Sketches Crossword Clue 5 Letters

Sketches Crossword Clue 5 Letters – Windsor’s LGBT rights activist / SAT 6-4-22 / Senator for whom Honolulu’s airport is named / Personal identity in the deaf community / Gram alternative / Popular 1970-’80s half-hour sketch comedy with The / Onetime candy maker based in Venerable Fair

Word of the Day: DRAG MOTHER(33A: Mentoring Queens) — When an aspiring drag queen is starting out in the world, she needs someone to turn to for guidance, support and makeup advice. When a skilled queen takes an angel under her wing, it usually means that she becomes its “mother”. RuPaul herself is considered such a trailblazer and trailblazer that many drag queens call her “mother” as well. It’s a beautiful mentor-apprentice relationship that can help a junior queen learn the tricks of the trade, including how to get bookings around her city. Most new queens find drag by exploring the club scene or having friends in the community who do the art. (

Sketches Crossword Clue 5 Letters

Sketches Crossword Clue 5 Letters

Well, it helps if Daniel INOUYE was a gimme to you, like he was to me. Whether you know that name or not probably made a big difference in how easy this puzzle felt, at least in the beginning. When I can poke down the 1-cross response without help from crosses on Saturday, that’s usually a sign that there isn’t much resistance ahead, and while there was a lot more resistance than yesterday, it played very much on the Easy side . Probably no one wants to be reminded that INOUYE was repeatedly, credibly accused of sexual harassment, including by current NY Senator Kirsten Gillibrand. Actually, it’s not the worst. There are decades-old stories of sexual assault far worse than the groping Gillibrand described (“there were nine women I spoke to who had told me stories of abuse and rape”). The guy was a WWII war hero, which probably bought him a lot of leeway and good will, but I can’t see his name now without thinking about the sexual abuse of women by powerful men, so while I was excited to nail a Saturday 1-Across , I actually didn’t like 1-Across itself. In a puzzle that seems to strive so hard for a warm and inclusive feel, his name is particularly poignant. But back to the easy: INOUYE unlocked all of the NW and things flowed steadily from there. Although… you can see here that just as the puzzle was opening I made an error:

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Rex Parker Does The Nyt Crossword Puzzle: Lgbt Rights Activist Windsor / Sat 6 4 22 / Senator After Whom Honolulu’s Airport Is Named / Personal Identifier In The Deaf Community / Gram Alternative /

Since [the word March] isn’t really a “word” but more of a noise or grunt… well, I always thought it was HUT, or at least thought HUT was an option. I know HUT is more of a, er, football hit, but.. I don’t know, it sounds military to my ears. How about “Ten HUT!”? That’s something, right? Yes! Actually it is “used to call attention to a marching band or group of soldiers” (wiktionary) (applied to me). Ugh. This is an example of my experience with this puzzle as a whole, which is that the longer answers were generally a breeze, but I got a little bogged down in the odd hint of short stuff, everywhere (not the funnest kind of fight). Let’s start with the absolutely ridiculous “PER year” (7D: ___ years). Any long term could follow PER, such as “person,” “prince,” “year,” “ace,” etc. Anything, really. Any unit. This is about the most obscure filler I’ve ever seen. Really had to stop and think about this “P.” Never really heard GEN Chem as an acronym. In college it was O-Chem this and P-Chem that, but I don’t remember anyone saying GEN Chem. Isn’t that just… Chem? Anyway, I had GEO-Chem there at one point. I thought the CIA was some random CPA from, like, Topeka or something (32A: Real-life employer of some “government consultants,” for short); taxpayers may have to … consult … the government … right? … then I forgot that FOY was FOY and typed in FEY as PER yoozhe, and then the puzzle did this disgustingly obnoxious thing where it cross-references two clues that intersect in an equally ambiguous way and actually increases one of the crosses required to get either of the two words (LOCK / KEY ). So I really enjoyed the longer fill, but unlike on Friday, when the longer fill really overwhelmed my attention, today, those little 3-digit tar holes were making it harder to feel the whine and pull of the fine stuff.

