Robert The Doll Apology Letters

Robert The Doll Apology Letters – And learn more about his history, you’ll understand why he fascinates everyone who learns about him and crosses paths with him.

This one-of-a-kind handmade doll was gifted by Steph Co. to her family and friends. There are conflicting reports about whether her grandfather gave her the doll or if it was one of the family’s maids who practiced voodoo in revenge for mistreatment by her staff. I also believe that she could have cursed the doll either way. The blue sailor suit that Robert wears is likely one of Jean’s old suits from childhood. Gene was so excited about the doll that he named it after himself.

Robert The Doll Apology Letters

Robert The Doll Apology Letters

Otto noticed a strange change around his house until it was too late. Whenever there was trouble around the house Jean would say “Robert did it”. They could also hear Jean talking to them in two different voices at the same time through the closed doors. Eventually, Otto becomes exhausted, frustrated and worried about Jeanne’s infatuation with Robert. They decided to lock Robert up in the attic where he stayed until Jean returned home as an adult.

All You Need About Robert The Doll In Key West, Florida

After his parents passed away, Jean inherited the family’s Key West mansion. He immediately retrieves Robert from the attic and places him in the turret room that Jean has decided to use as her painting room and Robert’s bedroom. As legend has it, Robert can be seen walking past those windows as well as looking out of them. Jeanne was known to take Robert with her even as an adult. Many friends and family members had stories about how they could see Robert’s facial expressions change depending on the topic of conversation, especially if it was negative about Jean. Gene’s friends and family say he had an unhealthy relationship with his childhood partner and that after his death in 1974 his wife Anne placed Robert in a chest and kept him in the attic.

The house remained there until it was sold and the new owner donated it to the Key West Art and Historical Society and he and his teddy bear

That you must first ask permission to photograph him before doing so or you will be cursed with misfortune. Sometimes it’s as small as just a flash not working or camera batteries dying, but people have also reported flat tires, running out of gas, even more serious things like divorce and death. The staff has learned to respect

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And his desires as they have seen what he can do and seen that he can walk alone night after night.

Shakespeare And Virtual Reality

Plays Jean Otto. I haven’t seen the movie, so I can’t give you any information but I will update you when I get a chance to watch it.

Is a celebrity with his Facebook and Twitter accounts. He also has his own line of merchandise and yes you can buy replicas

If you want too. He also receives emails and letters of apology when people realize they probably should have asked his permission.

Robert The Doll Apology Letters

Brian J. Kano Interview Exclusive (Part 1 of 2): Going Ahead with a Ghost Hunter! mm by Linda Marie

Zak Bagans Visits Robert The Doll For Premiere Of Deadly Possessions

Rachel is not a professional writer but she is a passionate writer. What does this mean for you dear reader? On the one hand, it means misspelled words, run on sentences, forgotten words and blurbs of content. On the other hand, you’ll find humor, honesty, passion, and hopefully interesting content at the East Martello Museum in Key West, Florida. Robert was once owned by painter, writer, and Key West resident Robert Euge Otto.

The doll originally belonged to Robert Euge Otto, an artist known as “Extric,” who belonged to a prominent Key West family. The doll was reportedly made by the Steiff Company of Germany, purchased by Otto’s grandfather during a trip to Germany in 1904, and given to young Otto as a birthday present. The doll’s sailor suit was likely an outfit that Otto wore as a child.

The doll was stored in the Otto family home at 534 Eaton Street in Key West while Otto studied art in New York and Paris. Otto married Annette Parker on May 3, 1930 in Paris. The couple returned to the Otto family home in Key West to live there until Otto’s death in 1974. His wife died two years later.

After their deaths, the Eaton Street house with the doll was sold to Myrtle Reuter, who owned it for 20 years.

The Curse Of Robert The Doll

In 1994, the doll was donated to the East Martello Museum in Key West, Florida, where it has become a popular tourist attraction.

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According to Legged, the doll has supernatural abilities that allow it to move, change its facial expressions and make laughing sounds. Some versions of the foot claim that a little girl from a “Bahamian desk” gave the doll to Otto as a gift or as “revenge for a wrongdoing”. Other stories claim that the doll moved voodoo figurines around the room, and “was aware of what was around her”. Still other sources claim that the doll “disappeared” after Otto’s house changed hands several times after his death.

Or that young Otto triggered the doll’s supernatural powers by blaming the doll for his childhood mishaps. According to local folklore, the doll has caused “car accidents, broken bones, job losses, divorces, and a cornucopia of other misfortunes”, and visitors to the museum are “banned from visiting” for “failing to respect Robert”. Later misfortunes” are experienced. a few years First, I noticed something strange happening in the comment section of one of my articles.

Robert The Doll Apology Letters

It all goes back to 2013, when I first posted about Robert the Doll. This, if you don’t know, is the strange story of a seemingly ordinary doll that allegedly has a mysterious curse.

Robert The Ghost Doll In Key West, Fl

These days, he can be found locked behind glass at the Fort East Martello Museum in Key West, Florida. Pinned to a wall behind him is a series of letters, each containing an apology for crossing him in some way.

His curse, at least the way I’ve heard it, is a simple one: Before taking a picture of Robert the Doll, everyone must first ask permission. If his head bows, then it is permissible

And if permission is not granted, or if the person fails to ask for permission, that person will be cursed.

Allegedly, this curse involves bad luck. An example can be found by a reviewer on TripAdvisor, who took not one, but three photos of Robert without asking permission. Later, his camera stopped working, and all the photos he took in Key West disappeared. And, wouldn’t you know it, when he came home from vacation he started hearing “strange noises at night.”

Caution: Mind Your Manners When Visiting Robert The Doll

At any rate, many people who feel cursed send letters of apology to the museum, which are affixed to that wall. The idea is that, by doing so, Robert will have mercy on them and remove the cloud of their misfortune. In some ways, it is similar to the Curse of Uluru.

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However, while the rules of Robert’s Curse are simple and mostly based on direct contact, in the past few years it seems to have spread to the Internet. Or, at the very least, those who dare to search or read about Robert the Doll online are taking no chances.

As with the letters sent to the museum, they have left comments online containing their own apologies. And that brings us back to my earlier post.

Robert The Doll Apology Letters

The first comment on my article apologizing to Robert, from nothing more than reading about him online, was posted on February 21, 2015 with a very simple “I’m sorry Robert.”

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Other commenters would follow suit, some with a meager apology, others with explanations and pleas that the cursed doll not turn its evil eyes on them or their loved ones.

“I’m sorry I saw your pictures online and read your story, please forgive me.” – Matt, April 22, 2017 “Robert, I’m sorry I didn’t ask your permission. I was just learning about you. Forgive me.” – Ted, May 8 2017 “Dear Robert, I visited you in the main west. I was so honored and surprised. Please do no harm to my family. I was curious and interested in your history. I was very sorry.” – Lauren, Jan 18, 2018 “Sorry to read about you and see your photos online. I mean no disrespect to you, Robert the Doll. Forgive me.” – Joseph, September 17, 2019

All told, more than 200 comments were left on that post, most of them apologetic. But there are many more.

In fact, we may have to upgrade that “hundreds” to thousands. It seems everywhere that someone has posted about Robert the Doll, be it on personal websites or on YouTube, people can be found apologizing for looking at his pictures and doing even the tiniest of searches. .

Anyone Seen Robert The Doll In Person?

And yet, despite all these apologies, I’m not convinced that any

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