Words With Letters Morgue

Words With Letters Morgue – PlusWord is easy and fast to play, and contains a small version of our Crossword Credit:

2022 has seen word-finding challenges take the world of puzzles and crosswords by storm. Those experts have been around for years, from the decades-old Bulls and Cows game, through the 1970s Mastermind board game, to the recent Wordle craze. All of them have at their heart a simple challenge to break the code: to use a series of guesses to identify a series of four or five letters, numbers or colors, then they are told after each guess that each letter, number or color a) is part of the series and b) in the correct place.

Words With Letters Morgue

Words With Letters Morgue

We’re excited to launch our word-finding game, PlusWord, which marries the challenge of a code-breaking puzzle with the theme of our popular words. PlusWord is easy and fast to play, and contains a small version of our Quick Crossword, where some squares are colored; The letters in those colored squares allow you to work with five additional letters in PlusWord.

Halloween 2013: [how To] Hellbrier Cemetery And Morgue, Llc

The first concept of the game came about two decades ago, in the form of a complex word put together by some friends, where a group of cells in the middle of the grid served as a puzzle where the number of colored cells led. in the word type challenge.

Fast forward to the present day and PlusWord was born on Christmas Day 2021, when it’s too bad to wear and, I wish to escape for a while the many relatives that have descended on us on this day, editing old themes. The filing cabinet brought to light an 18-year-old crossword puzzle. An hour or so of busy work later, my in-laws and other family members had tackled the first PlusWord puzzle. Perhaps it was better for my marriage that those who completed it did not see the meaning of the last answer: SCRAM.

Each PlusWord is easy to play and should only take a few minutes to complete. We think you’ll enjoy it, and we hope that, like our Christmas visitors, you’ll keep playing a new word puzzle. Try it here at /plusword

The letter in the green square appears in the same column in PlusWord as it does in the crossword.

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Six Letter Words

The letter in the yellow square appears in PlusWord, but in a different column than it does in the crossword.

There is only one possible answer for PlusWord; it is possible that PlusWord contains letters that are not available in the crossword, but it can always be worked on correctly and without guesswork.

It reveals the solution to the previous day’s puzzle every PlusWord on the Main Page of the booklet. You can register here.

Words With Letters Morgue

We urge you to turn off your website ad blocker to continue to access our quality content in the future. Floral archway / SUN 5-2-21 / Classical poetry form / Fast food chain and famous burgers of the Star / with beauty and random humility / Actor whose role is breaking came as a shirtless cowboy in Thelma and Louise

Amazon.com: Mutilated: A British Crime Thriller (doc Powers & D.i. Carver Investigate): 9781540636454: Patching, Will: Books

SUBJECT: “First Impressions” — All clues are [specific letter] + [hyphen] + [specific word]; all answers are complex expressions representing two clue words, where the first word (“First”) of the answer begins with the first letter of the clue and the second word of the answer is a synonym for, or otherwise represents the quality of, the post-hyphen part of the clue.

Word of the Day: PERGOLA(5D: Floral archway) — 1 : ARBOR ,TRELLIS 2 : structure usually consisting of parallel columns supporting an open roof of slats and cross beams (merriam-webster.com)

Very good at this. The content … you can see from the description that it is not as consistent as it thinks it is. Most of the post-hyphen track words are words that are suitable for the second word in the context answer (for example “trap” = MOUTH, “Flat” = APARTMENT), but with the BRIDGE ACHIEVED , “span” … yes, I guess somewhat reduced, BRIDGE is *a* span … like, you’d force me to believe that there is a noun-for-noun equivalent going on. but I think the * clue / answer just requires you to be satisfied with the fact that the bridge is a “circular” … thing. But let’s say you think that, no, BRIDGE and “span” are completely synonyms, “span” can be a noun, this is completely compatible … well, then, OK, what do you do with COMPASS NALILI like [C-Sharp ?]? Because there is no way that NEEDLE = “sharp.” A noun cannot define an adjective. Needles *are* sharp, yes, but you can’t look for a NEEDLE as “Sharp.” That is a serious violation of the crossword rules, where the clue and the answer must be in the same place of speech. And *that means that part of the speech *wasn’t relevant in this context. That secondary word must be clearly linked to the guiding word. And *that* means that the content is… really free. It’s so comfortable that it’s so exciting. Again, completely automatic. You can do this forever, with a bunch of hyphen-words. I mean, [section C?] could be, uh, CANTALOUPE SLICE? WORK CENTER? CODPIECE? PART OF A CONCERT? A CHESS PIECE? [J-pop?] could it be JOLT COLA … [T-top?] could it be TIN ROOF *or* TUXEDO SHIRT *or* god knows what else. B-movie group C-clamp D-string E-card F-Troop G-string etc. I’m sure brighter minds than mine can come up with concrete answers to all of these. So why not make the letters *say* something … *spell* something or just do* something? Why did you go to “G” well twice? (G-flat, G-force). Why go to music twice? (G-flat, C-sharp). You feel slapdash and just not…ambitious enough.

