Foam Letters For Flowers

Foam Letters For Flowers – Nothing embodies Valentine’s Day more than flowers. Okay, chocolate too. And maybe even a nice cocktail. More on those next week. But honestly, have you ever seen a flower you didn’t love? They are sumptuous, fragrant, and breathtakingly beautiful. When I saw a lot of metal letters in the store a few months ago, I thought they would make the perfect vessel for a flower arrangement. And when I happened to score on X and O, well, I was destined to be the inspiration behind this Valentine’s Day DIY!

You will need: flowers (I used succulents, garden roses, peonies, anemones and ranunculus) metal marquee letters garden shears foam wet flowers large bowl toothpicks

Foam Letters For Flowers

Foam Letters For Flowers

Flower Muse was kind enough to send a selection of my favorite flowers for this project. They are a farm direct flower company with excellent flowers at very reasonable prices. And they’re kind enough to offer our readers 15% off orders for the entire month of February with code: HWTF15.

Flower Shadow Box Made With Wooden Tray, Wooden Letters, Floral Foam And Fake Flowers. Any Advice On How To Glue On The Letters And Stick The Floral Foam To Tray?

When you get your flowers, always trim at least an inch off the ends before you put them in water. It is recommended to rinse them under water to prolong the freshness. I like to do this inside a large bowl filled with hot water. To help the roses bloom, you can give them a small, safe head start by pinching off some of the outer petals and gently spreading the petals from the center. Place them in a warm place or in light sunlight. And of course, every flower should be drinking clean, fresh H2O!

To begin, fill a large bowl with lukewarm water. Submerge the flower foam blocks until it has soaked enough water and it goes to the bottom.

After all the floral foam blocks are soaked, use a knife to trim the pieces that will fit inside the metal letters. You can always use cardboard craft letters if you can’t find metal ones. All you have to do is use an exacto knife to cut off the top and line the inside with plastic wrap. Be sure to fill all the empty spots with foam. It’s like playing Tetris!

To begin your arrangement, measure a flower stem against the side of the letter. Trim the stem at a clean angle and insert into the foam. I like to start in one corner and work my way towards the center.

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And if some of the flowers are too wide for the space you want to fill, you can easily remove some of the petals to get it down to the appropriate size.

These garden roses are for a second? This was the first time I had a chance to try them and I was just mesmerized by them. And in the They are now a complete favorite of mine! However, continue to plant flowers. . .You have the new skills to complete this project, or maybe you’ve tried them once or twice before.

Make your own flower letter inspired by Rebekah D.’s design using a flat wooden letter and flower of your choice to give as a gift or use as decoration!

Foam Letters For Flowers

Count the number of sides of your letter, then cut enough strips of cardboard to 3½” [8.89 cm] wide. Cut each strip down to match the length of each side of your letter using an X-ACTO® knife and ruler.

How To Make Paper Mache Floral Letter Centerpiece

Attach cardboard walls to your letter using a glue gun. Lay your letter flat. Apply a single layer of glue to the edge of the cardboard that is being attached to the letter. Then place the cardboard wall on top of the edge of the letter to create a wall. Keep in place until dry and wipe off the excess glue before it dries. Continue until the edges of the letter are outlined with a cardboard wall.

Paint the outer sides of the cardboard walls now attached to your letter and let dry.

TIP: Use a shade of green paint to blend it with the floral foam and flower stems.

Cut floral foam to fill the inside of the letter box. Glue foam to the bottom of the letter box.

Flower Letter Diy

Snip the stems of flower picks and shrubs about 1″-2″ [2.5cm-5.1cm] from the flower. Use flowers with different heights and sizes for more contrast.

Press the flowers into the foam and change the placement to create a full and beautiful look. Start with the biggest blooms first and work your way to smaller picks like berries and vegetables to fill in any gaps.

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Foam Letters For Flowers

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Diy Floral Letter: Perfectly Pretty For Spring

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Touchless Streamside Pickup: The health and safety of our Team Members and customers is our primary concern. That’s why we ask that you stay in your vehicle when you arrive at the store while a member of staff brings your order to you and places it in your stock. I came across some beautiful 3D flower letters that caught my eye. There are tons of options for these flower letters on Etsy, but they cost more than I expected (gulp), so I decided to try my hand at making one myself! This way, I could pick out the type and color of flowers I wanted. Read on to see how I went about creating my gorgeous monogram initial letter!

– Faux flowers (buy more than you think you’ll need, so you don’t have bare spots and don’t forget about the sides!)

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Foam Letters For Flowers

– Styrofoam (about 2″ thick to make the letter shape you want, you may need to cut this depending on your letter) or you can try these pre-cut styrofoam letters

Colorful Spring Image And Theme, With Spring Spelled Out In Foam Letters And Bright Flowers Stock Photo

– A hanging mechanism if you plan to hang this on a wall (either a picture frame hanger mounted on the back, or Order Picture Hanging Strips)

I shopped at Michael’s and Joann for faux flowers in the particular pink and coral color scheme I wanted to use for this project. Aren’t the colors dreamy?

While at the craft store, I also bought white styrofoam blocks that I used to create the letter L shape. I realized that I was really lucky because I didn’t have to make a curved letter, like C or an. S! If you need to make a letter like that, it will be more work as you will need a knife to cut down a larger block of styrofoam into your specific letter shape. Or you can try a pre-cut styrofoam letter.

My original plan was to take the styrofoam OUT of the plastic wrap  But, as I started making the letter, I realized that it might be better to leave the styrofoam blocks inside their plastic wrap. Doing it this way made for a lot less of a mess, and also helped hold some of the flowers in place if I accidentally pushed the stems too far through the foam. I’m definitely glad I realized this helpful tip before my letter was taken!

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To hold my styrofoam blocks together in my letter L shape, I used small wooden skewers. Then I pushed the styrofoam down onto the skewers until it was secure.

Then, it was time to start cutting the fake flowers. I left about a 1″ stem on all the flowers I was using. Since my foam was 2″ thick, I didn’t want to make my stems too long and risk them spilling out the other side.

One great thing I realized while doing this project was that I didn’t actually need to glue the flowers! The styrofoam held the stems really tightly, which made the project quick and easy and pretty mess-free. Then, I started to fill my letter with my various flowers. I didn’t really have a game plan here, but I started with some of the larger flowers I had first

Foam Letters For Flowers

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