Where To Find Letters Of Recommendation On Naviance

Where To Find Letters Of Recommendation On Naviance – Many Counselors like to follow up on Teacher Recommendations to make sure students are asking and teachers are responding. To help with this process, we’ve added a Recommendations tab for advisor viewing.

The teacher view will display a list of teachers and the number of outstanding, declined, and completed requests. The next deadline is determined by the application deadline for the colleges to which students have applied.

Where To Find Letters Of Recommendation On Naviance

Where To Find Letters Of Recommendation On Naviance

You can sort by any of these categories and click the Results icon to customize what is included in your view.

How To Request A Letter Of Recommendation On Naviance

If a teacher is shown as an “unregistered” advisor, they can be invited directly from the Recommendations tab by clicking the teacher’s checkbox and then selecting “Invite” from the Action dropdown.

Advisors can also send a reminder email to the instructor to complete outstanding recommendations by clicking the instructor’s check box and then selecting Remind from the Actions drop-down box.

When you group by Student, you’ll see high-level information about the number of recommendations students have requested, declined, and completed, and you’ll have the same sorting, results, and filtering options. Clicking on a student will take you to their Manage Documents.

When managing Recommendations within the Teacher and Student views, you may want to consider what each status means. We have explained it below. Articles, posts and topics of interest from The College Spy, an independent college consultant and college coach, and its founder, Michelle McAnney. College Spy offers expert, personalized college and university search, selection, admissions and financial aid for parents and college students. College Spy provides its services online and over the phone. College Spy works with both US and international students.

County Schools Look To Streamline College, Career Planning With Naviance

Letters of recommendation are important because they put a college applicant’s resume in a meaningful context. College admissions professionals often cite grades and academic rigor as the best predictors of academic success at the college level. But these two fortune tellers don’t tell the whole story. Grades and courses do not provide information about a student’s strengths, challenges, personality, character, and work ethic, all of which are significant indicators of a student’s ability to be academically successful and contribute to the campus community. Letters of recommendation provide this valuable, contextual information.

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There are three types of letters of recommendation: a letter from a school counselor, a letter from a teacher, and an “other recommendation” letter. Typically, colleges require letters of recommendation from two teachers as well as the applicant’s school counselor. However, it is important to read the instructions on each college’s website to understand the exact requirements. Some colleges require fewer letters of recommendation, and some colleges allow an “other recommendation” letter for applicants who they believe would add value to their application from members of the community, such as a clergy member, employer, or coach.

Teacher letters help admissions counselors determine if a student is a good fit for their institution. Teachers can comment on a student’s intellectual curiosity, work ethic, ability to work in a group, improvement over the year, or how a student handles challenging subject area topics. Teachers have a unique relationship with the student that will allow them to comment on the student’s organizational, public speaking, and writing skills. Teachers often give examples of how a student approached a particular project and how they interacted with other classmates.

Where To Find Letters Of Recommendation On Naviance

A letter of recommendation from a school counselor helps admissions officers understand a student’s character and personality. School counselor letters may also address inconsistencies in a student’s transcript. Transcripts with inconsistent grades or low semester or year grades can only be accurately interpreted with additional information. Admissions officers often look for clarification in a letter of recommendation from a student’s school counselor. A well-written school counselor letter will explain to admissions officers how the applicant is likely to make a positive contribution to the campus community.

Who Sends What In The Application Process

Request letters of recommendation in the spring of your junior year or early in your senior year (for senior teachers). It is important to be at the top of the teacher’s list, as some teachers post the number of letters they are willing to write. . This is especially true for more popular teachers or teachers in academic classrooms that are perceived to be more rigorous than others. Also, a letter written when the teacher is fresh, not after he’s tired of writing letters for students, is likely to be more comprehensive. Students should be aware that teachers need time to prepare a letter. Asking at the last minute reflects poorly on the student and may affect the quality or timeliness of the letter.

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If possible, students should request a letter in person. The teacher will spend personal time outside of the classroom to prepare the best letter possible. Sending mail is not intended. It is not appropriate for a parent to request the letter on behalf of the student. While schools remain closed due to COVID-19, video chat can be a suitable substitute for in-person requests. When a teacher agrees to write a letter for a student, the student should ask the teacher if there is any information that would be helpful to provide. Some teachers ask students for a resume, transcript, and/or “brag sheet” where the student answers questions about their strengths, interests, and goals. Be prepared to provide any or all of these if required.

What should students do if they want their teacher or school counselor to write something specific in their letters of recommendation?

There are times when a student wants to request that something specific be included in a letter of recommendation. For example, a student may excel in a specific class project or consistently help other students. Or, in the case of a school counselor’s letter, perhaps the student missed a lot of school and the absences affected his grades. Students should discuss these scenarios with their teachers and school counselor and decide if it is best for the applicant to address them in the “additional information” section of the Common Application or if it is best for the recommendation letter to address them. Warning: When someone else writes about you, you lose control of the message. It can provide greater clarity if the student addresses these questions directly, rather than relying on a teacher or school counselor to do so.

Naviance Letters Of Recommendation

Letters to colleges are sent electronically. However, the process varies between high schools, so a student’s school counselor is the best source of information for the process of getting letters to colleges. Generally, for colleges using the Common Application, teachers and school counselors upload their letters directly to the Common Application website. If the high school uses the Naviance college planning software, the recommendation letters are uploaded to Naviance. For colleges that do not use the Common Application, follow the instructions on the college’s website for submitting letters of recommendation.

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Under the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974, students age 18 and older have the right to access their letters of recommendation after they have received an acceptance letter and chosen to attend a particular college. The student’s college application will ask if they wish to waive this right. It is in the student’s best interest to waive the right. Doing so assures the admissions officer reviewing the application that the proposer is being sincere and honest, knowing that the student will not see the letter. Admissions counselors may consider the importance of a letter that they know has been communicated to the student.

Students should always send a thank you card to their recommenders. Also, when admissions begin, students should let their recommenders know where they’ve been accepted and what their college plans are. Teachers and school counselors work hard on these letters. They deserve and will appreciate the “thank you” and they will enjoy the opportunity to share in the student’s progress toward college.

Where To Find Letters Of Recommendation On Naviance

Michelle McAnany is the founder of The College Spy, a full-service independent educational consulting firm that assists students and families in the US and internationally with the college selection and application process. Prior to founding The College Spy, Michelle was a guidance counselor and educator for over 15 years, including two high school guidance directors, an adjunct college professor, and a GED tutor. Michelle holds a Master’s Degree in School Counseling and a Bachelor’s Degree in Human Development. She graduated from UC Irvine’s certificate program in Educational Counseling and is a certified MBTI (Myers-Briggs Type Indicator) Practitioner and NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) Master. Michelle visits over 40 colleges each year so she has first-hand knowledge of the colleges and universities her clients will be considering. You can find her on Facebook , Twitter , Instagram , LinkedIn , and The College Spy Podcast . Letters of recommendation are key components of your college application. There are different ways to request these letters. Some schools want you to do this

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