Panicky Paddles Kong Letters

Panicky Paddles Kong Letters – Donkey Kong has a lot of interesting levels and among them, one of the best is Frost Folly. The level has a lot of difficult and fun obstacles and collections are also spawned in difficult places, but that’s where most of the fun lies. If you are finding it difficult to find all the KONG letters in the Frost Folly, follow this guide:

To get the first KONG letter, just keep playing the game while spawning and soon, you will come across a swinging vine and there will be a yellow plant nearby. Just after this plant, there will be a platform. Go to this platform and you will see the first letter “K” floating in the air to the right of the platform. There will also be a helmeted penguin patrolling this platform. Defeat this penguin and then Jump from this platform to the second platform below to get the first letter.

Panicky Paddles Kong Letters

Panicky Paddles Kong Letters

After you get the first letter, keep playing the game for a while until you see a big grass wheel. Now what you need to do is stick to the right side of this big grass wheel. As soon as you land on that wheel, it will move, so make sure you move in the opposite direction of the wheel so that you stay on the right side of the wheel. In this way, you will easily collect the letter O that spawns at the end point where the wheel will go. After getting the second letter, jump to the platform above you before the wheel rolls into the abyss.

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After playing the game for a while, you will come across the pig post, after this post, there will be three vertical vines that will hang from the tree. Just after those vertical vines, you’ll find the third KONG letter floating in the air between the grass-covered spring platform and the blast barrel. Jump from the spring platform in time so that you can easily grab the letter “N” and then you will enter directly into the explosion barrel.

Soon you will find another post pig, just after that you will meet a very large enemy with double hammers. Defeat him by rolling into it as soon as he raises his weapon. After that, enemies go a bit further to the right and you will see the final letter of KONG floating under the platform where giant snowflakes spawn. To get the last KONG letter, go under the platform by doing a roll jump. Soon after that ride the big grass wheel towards the slot machine and you will clear the level as well.

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Carefully follow each step in this guide and you will be able to collect all the KONG letters. Just be careful while playing this level because it has many difficult obstacles.

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© Future Publishing Limited Quay House, The Ambury, Bath BA1 1UA. All rights reserved. England and Wales company registration number 2008885. Just passed the plant-eating gorilla is a, uh… toucan on a prickly ball? Whatever it is, bounce off it at the height of its jump to reach the platform above (or use a Kong friend to get up there). The book platform cracks open the barrel and drops a winged banana. Collect the bananas and banana coins behind it for a puzzle piece (1/9).

The first letter KONG (1/4) is below a moving platform in front of a cheese grater. The platform book is dropped on it when you go over.

Collect all the bananas in the purple pool to the right of the pig at the Checkpoint to earn a puzzle piece (2/9). If Cranky is with you, his cane can make short work of the rambunctious shark.

Panicky Paddles Kong Letters

Slam the platform under two spiky, orange balls to drop into a secret room (1/2). Collect all the bananas in 30 seconds to get a puzzle piece (3/9).

Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze Secret Exits

Head right and you’ll reach another purple pool. Swim to the bottom and to the left you will find a room with a puzzle piece (4/9).

The second Letter KONG (2/4) is just to the right of the next Checkpoint Pig. Drop down and collect it and quickly hop out again before you take a big, spiky fruit in the noggin.

Collect all the bananas at the bottom of the red pool to the right of the Letter ‘O’ and a puzzle piece (5/9) will appear.

When you get to the watermelon bomb chucking bunny, grab one of his bombs and pound the metal platform in front of him to drop into the area below. Chuck the bomb into the shield on the right and enter the Secret Room (2/2). Collect all the bananas in 30 seconds to get a puzzle piece (6/9).

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Horn Top Hop

You’ll also find another puzzle piece (7/9) at the bottom of the next purple pool. Don’t forget the shark!

By the way, if you are wondering how to continue from here, pull the plug on the ledge in the upper right to open the door.

The next puzzle piece (8/9) can be collected during the Blast Barrel sequence. Fire and excellent timing collect it.

Panicky Paddles Kong Letters

In the underwater area with the prickly fruit, search the bottom for a Hidden Cove (1/1) (it’s straight down from the Letter ‘N’). You will find the last piece of the puzzle (9/9).

Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze Juicy Jungle Walkthrough

Now swim back up to collect the third KONG Letter (3/4). Dixie can swim against the current, but if you don’t have her assistance, you’ll have to swim past her on the lower path and swim back to her using the upper path.

The final letter KONG (4/4) is under a rotating platform. Very easy to collect if you have Diddy or Dixie. If not, roll jump from the platform on the left to rip it.

Just past the Letter ‘G’ is a purple pool with a strong current at the bottom. If you have Dixie with you, you can swim upstream to find a Secret Exit that unlocks 5-B Jammin’ Jams.

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Rickety Rafters is the first secret stage in Bright Savannah from Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze. This stage can be accessed by going to the secret exit found in the Twilight Terror stage.

Panicky Paddles Kong Letters

It has many mechanical wooden platforms that activate when the Kongs perform certain actions, such as crawling on vines, and hitting targets.

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