Talk Out Of Crossword Clue 5 Letters

Talk Out Of Crossword Clue 5 Letters – Children’s medicine at doctor-speak / MAR 11.17.20 / Wrens in the Rocky Mountains / What gives a chance / Photo posted a few days or weeks after it was taken on social networks

THEME: RAISE A SHEET (61A: “Show courage!”… as can the theme of this puzzle?) — the last word in the first theme is “I”, and each subsequent theme adds a letter to the last word (by PI , PIN, SPIN) until you get to “grow” the word “SPINE” at the end of the last theme (which is also the revealer):

Talk Out Of Crossword Clue 5 Letters

Talk Out Of Crossword Clue 5 Letters

Word of the day: Punjabi (53A: Many a Punjabi) — Punjab (Gurmukhi:প্জ্বা ;Shahmukhi:পন্জাব ;/p ʌ n ˈ dʒ ɑː b / ,/-ˈ dʌ nˑ æ bʒ /ʒ ɑ ʒ ɑ ʒ ɑ ɑ ʒ ɑ ɒ ɑ ɑ ɑ ɑ ɑ / ,/-dʒ æ b / ;Punjabi:[pənˈdʒaːb] (listen) ;also RomanisedasPanjāborPanj-Āb)[a]is a geopolitical, cultural and historical region in South Asia, especially in the of the northern Indian subcontinent and eastern India, comprising Pakistan and eastern India. The boundaries of the region are ill-defined and focus on historical accounts. The geographical definition of the term “Punjab” has changed over time. In the 16th century, the Mughal Empire referred to a relatively smaller area between the Indus and Sutlej rivers.[2]In British India, until the partition of India in 1947, the province of Punjab comprised the present-day Indian states and the union territories of Punjab, Haryana, Himachal Pradesh and Capital region of Pradesh, Pakistan and Capital Phandadila. It bordered the regions of Balochistan and Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa to the west, Kashmir to the north, India Belt to the east and Rajasthan and Sindh to the south. The people of Punjab today are called Punjabis and their main language is Punjabi. The main religion of the Pakistani Punjab region is Islam. The two main religions in the Indian region of Punjab are Sikhism and Hinduism. (Wikipedia)

Friday, July 8, 2022

The publisher’s love affair with the appropriately grim puzzle continues. The theme does what it says it does, in its literal, gimmicky way. The filler, outside of the themes, is loaded with typical short stuff, sometimes tedious (ENID, ETAS, SRA, EYRE crossing AYE) but completely standard. There are some middling moments in “OH, GREAT” and B.B. KING by full name (my favorite answer of the day, actually) (42D: Blues legend with the hit “The Thrill Is Gone”). LUAGH LINE would be fine, except they never come in the singular, only the plural, so the line alone is awkward (34D: Facial wrinkle suggesting a jovial spirit). But all I could think at the end of this puzzle was how terrible two answers were: LATERGRAM (3D: Photo posted days or weeks after it was taken, on social media) and PEDS (after the clue) . I’m a constant user of social media and this is literally the first I’ve heard of this incredibly stupid term LTERGRAM. What does it rhyme with? Not “Instagram”, that’s for sure. I’ve heard of other Insta-related slang like FINSTA (your “fake Insta” account); FINSTA makes sense to me on several levels. This does not. What kind of horrible list of bought words did that come from? People are always posting photos they took days/weeks ago. They are just pictures. Posts. The idea that you should make up this stupid name for them…yeah. Admittedly, I don’t use Instagram, which belongs to Facebook, which is a true criminal of misinformation and an encourager of violence. I deleted my Instagram account last year and never found a use for it while I had it. LATERGRAM … phew, stupid.

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And regarding PEDS. My father was a doctor, my mother was a nurse, my stepmother was a nurse, my sister is a nurse, I have pediatrician friends… I have never, ever, ever heard this term in re: pedestrians) as slang for children’s medicine . How do people not get confused using such bad slang? Why do you need different slang for *kids* meds like opp. to medicines for adults. Do geriatric meds call them GEDS? (geriatric… medication)? Look, you put PEDS on the grid, it’s bad, just own it, embrace it. Don’t try to insert some slang here to get it. Smells bad.

