Please In Vienna Crossword Clue 5 Letters

Please In Vienna Crossword Clue 5 Letters – Old rival MGM / MON 4-26-21 / Local many White House photo ops / Elizabeth II’s only daughter / First lady member of parliament

THEME: Food Court (35D: A feature of many malls … or a place for 20-Across and 26- and 30-Down?) – fast food places that have the word “court” in the name:

Please In Vienna Crossword Clue 5 Letters

Please In Vienna Crossword Clue 5 Letters

Word of the Day:MSRP(41A: Starting point for a car sale negotiation: Abbr.) — List price, also known as manufacturer’s suggested retail price (MSRP), or suggested retail price (RRP), or suggested retail price ( SRP) of a product is the price at which the manufacturer recommends that the retailer sell the product. It’s meant to help standardize prices among locations. While some shops/stores always sell at, or below, the recommended retail price, others do so only when the item is on sale or closeout/clearance. (wikipedia)

Puzzle Monday: Warrior Women Crossword

Nice theme. I just do not understand why they do not slot this Tuesday, or even Wednesday, since it would fit better there. So many things make this a little tougher than a typical Monday puzzle (still easy in absolute terms, but far from an average-Monday). The gigantic open space, for one. There’s almost no way you can have a triple-stack of 9s like that (in the middle, where the reveal is) and still keep it on Monday—easy. Such open spaces are characteristic of the Fri / Sat puzzle. And you’ve got the same open spaces in the SW and SE as well, with 10s stacked in each case (I realize “stacked” isn’t the right metaphor, but you see what I mean… they’re… “pillars”?) . A large chunk of white space means the difficulty level goes boop boop boop, up. Add the fact that all themers are cross-referenced, so there is absolutely no way to get them from their clues alone. You have to hammer away at the crosses * or * go back to answer the revealer and then maybe, I think, have a chance to understand how it relates to the theme clue. That is, the WHITE CASTLE clue has nothing to do with WHITE CASTLE, and neither does BURGER KING and DAIRY QUEEN. Themer clues with absolutely no literal, direct information about themers themselves, it is practically unheard of on Monday … For a reason. That adds a bit of difficulty. It slows you down. Now finally, it can all be done, but a good Tuesday puzzle should be done on Tuesday. Not sure why it’s so hard. Is there a real dearth of decent Mondays? Bah!

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Also had no idea who Lady ASTOR was (66A: Lady ___, first female member of parliament) (I mean, bell rings, but … shrug). Same with Chris REDD. Nice to know there’s another REDD out there besides FOXX (or former NBAer Michael), but I’m semi-exhausted by the idea that I need to know every current and former SNL cast member. It’s bad enough that I have to watch SNL on roughly every other grid. I don’t like the show. I find it wearisome, and honestly I have never forgiven Lorne Michaels and Joe Pesci for what they did to Sinead O’Connor 30 years ago. Grudges: I hold them. Still, Chris REDD, cool, I’ll try to remember that. Had RATES instead of RAGES in 6D: Rants and raves, which make the A-GAME so difficult to see (18A: The best athletic performance-like a strange and slightly misleading instruction; if players “bring their A-GAME,” they play in *public* peak ability, yes, but that does not mean that the individual “performance” is “the best possible” (which is what the clue seems to imply, as written). Segue). I guess “informal” should have cleared me up. ANYHOO , all these little hiccups, combined with the harder-than-usual Monday theme, put this well outside the normal Monday difficulty range. The filling is mostly, except for the SE, which is a bit bad (ANGE on Monday? In the corners that are desperate to fill even enough? Blargh). So yeah, if you give me this tomorrow or the next day, I will like a lot. As such, I like it a little. That’s not bad. It could be worse. I don’t really believe that WHITE CASTLE is a FOOD COURT restaurant. But I’ll let it slide. H ave a nice day. City where you won’t find Virgil’s tomb / MON 1-18-21 / 1986 sci-fi sequel set in deep space

