Words With Ua In The Middle 5 Letters

Words With Ua In The Middle 5 Letters – Last in my long vowel series, I’m sharing tips and tricks for learning long words! Since there are two ways to pronounce long u, it is the most complex of the long vowels to learn. I’ll break down each of the eight ways to spell the long u sound and the best activities to help you teach long words to your students.

Yes, you can make 2 different sounds for a long time! I know I didn’t learn that in school, but it’s true. Let’s look at an example below.

Words With Ua In The Middle 5 Letters

Words With Ua In The Middle 5 Letters

There is some confusion and discussion about whether the sound /y/ /oo/ is a diphthong (2 vowels making 2 sounds together, like oi/oy). It really doesn’t matter what it’s called as long as you’re teaching students how to read and write correctly.

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The majority of these are vowel teams, so students should already know the open, silent e, and vowel team syllables. Students should also be able to find the base word, because some of these rules apply to the base word even if it has a suffix.

Makes the long u sound (says its name) and this is one of the most common ways to write the long u sound. Some examples include

It can make either /oo/ or /y/ /oo/ sound. Students must understand how to divide words into syllables and know what open syllables are.

The u silent e spelling pattern is also common, but much less so than just you. This one is usually in the middle of the root word. Examples include

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. It can make either /oo/ or /y/ /oo/ sound. Of course, students should be confident with the magic syllable.

Spelling of the long u sound in the middle or end of the base word. This is another one that can also make long u sounds. Examples include

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UE usually writes the long u sound at the end of the word after the consonant sound. Examples include

Words With Ua In The Middle 5 Letters

With this spelling, but not many other words use this spelling pattern for the long u sound. This one just makes the /oo/ sound.

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There is really no rule when u says /oo/ or /y/ /oo/. Both should be explicitly taught.

Students should be able to clearly hear the difference in sounds when doing this activity. You can use the picture of the cat and the cow to help guide students in correct pronunciation, although most will not need this.

When students pronounce words and don’t know which sound to go with, tell them to try both and see which sounds right.

Students should first break the word into its syllables and try to eliminate some spelling options. So, for example, if they are trying to write the word

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Because that spelling option is usually at the end of the base word. If they still ask, you can guide them with something like “that’s the end of a syllable, so what do you think could go there?” Guide them in choosing the correct spelling pattern.

You can also use the guide word approach, where you choose one guide word for each spelling pattern to use as a reference. So for

Also, because there are multiple options, expect students to get them wrong sometimes, and tell them so! It’s okay if they make mistakes as long as it’s another valid spelling option and not something that doesn’t follow any rules. Through constant exposure and practice they will eventually internalize the correct spelling of words.

Words With Ua In The Middle 5 Letters

Lots of practice and repeated exposure are the names of the game with the long u sound. Do different activities repeating the words as many times as you can.

Letter Words With Ua In The Middle

Phonemic Grapheme Mapping – This is a great activity that really isolates phonemes for students to practice. You can get the Phonics and Spelling through Grapheme Mapping book and follow the long lesson ‘U’ or use my long list of words to do the same activity using sound boxes. See below for an example.

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Create short stories to help reinforce spelling patterns. – Group similar words and create a short story using them to help students remember For example, with

, you could say “The pool was too cool so we ate food” or something similar. Draw a picture or create your own word picture poster with this spelling pattern and put it up in your room.

SOS – If you don’t already know what Simultaneous Oral Spelling is then check out this post here. I love this multi-sensory spelling method for practicing spelling. And you can do this whole class or one on one which makes it really easy to use in any setting.

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Dictation – This is another fantastic activity but I would do this after you have spent some time at length as some students find it more difficult. Also, when dictating words, give students a clue about the spelling, such as telling them it’s a vowel team or an open syllable. I often dictate words that all have the same spelling to avoid these problems.

Sorting – Sorting is always a good idea when you have multiple spelling options. You can play matching games like memory, just sort them into piles/columns or create any game that requires sorting by spelling. This builds phonemic awareness, so it’s always a good activity for all students.

You can also sort by team color coding for vowels or spelling in words. I took the list from the SOS activity, then my student labeled each vowel team in a specific color to show the groups more visually.

Words With Ua In The Middle 5 Letters

I include 3 different sorting activities for the long u sound in my set of long U worksheets and activities.

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Picture Cue Cards – Create a visual graphic from tricky words, homophones and homographs. These picture cues really help students remember which pattern to use. I suggest you make these using index cards and keep them in a bag or box for reference. See the example below (it’s about a long sound, but you get the idea).

Games – Of course, I always include games because it’s simple to add a bunch of cards to any game and make it educational! Use an easy-to-play board game where students take turns picking up a card and adding a task such as reading the word aloud and sorting it, or asking another player to spell it, or even something as simple as dropping them to write a word after you read it aloud. Or print a game made by teachers from Teacher Pay Teachers. The image below is from my Long U Word Work uploaded to TPT.

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I usually use the printable board pictured below (which you can get for free in my library after joining my email list). I create a stack of long u word cards and play, having students pick up a card and read it aloud, then write it in turn.

Constant Review – Be sure to keep these spelling patterns in constant review after they are learned, so they are not forgotten. Using asund wallor phonograph drills are great ways to do this without taking up a lot of time.

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Check out myLong U Word Worksheets & Activitiesresource in my TPT store for ready-to-use long u activities, reference sheets and posters, and printable worksheets.

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Words With Ua In The Middle 5 Letters

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Letter Words With U In The Middle

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