Cardboard Letters For Charcuterie

Cardboard Letters For Charcuterie – Making meatloaf letter boxes is an incredibly easy way to impress your friends without doing anything terribly impressive. I made several charcuterie letter boxes over the weekend for game night and Father’s Day. They are perfect for your next party, event, dinner or happy hour!

First, you will need to cut off the top of the paper mache letter boxes with a box cutter. With Joann’s boxes, I was able to start it with a box cutter and then peel off the top based on how it folded.

Cardboard Letters For Charcuterie

Cardboard Letters For Charcuterie

Next, line your box with wax paper. I didn’t like the idea of ​​just putting meat and cheese on cardboard. So I cut out strips of wax paper and lined the entire bottom of the letters.

Paper Mache Letters

Finally, arrange the meat, cheese, fruit and nuts. Get variations of each and try to keep two foods of the same color from touching each other. For these boards I used gouda, white cheddar, mozzarella, salami, pepperoni, prosciutto and Boursin cheese. I also added pistachios, sliced ​​almonds, grapes, kiwi, two types of crackers, pretzel chips, and strawberries.

Both box sets were a big hit! I love how they turned out and will definitely be making them for any events we host in the future. We’re here to give you practical tips, recipes and ideas to make your home life a little easier.

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I am so excited to share this holiday entertaining idea that you will love. These DIY holiday food board letters were inspired by my friend Kim Shirley, who used giant papermache letters to create a creative food board display.

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This is such a fun twist on the traditional roasting board, and this version can hold a surprisingly large amount of food. It is sure to appeal to anyone who wants to enjoy it!

I went to Walmart to get all my supplies and ingredients for these DIY holiday food board letters. I decided to use the word JOY for the occasion. Walmart always has affordable prices, quality ingredients, and a wide selection of foods. (I love that I don’t have to run through multiple stores to find what I’m looking for!)

Here’s what I picked up at Walmart to fill the food board letters (but feel free to experiment!):

Cardboard Letters For Charcuterie

The process of making DIY holiday food board letters is quite simple. Here’s how I did mine.

Paper Mache Letter E

2. Remove the top of the paper mache letter, peel it back, then use it as a stencil to cut out the parchment paper lining.

The sky’s the limit when it comes to arranging snacks in food board letters. Choose a color theme, go for a monochrome look, organize by food type – whatever you want! Regardless of which route you chose, there are a few things I learned in the snacking process that I thought might be helpful to share:

I know I’ll definitely be using them several times this Christmas season – there are so many occasions to use them and the impressive display always impresses!

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Now it’s your turn to try this idea at home! Head to Walmart to find everything you need to get creative. DIY holiday food board letters could be fun for Valentine’s Day, birthdays, and more!

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