Cs Lewis Screwtape Letters Audiobook

Cs Lewis Screwtape Letters Audiobook – Over the weekend while looking for a new audiobook, I discovered that The Screwtape Letters was one of the highest rated! I have a deal through Google for free audiobooks. And while I was still leaning towards the 45 hour “It” novel, I remembered I had the book.

Here is a brief description from the splash notes: In a brief foreword, C.S. Lewis said he found the bundle of Screw Tape letters somewhere, but wouldn’t say how he managed to find them. Screw tape is the devil, he warns the reader, and therefore, the screw tape version cannot be taken as the truth. Then the letters begin. In it, Screwtape advises his nephew, Wormwood, on the best way to tempt an Englishman, called only “The Sick,” into sin and, ultimately, into Hell. Wormwood is an inexperienced demon, and he has gone to a training college to help prepare him to tempt humans into sin. However, screwtape complains that the college doesn’t teach Wormwood anything because of its incompetent director, Slubgob. With the second letter, the reader learns that the Patient has converted to Christianity and has started going to church. Most likely the Patient is in her mid-thirties and she lives with and cares for her aging mother.

Cs Lewis Screwtape Letters Audiobook

Cs Lewis Screwtape Letters Audiobook

This quote stuck with me when I started reading again. It was written to Wormwood on how to deal with a new Christian. How to help make a disturbance during worship or in the church building. He wrote to Wormwood to cause the new Christians to focus on others so they could be distracted.

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“All you have to do is to keep from his mind the question ‘If I, being what I am, can consider that I am in some sense a Christian, why does the different vices of the people in the pew further prove that their religion is nothing but hypocrisy? and convention?'”

This fictional but eye-opening collection of letters can reveal who we are to ourselves as well as reveal some of the tactics the enemy uses against us. Check out the book by clicking the link HERE

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