Letters With Words Inside

Letters With Words Inside – Ready to be a ROCK-STAR with your character? Why not show off your lettering skills by putting words in stars? Putting words and words into geometric shapes can be fun for you and impress your audience. In today’s post, I (Alyssa from @Lyssas_Letters) will guide you step-by-step through the process of designing hand-crafted letter art that makes people feel impressed!

I started by sketching a small five-pointed star with a fine marker. You can also sketch with a pencil. I just prefer to use ink because I don’t mind making “mistakes” during this design phase. Ink encourages me to take risks. knowing that I can’t delete it!

Letters With Words Inside

Letters With Words Inside

The words I chose to write inside the stars were “Let your light shine.” You can choose any short phrase or saying that suits you!

Letter Inside Of A Star Tutorial

I found it helpful to write both the phrase and underline the “key words” that I would highlight in the composition. The words “light” and “shine” were the most important to me. And when I design the thumbnail I made the two words stand out by making the letters bigger. Use a thicker line weight. or use a different font from that of other words.

In this first thumbnail I chose to write “bright” first. Don’t be afraid to mess up your words when you’re designing thumbnails and rough sketches! I have highlighted this word horizontally. and all letters are capitalized and printed.

Then I added other words. by changing the direction of the word baseline and the font size Notice how I used a small growth on the “r” in the word “your” to fill the space.

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In this second thumbnail I changed the font: now I write “light” in the script and “shine” in capital letters. Feel free to play with your thumbnails! They don’t have to be pretty or perfect. Try new things because you might find something you love!

The Heart Is Lined With Wooden Multicolored Letters And Inside The Heart Is The Word Love Stock Photo

After experimenting with different font positions and sizes, beauty and fonts in six different thumbnails I choose the one I want to use for my final work.

However, in this case, there are two that I like. I decided to make a rough sketch. of both to determine which one I want to turn into a full piece of art.

I sketched a bigger star – again, it doesn’t have to be a “perfect” star now, because it’s still a rough sketch.

Letters With Words Inside

To see what it will look like when using brush letters. I stroked the characters with a black fudenosuke brush pen.

Wooden Letters Forming The Word Love With A Red Heart

Notice how I added more than double the line weight to the letters in the word “light” to add contrast.

After creating a rough sketch The larger of the design is already another piece. I decided to move forward with a rough sketch design. my first time

Now’s your chance to add color, embellishments (such as shadows and highlights), and other illustrations. that you want! I opted for a paper blend so I could mix it with water.

I took great care to make sure my star outline looks the way I want. To get the “perfect” star shape, I outlined some of the star shapes I found online, however, you can create your own stars however you want. You can draw them freehand or use a protractor to get the angles right! Next, I use a light gray Tombow (N95) dual brush pen to mark where I want my letter to be. If you want all letters to be the same color. You can skip this step and write the letter using the pen of your choice.

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Inside The Book Concept. Cyrillic Letters And Words On An Open Book With Black Dramatic Background. Education, Knowledge Concept, Russian Letters Stock Photo, Picture And Royalty Free Image. Image 121100637

I used multicolored brush pens, glitter pens, and waterbrushes. I mixed the colors on the gray letters.

After sketching the shape of a star with micron-sized eyeliner, I painted with watercolor gradients in the background to create the illusion of the night sky.

I added final embellishments such as glitter borders around stars and little stars. on the night sky using a white pen You may want to draw other stars or moons around your larger star. Perhaps you can add characters to the bottom of the page by looking up at the stars. Let your imagination lead you! And of course, you can let your star be the center of your art. No other illustrations are required!

Letters With Words Inside

Alyssa (known on social media as Lyssa’s Letters) started brushing in August 2018 through her art and video. She hopes to share a message of self-empowerment and to inspire others to create with their hearts! She currently teaches two classes on Skillshare.com and is in the process of designing additional classes You can check out her on Instagram @Lyssas_Letters or on her Youtube channel: Lyssa’s Letters.

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