Petrarch Letters On Familiar Matters

Petrarch Letters On Familiar Matters – Epistolae familiares is the name of a collection of Petrarch’s letters that he edited during his lifetime. He originally called the collection Epistolarum mearum ad diversos liber (“a book of my letters to different people”) but this was later shortened to currt.

Petrarch discovered the manuscript of Cicero’s letters in 1345, which gave him the idea to compile his own set of letters. It wasn’t until four or five years later however, that he really started. He collected his letters at two different times. They are known as the Epistolae and Siles families.

Petrarch Letters On Familiar Matters

Petrarch Letters On Familiar Matters

The Epistolae familiares (a.k.a. Family Letters) were largely compiled during his stay in Provce in 1351 to 1353, however they were not completed until 1359 when he was in Milan. Petrarch had this collection of letters copied into a parchmt in 1359 by a certain ingiosus homo et amicus and another complete copy was made in 1364. He added letters in 1366, making his first collection of letters to 350. He broke them up and arranged them in 24 volumes. . This first collection of letters called Epistolae familiares was actually written between 1325 and 1366 (the first translation into Glish was made by the historian James Harvey Robinson in 1898 in his book The First Modern Scholar and Man of Letters).

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In January 1350 Petrarch wrote an lgthy letter to his beloved frid (“Socrates” as Petrarch liked to call him) dedicating the collection to him. He asks his frid to keep the letter safe away from csors and critics.

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It has since been discovered that Socrates was a Flemish Benedictine monk and music theorist Lodewijk Heylig whose friend Petrarch had worked in the circle of cardinal Giovanni Colonna in Avignon.

Petrarch began a second collection of letters in 1361, also known as the Elder Letters. It has 128 letters written between 1361 and 1373.

It is also divided and organized into volumes (18 books). The last, first and only letter of book 18 is his incomplete Letter to Parenthood. Some rough translations of this font collection that are out of copyright are available here

The Project Gutenberg Ebook Of Eminent Literary And Scientific Men Of Italy, Spain And Portugal, Vol. 1 (of 3), By James Montgmery And Mary Shelley

A complete glish translation is also available in two volumes from Italica Press, translated by Aldo S. Bernardo, Emeritus Professor of Italian and Comparative Literature, State University of New York at Binghamton.

There are many letters that Petrarch lost or did not keep a copy of. Others he destroyed their originals for fear they would bring too much criticism to his large collection. There is a collection of 59 letters of Giuseppe Fracassetti.

This special set (Book Without a Name) of the letters Petrarch loved so much left in his hands some nineteen letters were placed outside the main section of the Known Letters to pay homage to the papacy and the luxurious life that was being led in Avignon. . Liber sine nomine is a copy of this same work in one volume without the title (which is 19 letters).

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Petrarch Letters On Familiar Matters

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