How To Enter Letters On Sony Bravia Tv Remote

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How To Enter Letters On Sony Bravia Tv Remote

How To Enter Letters On Sony Bravia Tv Remote

The last Sony TV we reviewed with excellent picture quality was the ultra-expensive KDL-55XBR8 from 2008, and it’s no coincidence that it was the company’s last example of a full-array local-dimming LED backlight. The TV’s spiritual successor, with a similar backlight, is the ultra-expensive XBR-HX909 series, but all in all, its picture quality falls short of the competition. It does deliver deliciously deep black levels, but they come with too many compromises for a TV at this price point, including issues with bloom and color accuracy.

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Produces extremely deep black levels; video processing handles 1080p/24 footage correctly; relatively accurate color with linear grayscale; 3D compatible; 2D to 3D conversion system works better than expected; numerous streaming video services; great design , stylish overall appearance; high efficiency and energy saving.

Extremely expensive; more bloom than competing local dimming LED models; bluish cast in black areas; sub-par off-angle viewing; 3D ghosting (crosstalk) along the edges; does not include 3D glasses or IR emitters.

While its black levels challenge the best ever, some other picture-related aspects of the Sony XBR-HX909 series don’t live up to the high price.

If you expand your investment to one or more 3D glasses, IR blasters, 3D content and playback equipment, the Sony XBR-HX909 will give your brain a third dimension. Many other 2010 TVs in this class are also 3D-compatible, and the HX909’s 3D picture quality is middling compared to the two we’ve tested. Its other notable attributes, including a top-notch design and plenty of streaming video, will appeal to many buyers who can afford it, but those looking for the best home theater picture quality may want to look elsewhere.

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Series info: We did a hands-on review of the 52-inch Sony XBR-52HX909, but this review also applies to the 46-inch XBR-46HX909. Both sizes have the same specs and, according to the manufacturer, should offer very similar image quality.

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The XBR-HX909 series looks almost identical to the company’s KDL-NX800 series we reviewed earlier. Both use Sony’s “Monolithic” design scheme, and we really like the effect.

The TV is a featureless black slab when off, dominated by a single glass panel that extends to the edge of the panel on almost all sides. A strip of black metal borders the glass and wraps around the edges, so when viewed from the side or top, it complements the subtle brushed silver of the understated stand. The logo and lights are almost invisible, at least until the word “Sony” comes on after power on (lights can be turned off). The stand can both swivel and tilt slightly back – we’re not sure why you’d want to recline it, as TVs are rarely mounted below the seat.

How To Enter Letters On Sony Bravia Tv Remote

The HX909 looks like a black slate when closed, and the screen blends nicely with the thick bezels.

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Sony includes one of the best remotes we’ve ever used. Logically sized and placed, the flush but still tactile keys deliver a satisfyingly low-profile click. The concave shape along the length of the clicker seems to send the thumb to the middle of the Home button and the large cursor control. We like the ability to control other devices via IR or HDMI, but we’d like the blue backlight to illuminate button labels beyond “Home” as well.

The console-inspired XMB interface arranges the TV’s many internet services, settings, inputs and miscellaneous in an intuitive way, although we’d like to see more customization and less clutter (how about the ability to “hide” unwanted interactions) services or even entire verticals like the TV channel section, which is useless for set-top box users), quick navigation makes up for it a lot. Shortcuts include a Favorites section that remembers frequently accessed inputs (you can also manually add items like Netflix) and a context-sensitive Options section that provides quick access to scene modes, MotionFlow settings, and Netflix options. All in all, Sony’s interface is the most polished of any TV maker.

