Address Your Letters Lyrics

Address Your Letters Lyrics – When Clarence Thomas Wrote a Letter to George Jones Among the many treasures found on George Jones’ wall of fame is a framed letter from Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, in which he wrote to Jones He told how much the country superstar’s music helped him through his good times. and bad.

The news today that great country singer George His Jones passed away at the age of 81 was filled with memories of visiting him in 2010.

Address Your Letters Lyrics

Address Your Letters Lyrics

I went to his sprawling mansion in Franklin, Tennessee, to interview Jones for the “50 Great Voices” series. He went “I enjoy coming here,” he told me. “I walk and remember a little.”

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The room was lined with his hit records. In his country singles chart, his songs are ranked at the top. Pictures of George Jones and almost everyone. A taxidermied opossum, in honor of his nickname “The Possum”.

On the wall there, I found some fascinating oddities. It is a framed letter from none other than Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas to George Jones.

It is printed on his September 10, 1993 Supreme Court letterhead. Judge Thomas begins by thanking Jones for sending him two letters, a cassette of his tapes, and a CD.

It turns out that Judge Thomas is a big fan of possums. “I cannot express how pleased I am to receive your letter,” he wrote. As you can imagine, I’ve had the opportunity to feel the blues, but I’ve been blessed with much more happiness and good luck.”

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“You may be interested to know that I used one of your songs to ease the mother of the bride’s concerns. Before the wedding, she said, ‘This is my second marriage.’ I expressed her concern about something.”

He continues. If I’m wrong, I apologize in advance. “

Judge Thomas went on to say, “One of the songs contained the lyrics, ‘This time the right hand has a gold band. The right hand has a gold band on the left hand.'” As I said, your music captures a lot of my own emotions. “

Address Your Letters Lyrics

“Right Left Hand” is all about finding love after many false starts (“I’ve cried a million tears over the years / Looking for that special tear / And the vows I made earlier were more than that / But that’s okay. No matter how I tried, they were irreversible.

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Currently, Judge Thomas has not specified how he used the song to ease his future mother-in-law’s concerns. Did he play it for her? Will you quote her lyrics? we don’t know My guess is that he didn’t want her to focus on the poem Jones sings about a life of enduring passion: And when the nights are long and cold I’ll be there/dress up for a night of love again.”)

The next time someone asks you, “What do Supreme Court Justices Clarence Thomas, Keith Richards, and Elvis Costello have in common?” I’m a fan. Spotify has removed Neil Young’s music after Neil Young asked to choose between his catalog or Joe Rogan’s podcast.

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Address Your Letters Lyrics

As of November, Spotify has also added lyrics to every song, available to all free and premium users.

Hip Hop’s New Wave Of Lyricism

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Address Your Letters Lyrics

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Address Your Letters Lyrics

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News vanished today that great country singer George Jones died at the age of 81

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