Word of the Day: Tomb of Virgil (see 46A) — Tomb of Virgil (Italian: Tomba di Virgilio) is a Romanburial vault in Naples, said to be the tomb of the poet Virgil (October 15, 70 BC – September 21, 19 BC). It is located at the entrance to the old Roman tunnel known as Crypta Neapolitanaor grotta vecchiain Piedigrottadistrict of the city, between Mergellinaand Fuorigrotta. // Virgil was the object of literary pride and veneration before his death. In the following centuries and especially in the Middle Ages, his name became associated with legends of miraculous powers and his tomb was an object of pilgrimage and pagan veneration. At the time of Virgil’s death, a large bay tree was near the entrance. According to local legend, it died when Dante died, and Petrarchplanted a new one; because they came to take a branch as a souvenir of the second dead tree as well. (wikipedia)

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This seems like a decent set of answers, and an original way to show everything (“A city where you won’t find…”). Wish there was a way to include an obscure one from this set: MOSCOW, IDAHO. While it is true that Moscow, ID is not as nationally known as others, there is a major university there (University of Idaho); my mother grew up in Idaho, my grandmother lived there until her death last year at age 99, and my aunts, uncles, and cousins ​​used to live a short distance from Moscow (in Lewiston, ID), so I’ll admit it. a place that may be more on my radar than it is on you, but still, the University of Idaho corner makes it legit and in 11 long letters it could have sat in the middle of the grid. The puzzle will probably be more on Tuesday. or Wed.-level in difficulty, although, just because Moscow, ID is a little clearer, and the grid would have been tougher to fill clean, but maybe it would have worked. Still, this set is great. And I learned about Virgil’s tomb, which, who knows, might come in handy when I start teaching the Aeneid again in a few weeks.

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

I ended up with a fairly normal Monday time, but that average time masked the fact that I was very slow to start and very quick to finish. When the top Acrosses gave me trouble on Monday, I was in trouble, and the man did not give me trouble. The instructions on PIN UP are the hardest (1A: Get ready to hem, say). I just don’t understand. There is a Monday meaning for PIN-UP and not that. The meaning of Monday is a racy image, a hyphenated PIN-UP. The Betty Grable PIN-UP. The verb phrase, yeesh, that took a few crosses to see. Then above the front Across, 6A: Hankering (ITCH), in four letters, I confidently wrote in URGE. Again, there is a meaning Monday about ITCH, and this is not it. So two fat whiffs on the first two Acrosses on Monday, when only twenty seconds of solving time is the difference between Easy-Medium and Medium-challenging, yikes. Luckily the bottom half of the grid went much, much faster. The kind of fast that feels like flying. So I managed to get my time back… normal boring.

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The content in this is a bit musty, a bit last century in its predilections (I don’t remember the last time I saw MATA, then there was another crosswordese name section, ALVA, for example) but it’s kind of clean and stale. . The one “Look at me, kids! I’m slang!” bit in the riddle somehow feels old: “NERD ALERT !” I think Homer Simpson said this once, maybe, when he went back to college and tried to be one of the Jocks. Somehow I find the discourse of nerds infinitely tiring these days. People brag about being nerds these days; cool / beautiful / rich people imagine that they are, or were, nerds, so, the whole insult angle (“Poindexter!”) feels either dated or fraudulent. I don’t mean to be IN A LATHER about it (does that expression still work?), just a “NERD ALERT!” feel some combination of harsh and old and not land for me. HAS-BEENS is by definition passé, but I really like that answer. PHASE TWO is arbitrarily stupid, but harmless, I think. Overall, a luke-warm thumbs-up today. See you tomorrow. references run all the way through the middle of the puzzle, I’m in for at least a little struggle. Everything I know about GoT, I learned from crossovers. This is also true about

Even though I stumble,

Please In Vienna Crossword Clue 5 Letters

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