Bay Window Crossword Clue 5 Letters

Bay Window Crossword Clue 5 Letters – Cybertruck manufacturer / FRI 11-5-21 / Jimmy of high-end shoes / Lifestyle led by Optimus Prime in the movie Transformers / Cabbage options / Convenience in vehicles that provide Santa Tracker / Midcruise milieu / Protest movement launched in 2011 with familiarity / Fruit with another name / Cousin of a firth / Paraguay the largest city after Asuncion / Big adventure through the concrete jungle.

The grid looks OK, but I can’t find the wavelength for this one, mostly because of the clues, which are both harder and duller than usual. The three longest answers are good, the rest is something of a shrug. Maybe if I get into more VETTEs and Stingrays, this puzzle will speak to me more. Or if I can hear the word GUESSTIMATE without a little wining. Or if every little clue doesn’t seem like it’s trying hard to be difficult (not so much fun struggling to get short junk like ICI and IOU and ADOS). Or maybe it’s really stupid and in my mind to reject the repetition of the word STAR in the grid (STARDOM, SUPERSTAR ). Maybe if the duplicated “stars” were real types in the sky, I wouldn’t mind (or notice) so much, but this is duplicated in feel as well as look, and it’s ugly. Make the grid look bad, not done carefully. You have to rationalize twice in STAR, and when you start rationalizing your fill, you’re done. I have no idea what a HIKE in the city is (11D: Big adventure through the jungle concrete). I once walked from the Upper East Side to Chelsea after a crossword puzzle – is that a downtown HIKE? I thought I was just walking a long way, but maybe I was hiking and didn’t know. That’s it. It’s a bit of an adventure. Anyway, get URBAN and then pfft (that little pfft part, with IOU OUTS and SOIL (that clue???) (29D: Sovereign land, so to speak), so it’s funnier and more annoying than it should be). . Does ONSTAR still exist? Does RAGTOPS have ONSTAR? Does anyone say “ragtop” anymore? I can barely remember the term – why would you need another name for “convertible” that isn’t much shorter? Where is the PLUS “button” for zooming in on the image? Is it on my keyboard? Because I have to press *command*-+ to expand things, I think. My photo editing software has a little magnifying glass icon with a PLUS symbol in it. right? Okay, I don’t care, it turns out. I just can’t get into whatever it is this puzzle cares about, no Can relate to his [Vibe] (or … SENSE? … I guess), and that’s all. Bad day for me.

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Bay Window Crossword Clue 5 Letters

Bay Window Crossword Clue 5 Letters

I didn’t think chilling and VEG-ing were the same thing, somehow (38D: Chill). I think VEG is real now. It seems super-’80s, but like many decades, this word continues to live in crosswords. NATO! I just noticed the OAK NUT and laughed out loud (44D: Acorn, by another name). If you say so. Control your list, people, yeesh. Let’s see… error. ODDBALL definitely took me back (16A: Quirky sort = ODD DUCK ), as well as BRAS (5D: Word with wonder or designer = DRUG ). AILS is very painful (26D: Troubles = ADOS ), as is TONKA (48D: Cybertruck maker = TESLA ). Really glad I didn’t see TOPO at all (until now), because that’s a reduced thrill, of course. But again, big thumbs up for the three longest answers. Don’t over think it’s a worthy answer, and make love not war is right on the money, wise slogans. Familiar and durable and a good idea to wear shoes. I’ve been buying more cassettes lately (weird in this retro style, not sure why), so I’ve got a CASSETTE / CD player sitting on my desk. It’s a great streaming option, which is convenient but makes me want to switch. Music too often. Trying everything I could to keep Monster Distraction from dominating my brain. So, a few of my cassettes get a lot of play. I press play, it plays one side until it stops, then I Make it (so satisfied, little physical intervention), and play the other side. And so on and so on. My current piece of music (Duett, “Leisure”) sounds like it should be playing in an 80s shopping mall, or an 80s TV drama, or an 80s TV drama set in a shopping mall, and that’s basically where I want to be. Live forever.

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The ‘new York’ Crossword: ‘initial Misunderstanding’

Hope you enjoy your full serving of CHURROS (strange coincidence, seeing it two days in a row) (15A: Dessert order at a Mexican restaurant). Gonna go watch the squirrels collect … [checks notes] … OAK NUTS … now. See you tomorrow.

P.S. “Cabbage” is (er, was) slang for money, in case you were wondering wth is going on that IOU clue (36A: Cabbage alternative?). Border county of New York of Pennsylvania / FRI 8-20-21 / Superhero misidentification / Apt surname for library / surname of father and son NBA coaches Paul and Stephen

Word of the Day: NUTLETS (42D: Snacks for squirrels) — 1 a : small nuts b : small fruits similar to apples Nut 2: stone of drupelet [a small drupe; especially: one of the individual part of an aggregate fruit (eg: raspberry)] (

Just can’t get into this one. The filling feels flat and the filling feels forced and now I’m literally just making fun of myself. I guess hot topic is OK, and STALE JOKE would be good with correct/specific clues – “regular” and “stale” are not the same thing; The latter is worth more than code, but I guess the “normal” wordplay is too tempting to resist. The clues are what make this a satisfying experience for me. It looks like it’s trying too hard to be clever, or else it’s too humdrum. But mainly it was the filling that put me off. I do not see what the marquee answer should be, and on Friday (the best of all days) there should be a bunch of them. “Are we alone?” May have worked with a clue that is a writer, or one that gives it a very everyday story, but the “question” of the alleged “human” just does not resonate at all for me. I want the question to end “… in the universe?” TOADIEDUP felt awkward. NUTLETS, LOL, WHAT? Squirrel eats nuts. Paradigmatically. I have never seen a squirrel eat NUTLETS in my life. I will ask the squirrels in my yard what the NUTLETS are today and I guarantee you they will laugh at me.

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I watch a lot (a lot) of movies and read a lot about movies, and while I’ll give you a WAR EPIC (even if I don’t love it), I won’t give you an absolute ART CINE. The clue is in English, so the answer should be in English. Art films are one thing. CINE is one thing. ART CINE … I mean, really? Would you say that? write that? That is a pretentious compound sentence I have never seen or heard. SOOTS is a verb, also nonsense. There is no way you should skip E-READER and READE, especially if you are going to indicate READE related to reading (54A: Apt surname for library). Also, if you want me to have a good time, maybe don’t give me a STAPH infection and a stroke (skip!).

I guess the last two puzzles are remarkable, unusually easy, the puzzle universe has to sort itself out, and it sure is today, as I’m just staring at some of these clues wondering what they’re thinking. TAMES is hard, mainly because of the relatively/ambiguous clues (19A: Control). TEAM is difficult because there are relatively better clues but (again) completely context-free clues (3D: A’s, but not B’s or C’s) (the team in question is the Oakland A squadron of baseball). I have to work on the back part of the longer answer throughout (PBJ, I love, see things). VETO POWER allowed me to enter and pass the NE easily, but entering the West was not easy for me. I’m stuck(-ish) here:

Not knowing what “Gaspard de la NUIT” is (23D: Ravel’s “Gaspard de la ___”), and despite “Z,” which usually gives a quick answer, my brain just refuses to see SUN TZU (author of “The. Art of War”) (25A: who said “The greatest victory is that which does not require battle”). I am looking for a surname. BLITZ … FRITZI … something maybe Italian and WWII related? Also, the CLOSEINON analysis was too much for my brain this morning (29A: close). So…ambiguous proper nouns, other proper nouns, and hard-to-parse sentences have me stuck. I have to go into SW and

Bay Window Crossword Clue 5 Letters

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