Nevada City 4 Letters

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Nevada City 4 Letters

Nevada City 4 Letters

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The Literary Arts Committee of the Nevada County Arts Council presents a bimonthly column celebrating an author in Nevada County. THIS MONTH WE HAVE THE PLACE TO HONOR HANK MEALS.

Hank Meals graduated from San Francisco State with a major in anthropology and then worked as a photojournalist before moving to Nevada County in 1973. In 1975 he was hired as an archaeologist in the Tahoe National Forest where he work for 13 years. This was the beginning of his immersion in the Yuba-Bear River basins. His later writings, photographs, interpretive tours and enthusiasm for the region are well known.

Reno Is Starting To Look More Like Silicon Valley

Hank Meals has been the most consistent, longest-standing student and admirer of the ridges and canyons and forests of the northern Sierra / Yuba watershed for many centuries. A living scholar-worker-poet of overview and undergrowth, he is creating a new way of knowing nature from the inside.

Passionately provincial, he claims there are still layers of learning to experience in his chosen habitat. Hank is community oriented and was awarded the 2013 Bear-Yuba Land Trust John Skinner Outdoors Recreation Award in Education and the 2021 Nevada City Chamber of Commerce Lifetime Achievement Award for Extraordinary Dedication and Service. He has written three trail books,

Hank creates at the nexus of natural history, human history, geography and art. He recently gave a series of power point presentations on local history at various venues which were well received. He is currently working on a trail guide for animated seniors Read Hank’s blog at (

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Nevada City 4 Letters

“Contrary to the common stereotype, most of us were not ‘dropouts’. By the mid-1970s we were rooted in the community and active in local and regional politics. We voted and put people on school boards, in the County Planning Commission, to the California Arts Council, to water management agencies, to fire departments, to cultural centers, and even to the Nevada County Board of Supervisors, we established prestigious agencies non-profit. We were very active in the arts with non-stop music, theater productions, publications, dance recitals, boisterous poetry readings, performing arts and exhibitions of all kinds. We brought vitality to local culture without giving up traditions valuable. In doing so we have been respectful, sometimes outrageous, but always civil.”

House Sells For $1.3 Million In Nevada City, California

—From a contextual history of San Juan Ridge for the California College of the Arts in San Francisco

(Ballantine), a Willa Award finalist (Women Writing the West) and a Random House Reader’s Circle selection; and a book about writing,

She brings to her teaching her extensive theatrical experience—as a playwright, actor and director—as well as her work as a singer/composer and performer. A professor emeritus at Franklin & Marshall College, she teaches annually at the Community of Writers and the Iowa Summer Writing Festival, among other conferences. He lives in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada in California.

Find the current relevance—and outrage—in accusations of plagiarism that have long dogged a Western classic: Wallace Stegner’s Angle of Repose.

Nevada City Classic Targets 2022 Return

We knew what we were there to talk about. It was an afternoon in the fall of 1998, when we settled around my large kitchen table. The artistic director of Nevada City’s Foothill Theater Company, Philip Sneed, had invited the core members of our company (director, costume and lighting designers, key actors, and myself, as playwright) to brainstorm ideas about the creation of a stage adaptation of one of the great American novels. Our production of Wallace Stegner’s Angle of Repose seemed destined to be. The theater and production offices were not five miles from Grass Valley, where the novel’s narrator, Lyman Ward, lives and writes in a cottage built for his grandparents decades earlier, and where those remarkable grandparents , Oliver, superintendent of the Zodiac mine, and his wife, Susan, a writer and illustrator, live out the final years of one of the most extraordinary fictional marriages in the 19th century West. “Have you visited the house of the North Star?” Phil asked. “It’s exactly as Stegner describes it.” “We should go on a field trip,” said Tom Taylor, often our production manager. “Including the North Star Mining Museum”. “Wait,” someone said. “You mean what Stegner in his novel calls the Zodiac Cottage and the Zodiac Mine are actually the North Star?” keep reading….

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Alicia Vandevorst has written poetry for thirty years and has studied with Patricia Donegan, Maxine Kumin, Barbara Jordan, and with Arthur Sze at the Napa Valley Writer’s Conference in 2012. Her poems have appeared in

. He also writes more experimental performance pieces. While attending Scripps College, she wrote and produced a poem for four voices, “In’erstates,” and provided dance chants for “Nucleus Expansion,” a collaboration between the Dance and Ceramics departments that includes five -hundreds of clay eggs! Most recently, he completed a play titled

Nevada City 4 Letters

Which combines poetry, masks and meditation and served as a playwright for the 24 Hour Plays in Nevada City. His first book of poetry,

Tiny Nevada Town Doesn’t Have Much, But It Has Lots Of Water

, was published in 2019 by Poetic Matrix Press. Last spring, she read at the Sierra Poetry Festival with her handmade puppet Bha-rit.

The technical expertise of this poetry is often surprising, beautiful, but it is not the main gift. It’s a book about how to live in a world of war and fear and money without being defensive. The silence from which the words come frees you from your masks. You descend into an unfolding center, each expression leading inwards. Boldly tender and crystal clear, Conjugal’s voice dissolves categories: political, lyrical, magical, technical. It is the voice of an interconnected being who passionately laments the desecration of the world while continuing to offer himself unconditionally. It frees us from cynicism.

Jordan Fisher Smith grew up on Mount Tamalpais, where his father remodeled a Depression-era shack he bought for $5,000 at the mountain’s fire lookout into a small but cozy home. At the age of fifteen, Smith came to the conclusion that he was born into an environmental catastrophe and has spent his life trying to figure out how to respond. He spent two decades as a park ranger in California, Idaho, Wyoming and Alaska and began working as a magazine writer. A job at Auburn State Recreation Area, the subject of his book

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— led him to move to Nevada County. Because he doesn’t really know what to do about the mess we’re in anymore than anyone else, he abandoned polemical writing for nonfiction storytelling. Its characters are grassroots rangers, firefighters and biologists who struggle to mediate between civilization and nature. His second book,

The Letter Edged In Black

, won a California Book Award and was included in the PEN- E.O. Wilson Prize for Literary Science Writing. He is working on a third one. He wrote for

, and other outlets and narrated and appeared in four documentary films, one of which, “Under Our Skin,” was shortlisted for the 2010 Oscars.

To buy: The Book Seller in Grass Valley, Harmony Books in Nevada City and Word After Word books in Truckee.

Nevada City 4 Letters

Eloquently meditative. . . [Smith writes] with brutal frankness: think of a Norman Maclean or Wallace Stegner armed.

The Hellish Future Of Las Vegas In The Climate Crisis: ‘a Place Where We Never Go Outside’

HUMAN HAIR is a tapestry, stretched thin over its bony substratum, and it was not unknown to be peeled off in a large flap during a grizzly attack. So the report that he had come in about a scalp was plausible, and one of Jim Brady’s rangers and a seasonal fireman were sent to investigate. Arrival at 5:36 p.m. near a bridge where the Grand Loop road crossed the Firehole, rangers radioed that there was indeed a blanket on which lay a scalp with bits of flesh, crawling with maggots. They picked up the blanket and the remains and took them back to the guard station.

Stephen Zetterberg called the judge’s attention to an entry made in the log book by a ranger named Stu Orgill at the time the evidence arrived at the ranger station.

“Your Honour, I may point out that in 1736, a person who may or may not have been Stu Orgill wrote in the register: ‘Re: 1651, is a scalp with pieces of flesh, maggots.’ Pictures taken and parts collected under the back of the building.

Store meat, or any remains of a body that is not completely dry, in a plastic bag at room temperature

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