More Than Letters Benjamin Francis Leftwich Lyrics

More Than Letters Benjamin Francis Leftwich Lyrics – His opener was great and then he came in and it was so great.He felt so connected with the crowd. We are all in awe. I had to take his guitar and talk to him. he is a very nice person Best night ever!

Ben was amazing. Everyone stuck with him throughout his set. He even said it’s a little strange how quiet people are. But I loved it. A perfect Monday night atmosphere.

More Than Letters Benjamin Francis Leftwich Lyrics

More Than Letters Benjamin Francis Leftwich Lyrics

Great small venue show. I’ve never heard anything about this artist, but someone found his song that I tagged on his Shazam, so I bought it. When I saw him play, I decided to see what he was like. I had never been to this venue and the tickets were cheap so I had nothing to lose.It was a pleasant surprise to discover this artist and get to see him up close.

Benjamin Francis Leftwich Returns To His Roots With ‘elephant’

Born in 1989, Benjamin Francis Leftwich grew up in a culturally diverse home. His base was in York in the North of England as his parents were born in Australia and South Africa, but he traveled quite extensively throughout his childhood. When he was 10 years old, he began studying his guitar, with early influences such as Bruce Springsteen, Elliot Smith, Ryan Adams, and Arcade His Fire. After playing in a band called The Nicoles in his teens, he decided to embark on a solo career, writing and performing his own songs.

Benjamin Francis Leftwich recorded his first EP, A Million Miles Out, released in October 2010, featuring ‘Atlas Hands’, ‘More Than Letters’, ‘Maps’ and ‘Hole In My Hand’. track was recorded. The following year, his follow-up EP, Pictures, was released, featuring the tracks “Sophie,” “See You Soon,” and “The Boat” in addition to the title track, making this his first single for his release. have become. The single earned him widespread acclaim, with Radio I DJ Zane Lowe proclaiming the song to be the hottest record in the world today.

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For the release of his first album, Leftwich enlisted the help of Ian Grimble as producer. He has previously worked with the Manic Street Preachers, Texas, Mumford & Sons and others. The album, Last Smoke Before the Snowstorm, was released in July 2011 on his Dirty Hit label. The album’s success brought Benjamin Francis Leftwich’s music to a wider audience and helped propel him into the mainstream.In October 2012, he further released his EP In the Open. . In addition to writing and performing his own songs, Leftwich co-wrote Cascada’s hit single “Hold Your Hands Up.”

In 2010 Dermot O’Leary’s slot on his popular BBC Radio 2 Saturday session saw Benjamin Francis Leftwich perform his version of Arcade’s Fire song “Rebellion” to critical acclaim. brought. He has toured quite extensively, including his early live appearances as a support act for Lisa Mitchell, Fionn Regan and I Am Kroot. A planned tour of Canada and the United States in 2012 was postponed due to a family illness, but he toured the following spring. They toured the UK in May 2013 before attending Festival. He also tours in Australia. Struggling with addiction and disillusionment with the industry and songwriting, this album (now released on his Dirty Hit label) is a personal and professional breakthrough.

The Mellow Fellow

So it’s a record that screams new beginnings and Eureka moments, especially when he sings “Look at the peace I’ve found” mere seconds after the album’s opening (and title) track.

Now that the album is out, we talk to Ben about making the record, how he feels, and what happens next now that ‘Gratitude’ is out.

Hey Ben! You’ve spent a lot of time working on ‘Gratitude’, are you relieved that it’s finally out?

More Than Letters Benjamin Francis Leftwich Lyrics

I am really proud of this record. I think it’s the most honest, beautiful, and introspective record I’ve ever made, and it feels great to finally release it. I’ve been sitting around for a while, so it’s weird to release a record, but it’s all new to other people. I sometimes wonder if an artist can ever feel in complete agreement with a body of work. I always think about small details and moments and how they might have been different, but overall I am very proud of this record and for the first time in my career I am sharing it. I have no hesitation in doing so.

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Acoustic Guitar At Festival Hi Res Stock Photography And Images

This album has some very heavy subject matter, is it a cathartic process for you to unravel it all?

Yes, that’s right. People ask me about the difference between my personal life and my musical life, and the answer is always no. I think writing honestly and clearly about yourself is cathartic and definitely helps me. Reconnecting and re-engaging with music and singing is a deep blessing for me that I am extremely grateful for and humbled. is sometimes accompanied by the weight of sorrow. But writing about it honestly feels like the right thing to do.The song seems to have an overall spirit of compassion, tolerance, acceptance and surrender, both to yourself and to others. I feel like I appreciate this. When I was younger, I toyed with writing from a place of anger and vindictiveness, but it was never right, helpful, or honest.

I have learned that music and singing have been incredibly lucky for me and a privilege to grow with. I have learned that having other beautiful women and men involved in the creative process on all levels celebrates me, my singing, and my own musical journey. I learned to be I always have something to learn and need to keep my eyes, ears and heart as wide open as possible. I have many flaws, I have learned that showing vulnerability and feeling all things clearer is what I have to do. I learned that you have a kind and wise record label and management. I have learned that there is a wonderful opportunity to soundtrack my life with these songs.I have learned that I need to be as close to recovery as possible while traveling, in the studio and at home. I learned that I am incredibly lucky to have beautiful friends and family who love me, and people I love. ” or what you consider “valid”.

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“There was definitely a period of active addiction when I didn’t want to make music and didn’t believe in it.”

Jane’s Addiction, Graham Coxon, Lee Scratch Perry

Was it important for you to share your story through the album, or was it natural for you to write down what you went through in your songs?

Yes, it was important to write honestly and clearly. I’m really proud of “Last Smoke Before the Snowstorm” and “After the Rain”, but I feel there’s less lyrical ambiguity on this album. I never wanted to make a cliché record of “recovery”, but in the context of where I am now, let’s get to the point of cleansing and surrendering in a way that feels right to me. I feel like I wrote about my experience with…so far in my own recovery and life without drugs in my system. 90% of the album was written while I was clean and receiving treatment. It’s funny to listen to the “Gratitude” and “I Am With You” EPs again to hear how desperate you were to surrender or how sick you were to certain songs. I was afraid I would be sober and unable to write a song because I had never done it before, but I wrote “Look Ma!” a week after coming out of treatment. beautiful song on the album. I feel like there’s a silly myth that as artists we have to create “genuinely” by feeling or causing pain, but this bullshit comes with a human cost. Observable.

Was there a time when you felt the album might never be released, or were you always convinced it would be released?

More Than Letters Benjamin Francis Leftwich Lyrics

There was definitely a period of active addiction when I didn’t want to make music, I didn’t believe in music. There were times when I didn’t want to live. but,

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