Ignominy Crossword Clue 5 Letters

Ignominy Crossword Clue 5 Letters – Typographer’s Gap / FRI 9-18-20 / Fortification-Breaking Bomb / Vacation Spot for President Gerald Ford / Lucky Thing to Hit in Ping Pong / Member of South Asian Diaspora

Word of the day: EM SPACE(40D: Typographer’s gap) — Anemis aunitin the field of typography, equal to the current specified point size. For example, one em in a 16-point font is 16 points. Therefore, this unit is the same for all fonts at a given point size. The dash (—) and emspace ( ) are each single-wide. Typographic measurements using this unit are often expressed in decimal notation (eg 0.7em) or as fractions of 100 or 1000 (eg 70/100em or 700/1000em). The name em was originally a reference to the width of the capital letter Min the font and size used, which was often the same as the point size. (wikipedia) (emph. mine)

Ignominy Crossword Clue 5 Letters

Ignominy Crossword Clue 5 Letters

Perfectly acceptable if not terribly exciting offer today. A few nice, fresh phrases in a sea of ​​tolerable, if often over-familiar stuff. There’s something about certain phrases like NOT A HOPE and I DARE SAY and YOU BET I CAN that seem stiff and dated, and therefore seem to emerge from the graveyard of crossword puzzles from the past (or a very extensive word list, which can amount to the same thing, as it is typically based on what was previously in the puzzles). Even IN A PANIC , which is a solid phrase, has a weird crossword vibe to it – it’s appeared eight times in the last decade, which doesn’t sound like a lot, but for an eight-letter phrase, it’s kind of a a lot.. The grid form here doesn’t help. There aren’t enough freestanding marquee answers; by “freestanding,” I mean, “not attached to another long answer of similar length” (see the pairs of long Downs in the NE and SW, which are markedly less funny than the best stuff, which today anyway ( imho) is a longer answer that pops up against the shorter fill that surrounds it: DREAM ACT, BEYOND MEAT, NET NEUTRALITY. There was just something about this grid that felt boxed in, like it couldn’t breathe properly: too segmented, no not built. for the colt to really sing. But still, like I say, it’s holding up well. I hardly ever jerked. You can send ATTA and ORANG back where they came from, but otherwise the grid is pretty clean. And maybe I’m not giving enough credit to CHE GUEVARA / HOME PLANET as a colorful pair of answers, which I like now more than I did mid-solve. Anyway, good job. Just not as fresh and fun as the best Fridays.

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Rex Parker Does The Nyt Crossword Puzzle: Typographer’s Gap / Fri 9 18 20 / Fortification Breaching Bomb / Vacation Locale For President Gerald Ford / Lucky Thing To Hit In Ping Pong / Member Of South Asian Diaspora

TOE CAP … I can’t put my finger on it, or phrase it very well this morning, but this is another answer that feels funny to me—one of those “sure, whatever” phrases I won’t use not and have not heard of use. RICE BELT is interesting, but if I had to choose a belt to describe that area, I would go with BIBLE. Honestly, crosses needed to get RICE. I’ve heard of em dashes, but not EM SPACEs, although it wasn’t hard to deduce. Not thrilled about the dupe of “ACT” (DREAM ACT, ACTS ON ), but at least today those answers are on opposite sides of the grids, ie. the “ACT”s *don’t* cut like those “OUT”s. did earlier in the week, yeesh. I misread “South Asian” as “South African”, so getting DESI was a real “D’oh!” moment (49D: Member of the South Asian diaspora). I TOTED in front (36A: Towed), but that was the only mistake of the day, which can explain the fast fast time. Oh, no, sorry, one more mistake, of the extremely mundane and predictable variety: SODA before COLA (4D: Fountain option). To be honest, when I came out of that NW corner, I wasn’t terribly hopeful about where this puzzle was going, but it definitely ended up more fun than not. Bruce provided us with a clever puzzle with two switcheroos. First he provided the names of all the fingers on a hand with cluing/fill that had nothing to do with actual fingers. Second, he gave the reveal with a two-word phrase DIG IT that can be consolidated to make DIGIT, which is of course an alternate name for fingers.

55. “Watch out, man!” … and, in another way, what the end of each answer to a star clue refers to: DIG IT/DIGIT- Fun! Here are some NUMBERS used to DIG IT.

Here is the “handy” grid with the theme and reveal padding which, as you can see, is further enhanced by having the appearance of the fingers in order from MIN TO THUMB.

18. *”Come on, let loose!” :LEEF ABITTLE – A PINKY swear gives us an alternative name for our littlest SYFJE

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The Resurrections Of Wilfrid Louie — Bull Of The Woods

52. *Market Benchmark: STOCKINDEX – Several Husker VB girls’ INDEX fingers were raised after winning the 2015 National Championship.

62. *General principle: RULE OF THUMB – A good use of that NUMBER that separates us from most of the animal world and my assessment of C.C. and the rest of you word warriors here at our little conclave!

