Nyc Transit Letters Crossword Clue

Nyc Transit Letters Crossword Clue – SUBJECT: “THIS IS NOT A TOY” (36A: Product warning label suitable for four-star data answers)— subjects are not toys, but their first words may be…

Keith has released 19 studio albums, two Christmas albums and five compilation albums; a total worldwide sale of over 40 million albums. He has charted 61 songs on the Billboard Hot Country Songscharts, including 20 number one hits and 21 top 10 hits. His longest-running number one hits are “Beer for My Horses” (a 2003 duet with Willie Nelson) and “As Good as I Once Was” (2005), with six weeks each. (wikipedia)

Nyc Transit Letters Crossword Clue

Nyc Transit Letters Crossword Clue

I didn’t notice the theme during the solve, despite going right through the finder there in the middle. I didn’t really think about what it meant. I just kept plowing ahead. When I was done and looked back, I watched it afterwards and it looks good, albeit kind of boring and *very* old fashioned. Are these still toys for anyone? Even the yo-yo looks retro. Also, is a noise a toy? If I had to list a thousand toys, I don’t think “trumpet” would be there, although I guess if you’re a baby, then … of course, toys. I think of a “toy” as something a child chooses to play with. You just give a baby a “shock”…right? I have no idea, why in the world would you give a baby such a horrible noise, it makes no sense to me? Surely my daughter never knocked. It turns out that babies can make their own sounds and also smash things into other things to make sounds, so it’s shocking. Handkerchief rattle, not a toy. As for the rest of the puzzle, yeah, it’s pretty weird. Puzzle goes ONA RUNOF tiresome answers, including INRE ITTY TSARS SRI, SLR COED AOL SNL NSYNC ETON and NAE, Alas. “SI SI / SEÑOR” made me cringe a bit. Something a little … uh … cartoonish about it. You get some interesting entries in long Downs (SOB STORY, TOTAL LIE ), but not enough to make up for the mess of padding.

The Rise Of Graffiti Art

I feel like my connections in this puzzle are very obvious. I drained it on TOBY Keith and drained it even harder on CORTANA (which … is still a thing? I confuse it with Microsoft’s encyclopedia … ENCARTA, was it? Ugh). I’m a huge fan of the CORTADO espresso drink, and I really wish that could have been worked on here instead of this Microsoft charm. Anyway, modern place, Microsoft, not my stuff, hence my struggles. Look! Showing! Also telling: I wrote on ESPN in 38D: Arthur ___ Courage Award ESPN (ASHE). Yes, you read that right. I wrote on ESPN. I had the “S” in the second position and I don’t know, my brain just completely fired. I don’t think I even saw the “Arthur” part of the key. Strange. I am a slow data reader; that’s what the obstacle tells you about me. Type in RTE at 41A: Information for an Uber or Lyft customer, short (ETA ), which tells you that I’ve never hailed an Uber or a Lyft, although I think I’ve ridden a few. In other cities, when others are calling. I like public transport. Or walking. I really like to walk. I’ve also taken up bird watching, by which I mean I’ve just started paying attention to the birds in my trees and yard. And on my walks. You just start watching the birds and bam, you’re watching the birds. It’s kind of weird how easy it is. I saw swallows acrobatically crossing the river just below the footbridge yesterday. I saw bluejackets snapping branches from my lilac bushes and maple trees to this day. Watched robins walk/run with their big stupid feet like idiots. Redbreasts are cute and all, but I have determined that they are the dirtiest birds of all. Well, pigeons and mourning doves aren’t very sharp either. But drugs are fun to watch too. Where was I? Ended up with this puzzle, apparently. Woodchuck of the Western USA / ENG 12-31-20 / vivre to live elegantly / James Merritt pioneer in American lithography

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THEME: SMALL BUSINESS (7D: The Composition of the Local Economy … or a hint about the theme of this puzzle)— a crossword puzzle with various “business” abbreviations. made “small” (ie packed into a single box):

