Coffee Brands With 9 Letters

Coffee Brands With 9 Letters – To say that I’m one of those people who is very excited about the Philippine coffee scene would be an understatement. First it was chocolate and now it’s coffee – two of my favorite things in the world! Since my introduction

, I have my eyes closed for other local brands. It wasn’t long before more brands sprouted up online, and that’s where my adventures in trying different brands of Filipino coffee began.

Coffee Brands With 9 Letters

Coffee Brands With 9 Letters

Years ago, I didn’t know that there were many places in the country that grew coffee. Batangas

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Has always been famous, but in recent years the Mountain Provinces. Many farmers now grow mostly arabica and robusta in the Cordilleras, especially Benguet and Sagada. Mindanao also produces a lot of coffee, although I have yet to try it.

The best thing about this coffee industry in the country is how much it helps the lives of Pinoy farmers. I always wonder why the government pays so little attention to farmers, but somehow I am relieved that at least some private individuals recognize the importance of the local agriculture industry. Most of the Filipino coffee brands I will be sharing today have made it a mission to partner with local farmers, not only to sustain their business, but to give their partner farmers a sustainable source of livelihood.

And that’s why I decided to write this little post here today. This is my way of recognizing all the effort that goes into creating these products. I don’t know how much this will help in the grand scheme of things, but I want people to know that Filipino coffee can be just as good as those expensive imported coffees. Heck, I’m pretty proud that we can actually make this kind of coffee. From the quality of the beans to the super cute packaging, these Filipino coffee brands can really hold their own against foreign brands.

Obviously there are many other brands of Filipino coffee that I haven’t tried yet so I only have a few of them on this list, but I tried enough to pick a favorite. (I starred them, I did!) I actually repurchased a few of them.

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You’ll notice that many Filipino coffee brands on this list come in drip coffee form, simply because it’s such an easy way to get a great brew. Also, I don’t put sugar or cream in my coffee, I prefer it black and flavored. However, just a small disclaimer: Since I’m not a coffee tasting expert, I can’t really give you super specific explanations. (But I’d love to learn!) However, I know what I like in a coffee and that’s how I was able to pick my favorites. Well, I talked too long. Let’s stick to the list, shall we?

Basilio coffee beans are sourced from different regions of the Philippines. The company teaches local farmers air roasting techniques to allow them to sell their coffee in their communities, and not just supply to Basilio. Their blends consist of Philippine Arabica, Robusta and Excelsa beans. At first, I only came across Basilio coffee that comes in large coffee bags, but when they came out with drip bags, I got the chance to try this Filipino coffee. And I’m so glad I did!

They have many blends available but I have only tried this one so far and I love it. I feel that air roasting adds a wonderful aroma and this toasty dark roast flavor to the coffee which is strong and deep. People who don’t like strong coffee may want to drink this with lots of milk and sugar, but this is the kind of coffee I like to drink black. Dark and bold and nuanced, with a scent that will make any coffee-lover smile!

Coffee Brands With 9 Letters

BrewsCo is a Filipino coffee brand that specializes in brewing and evaluating coffee beans. Their internal quality control person may even be a certified member of several coffee associations in America. However, their beans do not come exclusively from Philippine farms, as they also source from overseas. All processes to create the finished and packaged product are done locally.

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I bought myself a variety pack of BrewsCo drip coffees, and I just want to say that the colorful packaging of these products is so fun to look at! I like that there are descriptions of the mixes so people know what to expect. The flavored ones are not my favorites from the pack although they smell nice enough. My favorite here is Moreno, which for me is their darkest and deepest blend.

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The festival from which one of the mixes takes its name. It is proudly one of the suppliers of coffee beans to Nestle Philippines, Universal Robina Corp., and Figaro, to name a few. Of course, they also sell beans under their Amadeo name.

This is the first coffee I’ve tried that comes in a tea bag for pouring, and I think it’s a smart idea. Except the strings on these tea bags come apart so easily! I would also like to mention that teapots are not individually wrapped in plastic. I guess that’s how they get this product so cheap.

If you don’t like strong coffee and prefer something lighter, Cafe Amadeo blends will be your friend. For the best experience you should definitely use only a small amount of water in a cup of tea. It’s like an Americano for me

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Maybe a little more flavor than Excelsa. It doesn’t give the kick profile or satisfying flavor that I personally look for in coffee, so I’m not a big fan of these blends. However, I thought it was worth mentioning for those who love coffee.

From the packaging alone, it’s clear that Cafe-Te-Ria proudly highlights the origins of its local coffee. Seeing the potential of the rich mountain land of the Philippines in producing quality coffee, this family business started in 2014. To this day, Cafe-Te-Ria continues to produce quality coffee while also participating in the mission of empowering local farmers. by teaching them modern agricultural methods. Their dream is to see the local coffee industry grow again. (A dream I share.)

I’m always so grateful when brands make these types of samples so potential customers can get a little taste before buying the big bags. However, since Cafe-Te-Ria does not sell its coffees in drip bags, you will need some brewing equipment to drink this. For the record, I have enjoyed every blend available in this box, but my favorite is the Jacinto blend. I even bought a large bag of Jacinto blend coffee for my family to try as well.

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Coffee Brands With 9 Letters

If you’re looking for straight-up coffee pairings, Daybreak Coffee is your go-to. Their connections are identified by source, making it easier for you to identify your coffee preference. Liberica or has

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From Batangas (medium roasted with intense flavor and strong aroma), Arabica from Benguet (full-bodied, balanced, with hints of citrus), and finally, Arabica from Sagada (dark-roasted with a light body).

This was one of the first few brands I tried since I fell in love with coffee from the Highlands. Ironically, my favorite of the set is Batangas Coffee, although Sagada does a great job of waking me up too! My only gripe with this brand is how flimsy its dropper bag is. Sometimes the handle comes off the bag even when I pour the water halfway through.

Dipbrew is a beautifully packaged brand that sources its beans from different regions of the Philippines. They use a variety of recipes that incorporate the best qualities of each type of coffee to create their blends. The dipbrew comes in four blends: Classic, Morning Kick, Macadamia, and Hazelnut-Vanilla. They also come in both drip coffee and large-bag coffee.

The hose that this brand puts in their drip bags is thicker than most, and their bag mouths don’t open very wide so you have to be careful with hot water. Also, sometimes my gloves have been cut off from the bag. This used to be a favorite but I had to downgrade it when I noticed that the quality of the coffee on my second purchase didn’t seem as good as my first purchase. However I still like their Classic Blend the most. As with BrewsCo, I don’t really like flavor combinations.

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Ah, the coffee brand that started my love affair with local coffee! I’m going to write a long introduction about Figures of Beans because I already wrote a whole blog post about it. However I will say that this brand has a special place in my heart, not just for the reason I mentioned

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