Typing With Capital Letters And Exclamation Points

Typing With Capital Letters And Exclamation Points – The way we write says a lot about our personality / This week why you hit that button

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Typing With Capital Letters And Exclamation Points

Typing With Capital Letters And Exclamation Points

I’ll admit it: I often tweet in all lowercase because I want to be cool and neutral. I know this is dumb. i know. But I can’t resist. I am a relaxed person! this weekend,

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Kaitlyn Tiffany and I ask why we type. Are we really that good?

First, I chat with my friend Laura, who also types in all lowercase letters all the time. She is really dedicated to the effort. Then, Caitlin interview

Copy editor Cara Verlini about her thoughts on proper punctuation on the Internet and all its forms. Finally, we interview linguist Lauren Kolster about whether we’re just psychoanalyzing all of our typing habits for no reason, or if there’s real research around this topic. (Spoiler alert: There is!)

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Chapter Sixteen Punctuation Marks.

Ashley: We’re back, and we’re here with Dr. Lauren Kolster, a linguist and librarian at the University of Pittsburgh. Hello, Lorraine.

Kaitlyn Tiffany: Let’s get into it. We’re talking about why people deliberately type in letters – basically because you’ve chosen to automatically fight because you want it to be in all lowercase letters. If we can just start talking a little, what makes text messages or tweets different from other forms of written communication?

One of the interesting things about texting and tweeting is that it is an informal way of writing language. It differs from other forms such as letters, contracts, receipts, or in some cases even email because they are a formal way of writing. So there are conventions: there’s an introductory line where you have to put a comma, you have to put the date in a certain place, you have to use a certain form of language that people usually think of as very formal. If you don’t use formal language, it might give the wrong impression. If you use very casual language, if you use a letter or a formal message, then it is not seen as appropriate, and we are taught that in schools – in elementary school, and many of us have learned It goes on for years and years.

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Typing With Capital Letters And Exclamation Points

But when you get to text messaging or tweeting, there really aren’t any rules that we’ve been taught. They are more informal. They are quick. They’re meant to be like those quick scribbled notes you give to your friends in class, or a quick note to yourself, a reminder of something interesting that you wouldn’t have a formal way of writing things down. Without the structure of these constraints is very formal, then we have room to play. People can express themselves in a certain way by using different ways of language which can show that they are a little different from everyone else. They have their own way of writing, just like we have our own way of talking to each other.

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When you are speaking a language, we can be in more formal situations and also in informal situations. So, a formal situation might be something like a podcast interview or a job interview or a public lecture where you are expected to use a certain type of language. But when you’re talking to your friends, when you’re in a bar, when you’re talking on the phone, maybe with your close family, you can use more informal language and a little more of your style. Your own personal way of speaking can come out.

This is what text messages, and to a lesser extent for some people, tweets, can do for written language. They give us the opportunity to express more of our own personal style. And people do this with various forms of so-called non-standard written language, such as lowercase letters, removing punctuation, using slang, using abbreviations and emojis, and all sorts of things.

Ashley: Do you think we’re more formal on email because it’s just an older form than texting? I wonder why e-mail, which is still very much based on the Internet… it’s not a letter. I can understand what you’re saying where you add “Dear blah blah blah…sincerely,” in the letter and how it should be formatted. But why does email escape these strange conventions?

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That’s a big question, and I don’t think it’s the same for everyone. So for people who have been using e-mail and the Internet for a long time through our lives, it’s a very flexible medium where it can be something formal where you actually have “Dear So and So.” I am writing to inquire about your open position. You have a closure and a signature line. If you use e-mail a lot for work, it can be formal in these cases. But then, if you go and you email your friend to make plans for when they come to visit, then it can turn into something less formal.

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I’ve noticed that some people who are in high school now, my stepson, for example, think email is too formal because it’s what you use to communicate with your teachers. It’s associated with school or it’s associated with more formal things that people are starting to associate with a formal style of language. And it has some parts. It can be, and often is, any of these parts of a letter. There is a “Dear So and So,” an introduction, like a closing. Especially if you use a signature line, it can signal some of these letter-like components and prompt us to use more formal language. Of course, it’s different for everyone. And it depends, for many people, you are using your email. It’s more of a medium situation.

Caitlin: This is one of the episodes that we decided to do because we were like, “Yeah, we both actually do this.” When I tweet I force it to be very short because I feel like if I used capital letters and corrected the punctuation it would look too catchy. This is not popular behavior on Twitter. Is this something I’m making up in my head?

No. You are not making this up. This is a widely observed phenomenon. Here is the study about the era two years ago, specifically, and how people perceived when they received a text message or message in any kind of informal internet medium that ended in an era. Done, it was seen as somehow angry or rude. . While there was no round, it was seen as more informal, more friendly. It was a really interesting study because it showed that by following these formal mechanisms for time signs, people perceive a large formality, which indicates a large distance between people.

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Typing With Capital Letters And Exclamation Points

If we’re good friends and suddenly I start talking to you like I’m in a formal job interview, and I start using big words and correct grammar in all cases, then that’s weird, right? It shows that there is a distance between us where I should respect a lot when we are close and we have our own language. We have our own style that we use together – informal language and colloquialisms. One way to signal is to use informal language. One of these things has been the different use of text and social media. So no, you haven’t, and there’s actually a study about it.

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ASHLEY: So what’s going on with the people – ahem, black people we interviewed earlier – who use periods in every sentence? I once went out with a guy who was like, “Well, it’s just the right way to type, and I’m not going to compromise on proper punctuation because it makes you feel more comfortable.” And I say, “What?” Using periods everywhere in your texts is crazy!” What happened to it? Who are these people? What is going on in their minds?

So it’s style again, right? So people who do that might appreciate that kind of formal writing, that kind of tone. I’m sure we all know people in our relationships, in our friendships, who always have something very important to say or who go on for a long time about interesting studies or politics, and every The times speak in a very formal manner, when they Talk about these things again. This is their style. It’s a different style, and one that might clash with people who are more informal in these situations, but it’s really about personal style and how you want to represent yourself through it.

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