Letters From Christopher Audiobook

Letters From Christopher Audiobook – Christopher’s letters are a true crime story with important information to put the puzzle pieces together for inquiring minds. Read the full truthful account of what happened to Shannon, Bella, Celeste, and Nico Watts here.

I have a keen interest in true crime, and as I discovered the existence of this book while browsing the Amazon website, I decided to give Christopher’s Letters a chance.

Letters From Christopher Audiobook

Letters From Christopher Audiobook

The way the book is described, readers would be fooled into thinking that the author has a long-standing and wonderful letter-writing relationship with Chris Watts. This is not the case.

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I had hoped that the book would contain original letters written to and by the author. In other words, I expected the original characters to be secret. Again, this is not the case. (There are some letters at the end of the book, but not many.)

It only took me a few pages before I realized this book was written by an amateur writer. Anyone who has followed my book review blog will know that I am an avid supporter of new authors. However, being written by a first time author does not guarantee that I will rate the book highly. What this means, is that I’m a little more willing to overlook small editing and/or proofreading errors.

I am 100% honest when I write my reviews. This is what I believe people want when they read book reviews. No one wants to spend their hard earned money on a disappointing read. There are so many great books on the market today and it would be a shame to miss out on one because you wasted your money buying a book that didn’t live up to your expectations.

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So, why am I disappointed with this book? Well, aside from being full of typos and terrible grammar, it doesn’t offer much in the way of new information. Basically, the author just took the information that has been mentioned before and put it in his own words. Words that are written with more grammatical errors than a grade one book report.

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In addition, the author seems very naive. I believe he has lost touch with reality when it comes to the subject of Chris Watts and the beautiful family he killed in cold blood. Sharon is a religious person. I’m not sure what brand of Christianity she subscribes to, but it includes the belief that Chris Watts only murdered his family because of a demon.

It never ceases to amaze me how many fast criminals, and especially murderers, once caught, claim that they have found God and that God has forgiven them. What nonsense!!! This is just another manipulative tactic by the psychopath who doesn’t feel anything and who knows exactly which buttons to push to get sympathy from women.

Even though I believe the nonsense that Chris has clearly manipulated Sherrilan Kendall into believing, I cannot rate this book more than 2 out of 5 stars ⭐⭐ This is for the reasons listed above- Also for the fact that there are very few real characters included in the book. It must be a book called Letters from Christopher, but where are the letters?

Letters From Christopher Audiobook

Please don’t waste your money on this book. There are other books about the Watts family murders that are more worthy of your time and your hard earned money.

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Rose Cottage Chronicles: Civil War Letters Of The Bryant Stephens Families Of North Florida: Arch Fredric Blakey, Ann Smith Lainhart, Winston Bryant Stephens Jr., Chris Walker: 9781441785411: Amazon.com: Books

2 minute long video – A tear rolls down his cheek during the sentencing – The only time this monster showed any emotion was his sentence – The year was for himself, not for the wife or children he had so brutalized. Hit with… the world from the comfort of your home. You choose the membership (3, 6, or 12 months/credit), your gift recipient chooses their audiobooks, and local bookstores are supported by your purchase.

The seminal, uncollected essays by the late Christopher Hitchens—author of the #1 New York Times bestseller God Is Not Great—praised as “brilliant” (The New York Times Book Review), show the notorious antagonist’s talent for rhetoric and his Tikhhi rebukes the oppressors and the ignorant everywhere.

For more than forty years, Christopher Hitchens contributed articles to numerous publications on both sides of the Atlantic that were surprisingly comprehensive and provocative. His death from esophageal cancer in December 2011 prematurely silenced one of the most admired contemporary voices – writers, readers, pundits and critics mourned his loss.

At the time of his death, Hitchens left about 250,000 words of essays that have not yet been published in book form. “Another great book of essays by an author we wish was still alive to produce more copies” (National Review), and yet… ranges from the literary to the political and is an entertaining and educational delight. has a feast, including essays on Orwell, Lermontov, Chesterton, Fleming, Naipaul, Rushdie, Orhan Pamuk, and Dickens, among others, as well as his laugh-out-loud self-mocking “textures.” The range and quality of Hitchens’s essays go far beyond the specific occasions for which they were originally written, “famous skulls, thunderous goals, and some love letters to the erudition of the notorious provocateur-in-chief and scathing assessments of American Rewards of. Culture” (Vanity Fair). Often scathing, always stern, fiercely learned, Hitchens was a polemicist for the ages. With this posthumous volume, he remains, “America’s leading rhetorical muse” (The Village Voice).

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Christopher Hitchens was born on April 13, 1949 in England and graduated from Balliol College, Oxford University. A father of three, he was the author of more than twenty books and pamphlets, including collections of essays, criticism, and reports. His book God Is Not Great: How Religion Poisons Everything was a finalist for the 2007 National Book Award and an international bestseller. Her best-selling memoir, Hitch-22, was a finalist for the 2010 National Book Critics Circle Award for Autobiography. The New York Times named his best-selling omnibus one of the ten best books of the year. A visiting professor of liberal studies at the New School in New York City, he is the I.F. Stone Professor at the Graduate School of Journalism at the University of California, Berkeley. He was a columnist, literary critic, and contributing editor to Vanity Fair, The Atlantic, Slate, The Times Literary Supplement, The Nation, New Statesman, World Affairs, and Free Inquiry, among other publications. After his death, Yoko Ono awarded him the Lennon-Ono Grant for Peace.

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