27. Word of passion :CARA- Ya gotta love Jay and the American’s song CARA Mia – My Beloved in Italian

Ignominy Crossword Clue 5 Letters

58. French President Hollande :FRANCOIS- His progression of domestic partners in chronological order. He didn’t always tell them that someone else was coming in from the bullpen.

Little Words April 20 2022 Answers All In One Page » Qunb

4. Singer of the same name portrayed by Jennifer Lopez in a 1997 film: SELENA- SELENA on the left and JLO on the right playing Selena in Jennifer’s breakout role.

54. Milo from “Barbarella” :O’SHEA- Sorry, Milo, yours is not the first name that comes to mind when I think of Barbarella

64. Blanc heard but not seen :MEL- Not necessarily as in this classic routine (Si, Sy, Sue, Sew) with Jack Benny. A relatively simple one this week – I don’t care! – and one with some nicely worked out clues to think about. You can find my completed grid below along with explanations of my solutions where I have them. I hope you find them useful.

If a recent Jumbo has you scratching your head, you might find some help on my Just for Fun page, where I’ve listed links to solutions for the last 100+ of these things. In the meantime, there are also the usual old book reviews and a story from me.

Lucian Poll’s Web Ramblings

Thanks again for the kind words and helpful comments, folks. They’re always appreciated, and it’s always interesting to hear other solvers’ thoughts on these things. Until next time, stay safe, mask, get vaccinated (my jab is coming; at least I’m now being offered sites in the country I live in!) and keep supporting the NHS and key workers everywhere.

Answer: DISCOVER (i.e. “render harmless”). Solution is FED (i.e., “US agent”) reversed (indicated by “overcome”) and followed by USE (i.e., “to take drugs”), like this: DEF-USE.

Answer: CADAVEROUS (i.e. “gaunt”). Solution is CAD (i.e. “weak man” – at your service, old thing) followed by AVERS (i.e. “insist upon”) “round” OU (i.e. “colleges” – specifically Oxford University), like so: CAD- AVER( OU)S.

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Ignominy Crossword Clue 5 Letters

Answer: HOSTA (i.e. “plant”). Solution is HOST (ie “provide a place for”) followed by A. Gotten from the pun, if I’m honest.

Going Beyond Wordle: Oodles Of *dle Games

Answer: THUNDERSTRUCK (i.e. “surprised”). Solution is TRUCK (i.e. “heavy vehicle”) with THUNDERS (i.e. “move noisily”) placed “in front”. Here’s hoping the setter is an AC/DC fan!

Answer: NO-HOPER (i.e. “don’t bet on it”). Solution is NOH (i.e. Japanese “drama” you sometimes see in these things) followed by OPERA (i.e. “[drama, ] musical one”) once the last letter is removed (indicated by “it’s too short”), like so : NOH-OPER.

Answer: DECIDE (i.e. “it determines it”). When written as DE-CIDER, the solution also meets “remove alcohol”. I admit it gave me a laugh when I turned it on.

Answer: WOULD BE (i.e. “aspirant”). Solution is U (i.e. “opener for Uruguay”, i.e. the first letter of “Uruguay”) with an anagram (indicated by “out”) of BOWLED wrapped around it (I’m guessing also indicated by “out”, i.e. the anagram is placed “outside” of the U, though it rather bends it, as thus: WO(U)LD-BE.

Caesar’s English By Hannah B Crossword

Answer: CROSS-CONFIRMATION (i.e. “spreading”). Clue plays on manure or “muk” used as fertilizer for crops, and cross descriptive of a state of anger. You get the idea.

Answer: SNUG (i.e. “room in bar”). Solution is GUNS (i.e. “arms”) reversed (indicated by “turner’s”), ignoring the surrounding capital letters.

Answer: RULE (i.e. “to rule”). Solution is RESIGN (i.e. “abdicate”) with the S removed (indicated by “abandon son” – S is a recognized abbreviation of “son”).

Ignominy Crossword Clue 5 Letters

Answer: CLAPTRAP (i.e. “trash”). Solution is CLAP (ie “make show of appreciation”) followed by TRAP (informal word for a “mouth”).

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Answer: PLUG HOLE (i.e. “something that can be draining”). Solution is P (a recognized abbreviation of “piano” in musical parlance) followed by LUGHOLE (i.e. “ear”).

Answer: TEASPOON (ie “amount of sugar, maybe” – other substances are available). “Throw out” indicates anagram. Solution is an anagram of OUT OF PLANE.

Answer: TAKE TIME OFF (ie “break”). Solution is TAKEOFF (i.e. “perhaps departing from Heathrow” – other airports yada-yada-yada…) reversed or TIME “grab” (i.e. “moment”).

Answer: ICE CREAM (ie “you’ll get stick when it’s done”). Solution is ICE (i.e. “reserve” or a cold nature) followed

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