communicate their research effectively. Our expert editors will edit your manuscript for grammar, spelling and other language errors to present your ideas in the best possible way.

The quality of illustrations in ACS and partner journals depends on the quality of the original files provided by the authors. The numbers are not edited or enhanced by the journal’s production staff. All graphics must be prepared and submitted in digital format.

Macro Letters Impact Factor

Any graphic (figure table, diagram, or equation) that appeared in a previous publication should be credited with credit to the original source. Authors are responsible for obtaining written permission to reuse this material.

Pdf) The Relationship Between The Number Of Authors Of A Publication, Its Citations And The Impact Factor Of The Publishing Journal: Evidence From Italy

The impact of your research is not limited to what you can put into words. Tables and images such as graphs, photographs, illustrations, diagrams, and other visual elements can play an important role in effectively communicating your findings. Our artwork editing service generates publication-ready issues that meet the specifications of your chosen magazine. This includes changes to the file type, resolution, color space, font, scale, line weight and layout (to improve readability and professional appearance).

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Manuscripts, graphics, supporting information, and required forms, as well as manuscript revisions, must all be submitted in digital format through ACS Paragon Plus, which requires an ACS ID for login. Signing up for ACS IDs is quick, free, and does not require ACS membership. See Appendix 1 for more information on preparing your paper

Add editorial policies for the Journal regarding the peer review process, page length requirements, or any other policies that are specific to the Journal and do not duplicate any text/policies already in the document.

Authors are advised not to propose reviewers from the authors’ institutions. Do not suggest reviewers who may have real or perceived conflicts of interest. Whenever possible, suggest academic email addresses rather than personal email addresses.

Global Convergence Of Covid 19 Basic Reproduction Number And Estimation From Early Time Sir Dynamics

If your paper is rejected for publication by this journal, the editors may consider your work more suitable for another ACS Publications or partner journal and suggest that the authors consider transferring the paper. Manuscript transfer simplifies and shortens the submission process to another ACS journal or partner journal, as all co-authors, proposed reviewers, manuscript files, and responses to submission questions are copied into the new proposal submission by ACS Paragon Plus. Authors can accept or reject the transfer offer.

Please note that each magazine is editorially independent. Submitting a manuscript is not a guarantee that the manuscript will be accepted, as the final decision to publish will rest with the editor of the subsequent journal.

Correspondent is responsible for correcting correspondence. The corresponding author of an accepted manuscript will receive an email notification and full instructions when page proofs are available for review through ACS Direct Correct. Extensive or important changes in page proofs, including changes in the title or list of authors, are subject to review by the editor.

Macro Letters Impact Factor

It is the correspondent’s responsibility to ensure that all authors listed on the manuscript agree to the changes made in the proofreading. Proofreading should be returned within 48 hours to ensure timely publication of the manuscript.

Acs Energy Letters

Accepted manuscripts will be posted on the ACS Publications website as soon as page proofs have been corrected and any author concerns have been resolved. The publication date is considered to be the first publication date of the document on the web.

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Web publishing of manuscripts may occur several weeks prior to the publication cover date. Authors should take this into account when planning their patent and intellectual property activities related to the document and should ensure that all patent information is available at the time of first publication, either ASAP or publication release.

All articles published ahead of print are given a unique Digital Object Identifier (DOI) number, which is used to cite the manuscript before and after the article appears in the issue. In addition, all supplementary information submitted with the manuscript will be automatically assigned a DOI and hosted on Figshare to support open data discoverability and the use of your research output.

Manuscripts will be published on the “ASAP Articles” page of the website as soon as the page proofs are fixed and all author concerns are resolved. ASAP posting is usually done within a few business days of receiving page corrections, which can be several weeks before the release envelope date.

Polymers Glass Transition Temperature T G ( C) Vs. Degradation Time For…

The American Chemical Society follows the guidelines of the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE) in considering any ethical concerns regarding article publication, withdrawal, and expression of concern.

Additions and corrections may be requested by the author(s) or initiated by the editor to resolve important issues or correct errors and omissions that occur after the article is published. All additions and corrections are subject to editor approval and should bring new and directly relevant information and corrections that correct the scientific facts. Minor corrections and additions will not be edited. Readers who discover serious errors in the work of others should contact the corresponding author of this work.

Additions and corrections must be submitted as new manuscripts by the corresponding author via ACS Paragon Plus for publication in the “Additions/Corrections” section of the journal. The corresponding author should obtain consent from all co-authors or provide evidence that such consent has been sought prior to submission. Manuscript should include original article title and list of authors, citation including DOI, and correction details.

Macro Letters Impact Factor

Articles can be retracted for scientific or ethical reasons and can be requested by the author(s) of the article or

Why China? A Macro Perspective

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