Word of the day: MARMOT (38D: Woodchuck of the western US) – : any of a genus ( Marmota ) of short-legged, stocky, mostly herbivorous rodents of the squirrel family that have thick fur, a short bushy tail, and very small ears that hibernate during the winter (

As with yesterday’s puzzle, I can’t complain too much about the concept. This is standard NYTXW puzzle fare: a puzzle created by a quirky sleuth that contains “small” or “few” or else “box” or something. Here, very literally: business types (specifically, abbreviations. that can follow a company name) are made “small” and placed in individual boxes. Honey, I’ve shrunk the companies. And here it is. Simple enough, as puzzles go. Of course, if you’ve never seen a puzzle before, this won’t seem simple at all, but trust me, this is about as simple as a puzzle gets. For me, the topic was bleak, because in general, all things biznes and biznesssspeak make me want to leave the room. It takes the life out of everything. Perhaps if our economic system were more fair and transparent, my feelings about the wonderful world of modern business would be different. But nothing is more boring to me than news about BITCOIN BARONS or whatever. And those abbreviations – are you ever excited to see INC in your puzzle? LLC? It’s the pile of crossword puzzles that pop up in your house trying to get you to go out and play some puzzle games. No thanks. And then the puzzle took over so I could enjoy *bonus* themed material like BARON DIP POOLED NESTEGGS . . . DELETE. This is a topic I don’t care about at all. As I say, conceptually, it works … well, mostly. It’s a bit odd that the puzzle squares are actually business related at first (MARGIN CALL, BITCOIN) but then not so much (MELTDOWN) and then not at all (CHECK SPELL). It feels like the puzzle went off the rails. Flew out. Also, the puzzle elements, in addition to being a measure of boredom, also involve repetition, which is normally (as I’ve said recently) a big no-no. That’s what cuts. stands for:

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Stephen Sondheim Didn’t Just Change Musicals. He Changed Crosswords

First of all, “Company” is so generic that it doesn’t go with the others. The others are all short. that follow a comma in a company name, while CO. … doesn’t do that. And it’s only two letters. *And* as you can see it is rigged in the LLC ie. The “C” there stands for “company”. Note that the “Limited” of LLC is also a dupe (of LTD, which means “limited”). There’s not enough variety, and not nearly enough joy, to make this kind of thing fun.

I liked WA LT D ISNEY, in that I could remove him from the puzzle square alone, without looking at the clues. It’s also a solid answer, but I like it when my brain digests the pattern quickly like that. I actually don’t care much for the Disney corporation or the man himself. Here, I’ll let his granddaughter, Abigail Disney, speak for him (from The Hollywood Reporter, January 25, 2014) (she’s responding to the fact that Meryl Streep had said some unfavorable things about her uncle):

I also like the IT / ART SCENE section with wings, ie. SE. Very lively and interesting. Except SPUME. SPUME is one of those words I’d be happy to never see again. Great “wet” energy in SPUME. The overall fill in this one seemed pretty solid, with short scraps appearing only rarely. He probably wouldn’t have noticed ELS and DEE as letters. DEE is a name, ELS are urban transport, mix it up. No idea who EMILIA is, but the puzzle is so easy it didn’t matter (15A: Game of Thrones actress Clarke). It took quite a few crosses to make a reliable woman’s name; the only question was whether she would be an EMILIA or an AMELIA. I briefly confused SUVA with APIA (another South Pacific capital), which created a slight delay in the south (49A: Capital of Fiji). Other than that, the only thing that slowed me down at all was early on, when I typed on the PCT in 1A: N.B.A. stat (PPG, which stands for “points per game”). Knew the next two short ones in that section cold, and so did CLE- at the beginning of 2D: District Attorney’s Offer, maybe (PLEA DEAL ), and so I thought, “oh, CLEMENCY, that’s a cool word .” And is. It was just

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Nyc Transit Letters Crossword Clue

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