Sarasota Herald Tribune Letters To The Editor

Sarasota Herald Tribune Letters To The Editor – We’ve watched the theater of the absurd aka the Florida Governor and Legislature for quite some time. We’re always amazed at how inept yet popular they are.

During two days of the so-called “special session,” the troubadours of nonsense canceled contracts with the state’s largest employer and staged a race for Florida’s entire voting process. These agreements have benefited Florida economically and politically for decades.

Sarasota Herald Tribune Letters To The Editor

Sarasota Herald Tribune Letters To The Editor

After watching Ron DeSantis’ poor impersonation of Governor Ron DeSantis at a Saturday Night Live-style press conference, the words of wisdom came to mind: “You’ll never meet a crook you don’t like.”

In The News 1909 Now — Friends Of Bobby Jones Golf Club

Adding value to the newspaper by adding popular puzzles, games and relevant columns is noteworthy. More importantly, both local opinion and reporting of community events must better inform, if not “connect,” the community.

Sarasota’s only major network television station would do well to consider your case. Our household survey of the two 6pm newscasts last week sadly revealed the lack of funding used for street reporters.

There were less than 10 minutes of local news each evening, plus six minutes of weather and six minutes of state and local news available on national news for the next half hour.

Is it any wonder that people of all ages are looking for news online? We hope your changes will be fruitful.

Letters To Editor For Saturday, Nov. 28, 2020

The first is the elimination of national Op-Ed columnists and editorial cartoons (“Our Opinion page has a new focus, but the same clear mission,” April 24). In his column, Opinions editor Roger Brown explained that such material proved divisive and hindered “open dialogue.”

But a page of columns on local topics will invariably have a similar effect, unless it is a mixture of platitudes.

Sharp disagreements can generate columns about street redevelopment, not to mention schools and city spending.

Sarasota Herald Tribune Letters To The Editor

The Herald-Tribune published a healthy mix of conservative and liberal publications. If a reader thinks columnist X’s opinion will offend him, he should not read the column. Eliminating different opinions on national issues insults the intelligence of readers.

Write A Letter To The Editor

If the goal is, as it seems, to avoid offending, a more sensible policy would be to eliminate publication columns altogether.

You are right that the information is available elsewhere, although it takes some effort.

Given this rationale, you should also, for example, delete your two-day-old articles about the results of football matches. Scores and game results are available online, and fast too. Consider how much space you can save.

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Please be careful for those of you who subscribe to a local website – a place I believe is for sharing information, finding answers to local questions and giving neighbors a connection.

Reader Views On Proud Boys Column, Paper Right To Print Editor’s Note

I recently asked about airport noise regulations in my area. I had about 200 replies, many telling me to go back to where I came from – I’m a home owner in Venice, and others calling me an idiot, telling me to wear earplugs, etc.

When I commented on vaccination information, I was also criticized, with one person even suggesting that I might want Jews to be required to wear stars on their sleeves.

Differences in views and opinions have value for all of us. However, bullying shuts down the most basic part of communication. I thought I had thick skin, but it wasn’t enough.

Sarasota Herald Tribune Letters To The Editor

I have left this site forever, which creates a negativity that is hard to get rid of. It is very bad. I lost touch with the community.

Riverview High School (sarasota, Florida)

He insists he wants a negotiated settlement with Russian President Vladimir Putin and a diplomatic solution to end the war.

But I wonder why Zelensky did not propose such a diplomatic solution: to allow the people of Donbas to vote, to remain in Ukraine or to secede and join Russia. In addition, Zelensky could promise not to interfere in the results of this vote.

In exchange, Russia will withdraw all its troops from Ukraine and put an end to this fiasco, which only feeds the US military-industrial complex. The August 18 headline was “County Updates Its LGBTQ Guidelines.” The story explains that in Sarasota schools, if a child admits to a teacher or school staff that he or she is gay or wants to be referred to by pronouns other than gender norms, parents must be told.

Some believe that parents should always be informed about what is happening to their children. In most cases this would be fine, but given the bias, prejudice and general misunderstanding of gender dysphoria, the consequences for a child, especially a teenager, can be dire.

