Oklahoma City 3 Letters

Oklahoma City 3 Letters – OKLAHOMA CITY – The Oklahoma City Thunder today released four new outfits for the 2019-20 season. The product lineup includes a new City Edition designed in collaboration with the Oklahoma City National Memorial and Museum. The city’s uniform coincides with the upcoming 25th anniversary of the April 19, 1995, bombing of the Alfred P. Murrah federal building in Oklahoma. City Thunder and Memorial work closely with Nike to bring together the spirit of recovery and remembrance of the victims and victims of the bombing. It also embodies the memorial’s mission to educate current and future generations about the Oklahoma City community’s response to the tragedy with a focus on Oklahoma’s standards of service, honor, and compassion.

“April 19, 1995, forever changed our city. Oklahoma City National Memorial and Museum serves our community by helping us remember the lost. “Thunder is honored to continue our relationship with the Oklahoma City Memorial with the utmost honour. In addition, this opportunity to help promote the Oklahoma Standards Memorial’s efforts has also expanded our support beyond uniforms. Oklahoma’s standards mean something unique to everyone, though. But raising awareness of the final significance and evolution alongside our cities is crucial. any progress that we can do to help maintain and ultimately demonstrate a simple act of service. honor and compassion that helps support Oklahoma’s community identity. This is a significant contributor to the broader civic impact we anticipate.”

Oklahoma City 3 Letters

Oklahoma City 3 Letters

As part of Thunder’s partnership with the Oklahoma City National Monument and Museum, the team will guarantee the new permanent exhibit. This will highlight and highlight Oklahoma’s standard examples and provide valuable learning tools to deliver that message to local, national, and global audiences. Free National Monuments Once a Month in 2020

Nba Design Vision—oklahoma City Thunder

The uniform design features symbols representing the elements of the memorial. On the chest, “Oklahoma City” appears in gold-lined lettering. With a pair of time gates running down the sides of the shirt that goes into the pants, 9:01 and 9:03 appear in the shorts’ vents. Reflecting the city’s innocence at 9:01 a.m. before the attack, followed by the time the city begins to congregate and heal at 9:03 a.m., the white on the side of the shorts represents a reflecting pool. The shallow waters offer comfort and peace. “Service,” “Honor,” and “Kindness” appear above the badges. which reflects the ideals of Oklahoma standards. and the way Oklahoma citizens treat each other and their communities.

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The Survivor Tree, a 90-year-old American elm at the memorial site. A full color image was also shown on the uniform’s shorts belt. The tree served as a symbol of human resilience and strength. Because it can withstand a 4,000 pound blast, the jersey has a layer of blue ribbon inside. with the message that “We Remember Those Who Were Transformed Forever, 19 April 1995” on the back of the collar, with blue, blue, yellow and sunset stripes. Tie the uniform with the team colors. and represent the many memorial gifts that visitors left on the fence at the original site and leave the memorial for later today.

“Our alliance with Thunder has continued to grow stronger. For more than a decade, every player has experienced and understood Oklahoma’s standards by visiting the Oklahoma City National Memorial and Museum,” said Kari Watkins, executive director of the Oklahoma National Memorial and Museum. Home City said “We have been working together on this meaningful uniform for months. This is a unique way to expand our mission to a global audience and remember all those affected. This set contains several important symbolic elements that reflect this sacred site.”

“We are excited to take this partnership with Thunder to a whole new level,” said Kim Neese, a survivor and chair of the Board of Remembrance. “As the 25th anniversary of the bombing drew near, Having the Oklahoma City team wearing this inspiring uniform continues to honor and remember the 168 people who lost their lives and all who have changed forever.”

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The City Edition is one of four new outfits Thunder will be wearing next season, including the updated Icon (blue) and Association (white) outfits. and the new Sunset Statement uniform.

Brian Byrnes, Thunder’s senior vice president of sales and marketing, said: “Refreshing our uniform line allows us to reshape Thunder’s image. It helps us improve and promote the Thunder basketball kit portfolio as we continually develop our brand to proudly reflect our state and city.”

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Just like the previous blue icon pack. The team’s white uniforms will have “Oklahoma City” on the chest at sunset and the Thunder Blue. with the outline of the state of Oklahoma on the shorts belt The uniform also features matching neck and sleeve stripes with the main team logo on the front left leg. This is the second time the state outline has appeared on the Thunder uniforms, as it was also featured in the team’s 2017-18 City Edition uniform.

Oklahoma City 3 Letters

In the Thunder blue Icon uniform, the chest now reads “Thunder” on the chest at sunset. with matching neck and arm bands The blue uniform also features the main team logo on the front left leg with increased tape tabs on the arms and neck. Both uniforms have a rich color palette. Enhance the clarity of your team’s current brand profile. Icon packs and guilds will be worn at home and on the road from next season.

Oklahoma City Bombing

The team’s 2019-20 Statement Edition brings a color scheme that fans Favorites return to Thunder’s uniform with a striking sunset design. For the first time, thunder and sunset appeared together on the uniform, with the words “OKC” staggered in thunder blue on the chest, and a gradient sound wave on the back.

By clicking “Submit”, you agree to the Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy. You agree that your personal data will be used to send messages about related products and services. and share your personal information with partners and affiliates. So they can contact you about products and services you might be interested in. Greetings from OKC . We passed Oklahoma City last year on our Route 66 trip. We were looking for a wall to paint on. short wall painting For an unrelated project and met Ryan Faught, who allowed us to paint on his building in Midtown, Ryan spent most of his time traveling on his sailboat. So we immediately had a nomad connection. We passed OKC again this year to move on to the next mural in Knoxville, TN. With that in mind, we wanted to try our OKC mural greeting in the same building. Because we haven’t painted in Oklahoma yet. After a quick and easy approval from the Midtown Renaissance, we planned to create a large monogram “OKC” mural as we had limited time.

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While in town We also celebrated our 3rd anniversary with a day off at the hotel and eating sushi. which we haven’t had since our last trip to Tokyo. We had the chance to meet Lisa’s longtime friend Shaina and eat great pizza at the Empire Slice House in the Plaza District (New Yorkers approve!).

On top of the wall paintings in OKC, we finally installed solar panels while in town! We still wonder why it took us two years to get solar cells. We highly recommend it for those who do. boondocking/dry camping like we do Our setup includes two Renogy 100W panels and a 400W inverter to keep our home batteries charged all day. This was definitely a game changer for us.

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We don’t know what the weather will be like. But it was so cold that we had to put on a cap. Besides, we were quite nervous when the storm hit. And we started hearing the tornado sirens. It’s one of those things that we’re pretty nervous about on the road. Since we don’t have brick-and-mortar shelter, and Honeybear won’t be too fair when it’s windy. Fortunately, it passed without any problems. And we go back to painting.

Special thanks to Bombing Science for supporting our project and shipping the spray paint cap. (Especially the stencil cap) to test along with other products. Although the stenciled lid has been around for a while. But Victor never tried to mess with it too much until Dcypher showed me the right way to use it with gray dots in Los Angeles for a recent project.

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