There is nothing else to comment on here. The only sticking points for me were LATERGRAM and CAKEPOP / PEDS. The rest filled itself. I briefly struggled with COT , as I thought of the “extra” as some kind of nice amenity, not a sad shack-like thing to roll around in so your kid doesn’t have to sleep. the floor. That’s all. Enjoy your Tuesday. Potent strain of marijuana / MI 10-14-20 / Soap that comes in blue-green bars / Low squeaky speech register / Biblical kingdom in modern Jordan

THEME:hand jive — hand jive meanings, clues using ordinal numbers to describe what the different CIFS do in each gesture (66A: What each number in the star clues represents):

How Crossword Puzzles Are Getting More Diverse

Word of the day: VOCAL FRY (39D: register of low, squeaky speech) – The vocal fry register (also known as pulse register, laryngealization, pulse phonation, squeak, croak, popcorning, glottal fry, glottal rattle, glottal scratch or strohbass) is the lowest vocal register and is produced by a loose glottal closure that allows air to pass slowly, with a very low frequency snapping or rasping sound. During this phonation, the arytenoid cartilages in the larynx are pulled together, causing the vocal folds to compress quite tightly and become relatively loose and compact. This process forms a large and irregularly vibrating mass in the vocal folds that produces the characteristic low popping or rattling sound when air passes through the glottal closure. The register (if well controlled) can extend well below the modal register of the voice, in some cases as much as 8 octaves lower, such as in the case of Tim Storms, who holds the world record for the lowest frequency note produced ever by a human, a G − 7, which is only 0.189 Hz, inaudible to the human ear. (Wikipedia)

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The theme is fine, but getting through it was like running around in a punishment gauntlet where a lot of tired filler just pokes and prods you in the ears and stuff. The problem started at 1-Across, to be honest (1A: Lab Test) (TESA). Good word, you might say, and, uh, OK, yes, it’s a word, but it’s a cross word, in the sense that I only see it there, and I see it not infrequently; and when such words come together, yes. And it’s not just the repeaters, it’s the random stuff like ACTIV and crossed place names like LHASA and LOIRE and then LAO ATOP ASEA PTA SARI GRU etc. on blast for the entire 15×15 experience. HOORAY!? FREEZING!? There’s also this extremely annoying little tendency towards Scrabble-f*cking, with X’s and Z’s and more K’s shoved into the grid either to no good effect or very badly. None of these letters give you much money, and the sections they’re in aren’t exactly pretty, so what the hell is going on? A KNOT? Is your “K” worth it? Letters aren’t interesting – a good fill is interesting. Clean grids are nice. This is the direction you want to go. If you go in that direction, then people can focus on the topic you came up with, which is probably where you want them to focus.

I have green ink over my puzzle print. Many of them only signal tiresome filling, but some indicate trouble spots. I can never process clues like [Word that does this if you do this to it], so EA (15A: Word that becomes its own opposite if the first letter is removed), crossing a “?” Hint in ASH (6D: Result of layoff?), crossing LHASA (which I wanted to be either LAPAZ or SUCRE), the whole area caused a small slowdown. Also totally blank on HORAE , a term I know because I teach classical literature sometimes, but omg there are so many groups of goddesses and my brain can’t seem to keep them all sorted (36D: Goddesses of the Seasons). I went for ICEIN before FOGIN, of course (53D: Strand at an airport, maybe). I think that’s it for genuine lock points. Except, no, I had trouble with the FRY part of VOCAL FRY, a phenomenon that’s kind of a widespread scourge and something I’ve never heard of, or… maybe I’ve heard of, but not I never got it right. I thought it was just the noise you get after screaming at, say, a concert or sporting event. It seems such a slangy recent coin where the mere word “record” gave me no clues.

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Talk Out Of Crossword Clue 5 Letters

I’ll end by showing contempt for 59A: Show contempt for, sort of (SIPIT ON ), but I’m just going to mock it because spitting in general is repulsive and spitting *on* someone is over the top. Even as a metaphor, gross. Crossword puzzles have been published in newspapers and other publications since 1873. They consist of a grid of squares in which the player aims to write words both horizontally and vertically.

A Million Little Boxes

Next to the crossword will be a series of questions or clues, which refer to the different rows or lines of boxes in the crossword. The player reads the question or clue and tries

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