Words With Letters Pomise

Words With Letters Pomise – Hello CC Fandom, I’m not dead yet ¬¬ The art gods are awesome at the moment so please accept our favorite German/American man eating cookies Thank you =)

Misteria247Follow Master Splinter: I am a peaceful man who believes in the path of pacifism. Violence is not the answer or the way to go in this life. Someone hurts or threatens him one of his babies. Master Splinter: Peace? Pacifism? The only thing I haven’t heard is the sound of the roaring Inferno in my veins. I will bathe in the blood of my enemies and end their entire bloodline. no one takes mercy from me-

Words With Letters Pomise

Words With Letters Pomise

Maybe you should run…. just say (I don’t really like this doodle, to be honest, just like the blueberry doodle.)

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How can he hold a chainsaw in one hand??In the back? !

They seem to play a prank on everyone in the hotel about the twins in the “Shining” elevator.

Oh, look, it’s bo—HOLLY SHIT THEY’RE ALIVE?! Now it’s time for a little arts & crafts! Welcome to the living Box AU where this idea naturally came to me after drawing with the wheel (and ended up being Box among all the characters 💀😭)

Jones: He was only with [Player] for a day and a half, but if something happened to them, he would kill everyone in this room, and then he would kill himself. -_-_-_- (and now for Kid! Jones AU) -_-_-_- Marconi/Biff/Tennorman: David and I only had him for a day and a half, but if he did what I would kill everyone in this room, and me.

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#criminal case #criminal game #david jeremiah jones #david jones #player #dave tenorman #tony marconi #biff #grimsboro #facebook game #no motivation to write at the moment so bring this please give me

Ramirez was sick and on vacation so he was missing his friends, but [player] and Jones had an idea 😀 Mariah was happy to take a picture of them all 😌

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Head Cannon, after Margaret is arrested and gives the dog to Jones. She asks him to allow him to keep and watch over them until she gets out of prison. King will probably slaughter him for that or won’t because Marconi is still there) and in those weekly/fortnightly/or monthly letters, he tells all about her dog. I do it every day and I love playing with Grace’s puppy.

Words With Letters Pomise

SkrunklynoodleFollow Doodles 🤭 Doodle 1: Me and @helloiamrr were talking about the crackship between Philip Hoover and Christian Bateman at Conspiracy, so I drew what the dynamics looked like Doodle 2: A gift for @voiceactingaming for the Kid Jones au !!voiceactingamingFollow * sobs* Thank you.

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Kidd Part 5! Jones AU! (No creative title yet 😭) Excuse me for being absent for what? 2 weeks or so? But hey! Chapter 5 is here 😀 The funny thing is that this 2 week note of him only had his first 2 sentences and I didn’t know what to write 💀 Also I want to pass school so for a while decided to concentrate on This year it’s and A , not all classes will be A , but just get a normal A or (5) as a path. (So ​​if I don’t write it up too quickly, it’s a mistake.) P.S. – I stole @skrunklynoodle Mildred’s name because I’m too lazy to make up names 🧍 (90 of the letters I have the letter “M” Watch me make % name /j) Enjoy reading 😀 ~Love, author or well, Voice <3 —_-_- "David, wake up, it's time to get up!" David slowly opened his eyes and looked around, which was strange. How did he get back to bed if he had been in the kitchen just moments ago?"Good morning kid, did you sleep well?"David got up and nodded with a big smile. Dave picked up the boy and went to the kitchen. "You stay here. I'll make you something. Why is there a gun on the counter?" I forgot I had it. Tenorman saw the child and thought he might be frightened by it, so he put it out of the child's reach and panicked. Do you know something like eggs and bacon?” David nodded slowly, shaking off the shock of a few seconds earlier. Maybe if he doesn't say anything and acts innocent, Mr. Tenorman won't be disappointed when he breaks the rules? But of course, in his family, everything is always too good to be true, so he should expect it to happen soon. -_- [Player] knocked on the door and faintly heard a female voice come in. "Oh, [Player]! Nice to see you again!" [Player] waved a little to the woman and sat down. "Hi, Mariah, nice to see you too." "And what attracted you to my dear [Player]?" I turned to my secretary. "I need to talk to the Chief King. It's important." Mariah nods and presses her button. "Mr. King, Detective [Player] would like to speak to you. It is very urgent." A few seconds passed and both received the message. "Tell him to come in a few minutes. I have a short video conference to attend." Both the [player] and Mariah widened their eyes. Of course, there was a meeting that had to slow them down in the process.Mariah just sighed and replied. "Sure." "Let's hang out here for now?" Mariah laughed at the comment. "I see. May I ask? What is the important thing I need to talk to him about?" • I also need to let him know that Mrs. Jones Ashton is coming soon today." Mariah dropped her pen and stared at [player] in shock. They weren't kidding, were they? "Will she come back?" [Player] nodded. "I met her last night. She agreed to help us with this case so we could go find Jones as soon as possible."…Ohno "[Player] looked at her with a puzzled look. "Listen, when Mrs. Jones Ashtone was still our chief, she didn't care about everyone who worked here or was basically part of her team." She would have become the definition of a 'monster' because she was overworked." "And since Jones is her nephew and still part of her team, she would riot. ’ Mariah nodded. "Be prepared for the yelling part, don't disturb her or do anything until she's finished or calmed down a bit." , it's for the best and no one can argue about it… A few minutes later, after telling [player] an old story or two, Mariah got a message on her phone. "I'm done with the meeting. Tell [Player] to come in." [Player] rose from her seat and thanked her. Mariah gave them a thumbs up and wished them luck.[Player] approached the door and opened it to reveal Chief His King and Nathan inside. Nathan waved at [Player]. "Nathan, what are you doing here?" "I got a call from the Chief King, and I needed to attend this meeting. It was about the autopsy report. I need a little clue about this person's cause of death." You might get it." [Player] nodded and closed the door behind him. They approached and stood next to Nathan, looking at the chief. They felt bad for hitting the guy, but at least he looks better than he did yesterday? "Good morning. What do you need to talk to me about something urgent?" [Player] sighed and glanced at Nathan before returning his attention to Samuel. "First of all, I would like to apologize for my actions yesterday. It was my mistake to rant like that." Samuel nodded slowly and raised his head to look at the detective and go back to the papers. "Your apology is acceptable. I understand why you felt that way. I also understand that you want to find him as soon as possible. This particular case So, I hope I can get some help as things are getting serious.

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