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But there was a lot of good stuff, or at least no weak stuff. Good rhetorical energy in “YEAH, SAME” and “OH FORGET IT!” Jumping slang games with TIE THE KNOT and COOTIE SHOT . You have the deaf community (NAME TAG) and the drag community (DRAG MOTHER) and the first name trio (SHEHERHERS) and then, my personal favorite: ALONE TIME (by “favorite” I don’t mean it’s my favorite answer, I mean ALLONE TIME rules! I love my family hot but me without ALLONE TIME is … you don’t want to know. Let’s just say “don’t top me”). It’s a solid grid overall, with plenty of original padding. It is curiously devoid of the rarer letters (Z X Q J … even V). A pair of K’s and W’s are about the only crooked letters in this scene (I like “wrong letters,” as it evokes the term “wrong number” on a baseball scoreboard, as it refers to any number other than zero or a one on a baseball scoreboard. Such numbers are literally crooked compared to “0” and “1”, but also less common in comparison, just as Z X Q J are less common in comparison to other letters… I’m going to try using “hook letters ” instead of “Scrabbly letters” and see how it goes). Annyway, lots of RLSTNE action here today, but that doesn’t stop the answers themselves from being fresh. Classic line from Superfans sketch on SNL / WED 10-27-21 / Hamlet’s supervisor dueling with Laertes / Portable structure that’s pitched / Wabbit chaser Elmer

Relative Difficulty: Easy (especially if you’re a Gen-Xer who used to watch SNL in the ’90s and early ’90s)

THEME: “LIVE FROM NEW YORK…” (38A: Classic opening line from an NBC sketch show)— old SNL catchphrases … it’s true:

Ink & Clay 45: A Virtual Exhibition

Word of the Day: Mirin(32D: Mirin and sake => RICE WINES ) — Mirin(味醂or みりん, Japanese:[miɾiɴ] ) is a type of rice wine and a common ingredient in Japanese cooking. It is similar to sake, but with lower alcohol content and higher sugar content. The sugar content is a complex carbohydrate that occurs naturally during the fermentation process; no sugar is added. The alcohol content drops further when the liquid is heated.

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“LIVE FROM NEW YORK …” is a cool 15, but this isn’t what you do with it. I’m surprised how this qualifies as an acceptable theme, since they’re just… “lines.” This is basically a commercial for the show. Worse, it’s an advertisement for the show’s ghost – the latest of these “lines” is 21 years old. Yes, “MORE COWBELL!” can drink legally now. Doesn’t Gen X think its pop culture can be “gone”? Some of the past is nice, but this is completely gone, which might speak to the fading real-world impact of this show (what “classic” lines are there from 2010?), but I still find this puzzle off-putting, age-wise, and also feels like a grave . Furthermore, the “LIVE FROM NEW YORK …” line does not match the others, as it is not part of the sketch. They still open the episode with that line (I think). Even more, SCHWEDDY BALLS isn’t really a “line” – it’s a product. Ana Gasteyer, Molly Shannon, and Alec Baldwin say it over and over again, to comic effect, but … that’s what actors do. They say words and phrases. Not all of these words and phrases count as “lines”. The other themes in this puzzle are all extremely “line”. SCHWEDDY BALLS, isn’t it. I think the “A” in “DAAAAA BEARS” is totally nuts to make the “MORE COWBELL” symmetry work. I know this because it has always appeared as “DA BEARS” in … [checks comments] … New York Times crossword puzzle ([Chicago team in old “S.N.L.” sketches], just last May). It’s not unpleasant to remember old sayings if you’re of a certain age (I am), but I’m not sure that as a theme it’s … worthy.

But at least you can enjoy the theme. The padding … wow, it’s definitely gone and in dire need of a cleanup (I don’t quite understand why the team of experienced editors don’t provide more padding polishing in cases like this, but oh well). When I put ANAÏS in, very early on, a little warning light went off. Obviously, ANAÏS Nin is a crossword, but it’s also an old-school crossword, and as construction programs have become more common over the years and filled

Sketches Crossword Clue 5 Letters

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