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Not all parents will take such information properly; there is objective evidence of this in children’s shelters. Parents kicked their LGBT children out of the home or forced them into so-called treatment programs to match their birth gender.

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Thus, the snitch acts regardless of the child’s desire for privacy. This is an extremely dangerous policy for the child and terrible for the teacher trying to maintain the child’s trust and privacy.

As a Manatee County resident, I share my concerns about the name of the new park on Tallevast Road (“Manatee County Community Park to be named after Gov. Ron DeSantis,” Aug. 9). The plan to name it after our current governor is bad for the following reasons:

Sarasota Herald Tribune Letters To The Editor

• Parks are places of peace and relaxation. Ron DeSantis’ name is a source of anger and controversy for many residents. Some people will avoid the park because of these negative feelings.

Note To Readers: Sarasota Herald Tribune Newspaper Delivery May Be Delayed Or Prevented Due To Hurricane Ian

• Parks should be named after humanitarians and local heroes whom everyone admires. It appears to be a name the commissioners are courting. Are they?

•Apparently, the park naming process was marred by a last-minute campaign to name the park after the governor. This is a flawed survey that does not reflect the will of all people. Party politics cannot be allowed to interfere here.

I am asking the commissioners to use their elected powers to represent all Manatee residents, not just the white, straight, conservative ones who organized a campaign to please a power-hungry politician – and one who divides us into camps for their own gain.

Be an agent of peace, not division. Use your powers to heal us and heal our wounds.

Letters To Editor For Tuesday, June 30, 2020

There has been a lot of talk lately about Florida schools and the teacher shortage. We also need to continue the conversation about school safety.

Our children and community deserve real action to stop the epidemic of gun violence in our country. We are not alone or helpless. There are many seemingly simple yet powerful things we can do today!

More of our neighbors are coming together to make the changes we need. Peace rallies are on the rise across the country, with families and friends gathering in their living rooms to discuss implementing violence prevention programs in their schools.

Sarasota Herald Tribune Letters To The Editor

There is reason to hope that we can prevent gun violence before it happens with smart laws and gun safety programs in our schools and communities that help us identify the signs before a shooting occurs and intervene.

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Making Sense Of The Controversy At The New Yorker

To keep that hope alive and bring about the change we need, I’m asking everyone to take one simple action today. Make a pledge at and help bring Sandy Hook Promise’s free violence prevention programs to our schools and community.

Games like tennis and chess are zero-sum games. There is a winner (+1) and a loser (-1), so the net change or sum is zero.

This game theory can be applied to politics, but it does not move our country forward. Instead, everything becomes a counter-reaction, and the parties become more and more polarized.

As a parent and moderate, I am appalled by the recent events in Sarasota and throughout Florida. The decorum evaporated in the tropical heat. There are some political bumper stickers that are so vulgar that I worry my young daughter will read them. Personal attacks on School Board candidates who are officially running in nonpartisan elections know no bounds.

North Port Modifies Curfew Hours, Limits Application To Areas Without Power

What would Ronald Reagan, a man who believed strongly in the goodness of people, think of his party today?

Punishing a corporation for dissent, removing an elected official without reason, and threatening to sue teachers are all zero-sum politics. The constitutionality of some of these actions is already being challenged in court. This will cost taxpayers time and money. At Passover, we celebrate the liberation of the biblical Israelites from Egyptian slavery. This year at our Passover Seder we also celebrate our more modern liberation from Nazism and Japanese oppression during World War II.

In addition, we rejoice with those at our table, as everywhere in the world, who are fighting for freedom from oppression in Ukraine, in particular, and in general from persecution wherever it occurs.

Sarasota Herald Tribune Letters To The Editor

We are committed to supporting such liberation efforts by contributing financially and otherwise, such as publicizing our efforts and persuading our elected officials to act accordingly, and we encourage all who agree to do so as well.

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In this small way, we hope to start a movement to liberate all people from oppression. Finally, we hope that the suffering of people with COVID and other illnesses will be lessened so that they can enjoy this holiday season.

The new voting rules put in place by the Legislature and the governor seem to be causing a lot of anxiety. These

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