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It was easy, though, and the grid was fairly neat, so I didn’t have a bad time solving it. It was just disappointing to realize, in the end, how poorly the content was put together, conceptually. The grid drifts into old-school crosswordese at times (EPODE, ERAT, ROLEO ), but not so much that it becomes annoying. I forgot what a PERGOLA was, so that was one of the hardest parts. I don’t really know what a GARDEN APARTMENT is. It seems to have two meanings:

Image 20 Of Monsieur Dupin, The Detective Tales Of Edgar Allan Poe;

Noun an apartment on the ground floor of a building with direct access to a backyard or garden. A low-rise building or structure surrounded by grass and trees, shrubs, or gardens. (dictionary.com)

PERFIDY is a good word but I don’t think I knew it meant betrayal. I thought it was a “really bad deed” (although if I follow Dante, and I always do, then a “very bad deed” is, in fact, treason). I think the PERIL track was very difficult. Specific-for-general is often dicey, and in this case, yikes (70D: Climate change, for example). I thought brawlers in 25A: Start a brawl would GET IT instead of RUN IT, which is weird, as I’ve had “RUN (Bang a Gong)” in my head most of the day.

My final and most emphatic point is “artsy-fartsy,” not ARTY-FARTY. I just checked, and when I google [“ARTY-FARTY”] in quotation marks like that, the first thing that comes up is the definition of … [drum roll] … “artsy-fartsy.” Again, the prosecutor rested. It’s sad when you mess up your creativity on your grid. Ah ok. Enjoy your Sunday.

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Words With Letters Morgue

P.S. apparently “sharp” is a sewing needle, and in medical terms “sharp” any sharp instrument, including syringe needles. My father was a doctor and my mother, stepmother, sister, all nurses, I have never heard “sharp” used to just say “needle,” so I still say it is weak, and I know “span” is not a noun. simply BRIDGE, so the content is always changing for all the reasons mentioned above. Hit TV show by Donald Glover / SUN 9-5-21 / Lawyer for the best treatment of elves in Harry Potter / Brand that writes its name with the second lower case letter / Gangsta Lovin rapper 2002 / A set of rules like How I Met Your Mother / Plant family if jasmine and lilac are part / part URL hidden

Murders In The Rue Morgue, The Three Mysteries Of C. Auguste Dupin: A House Of Pomegranates Esoteric Edition: Poe, Edgar Allan: 9781989922071: Amazon.com: Books

THEME: “Go up to smoke” — theme answers REST / TRANSPORT (50A: In 97-Across, come out and be born again … or what are the endings of the five answers in this puzzle?); that is, at some point, they go north (i.e. “rise” “up”), while Across the answer itself continues with the letter “ASH” (leaving you with a completely unconnected answer in every case, huzzah):

Word of the Day: ARSÈNE Lupin(54D: Detective Lupin) – Arsène Lupin(French name: [aʁsɛn lypɛ̃]) is a fictional male thief and master of disguise created in 1905 by French author Maurice Leblanc. At first he was called Arsène Lopin, until a local politician with the same name protested. The character was first introduced in a series of short stories published in the magazine Je sais tout. The first story, “The Arrest of Arsène Lupin”, was published on July 15, 1905. Lupine appeared on the 17th.

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