“=”” bgcolor=”#CCCCCC”>Main TV Features”=””>Other: 3D viewing requires optional 3D glasses (TDG-BR100, $150/pair) and IR sync transmitter (TMR-BR100, 50 $); optional USB Wi-Fi dongle (UWA-BR100, $80)

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The Sony XBR-HX909, while well-equipped, lacks 3D glasses and a transmitter, as well as built-in Wi-Fi, all of which are standard on the similarly priced flagship Sony XBR-LX900 series. On the other hand, the HX909 has our favorite type of LED backlight called full-array local dimming (it uses standard white LEDs, rather than the Triluminous scheme on the 2008 XBR8 series), while the LX900 sticks to the traditional edge-dot Bright LED backlight. That’s probably why the 52-inch is the same price in each series – although at the price of the HX909, it’s still annoying to have to buy a separate IR blaster to sync the TV with the glasses. All other non-Sony 3D TVs we’ve seen, regardless of price, have transmitters built in.

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Sony offers a 2D to 3D conversion system that can convert any video to 2D, while Panasonic’s 3D plasma doesn’t. Unlike Samsung’s system, the system on the XBR-HX909 also converts streaming 2D video (like Netflix, YouTube, and yes, the “Ford Model”, etc.) to 3D.

“=”” bgcolor=”#CCCCCC”>Streaming “=””>Other: Also includes Sony’s Qriocity VOD, niche video services and podcasts with universal search, Slacker radio, and NPR audio

An array of mainstream (pun intended) video streaming services is more comprehensive than most manufacturers’ offerings, and while we’d love to see Vudu and its high-quality streamers added to the list, Sony’s Qriocity service and Amazon also offer on-demand HD streaming to help make up for the shortfall. Sony also fixed the video quality of Netflix streaming on the XBR-HX909, so now it performs as well as we expected from the service.

How To Enter Letters On Sony Bravia Tv Remote

If mainstream isn’t your bag, Sony’s plethora of lesser-known video services, most of which you won’t find on other connected TVs, might appeal. The list includes names such as Minisode network,,,, Dr. Oz, Michael Jackson, Dailymotion,, and numerous video podcasts such as Attack of the Show, Gadget Pron, CNN Daily, and NASACast – Yes, the “Ford Model”. Most are just portals to the same videos found on the parent site, generally poor video quality. The keyword searches provided by Sony cover most niche services, reflecting a similar zeitgeist as the entire web; for example, a search for “iphone” had 142 video results. Unfortunately, the search doesn’t include YouTube, Netflix, Amazon, and other major services.

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In addition to the lack of Rhapsody, the audio is extensive, and NPR fans will appreciate the latest service offering hundreds of audio clips. The Berlin Philharmonic also offers a pay-per-view audio/video service for classical music.

Sony has dropped Yahoo Widgets on the XBR-HX909, although many other Sony TVs like the LX900, KDL-NX800 series, and KDL-EX700 series have them. As such, it lacks a range of utilities found on most competing TVs.

The only non-streaming app the TV offers is for viewing photos from websites, and that’s where the HX909 excels (though we’d love to see Flickr added to the list). Still, if you want to check the weather on this TV, you’ll either have to get your app elsewhere — Verizon’s Fios service has widgets, for example — or actually tune into the Weather channel and wait for the ticker to appear on your city. Terrifying event!

Nine o’clock in “Picture Mode” is not a typo. Counting the three standard picture modes (Vivid, Standard and Custom) in the main menu and six in the scene selection menu (which also includes a non-adjustable Auto mode), the spinner has a number of adjustable presets available use. New this year, Sony offers the option to apply any preset (including any adjustments made to it) to the current input or globally to all inputs. The result is a relatively messy setup, and while the customizable array is astounding, we’d be willing to bet that people who care a lot about having different setups for each input/case accept the complexity.

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The XBR-HX909 lacks the kind of adjustable defibrillator found on Samsung and LG, but it does offer additional defibrillator presets compared to last year. The four presets are called Standard, Smooth, Clarity 1, and Clarity 2. The latter two contain backlight scanning and, according to Sony, “rows of LEDs in the backlight light up sequentially from top to bottom”, which improves motion resolution. The Clear 2 adds black frame insertion, as the company says it has a higher motion resolution, at the expense of some light output (similar settings are found on Samsung’s 2010 LED models, although they are addressed with separate controls). Like Samsung, Sony has two LED local dimming modes, and

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