Love Yourself In Chinese Letters

Love Yourself In Chinese Letters – Chinese culture, history, and folklore have inspired people around the world to tattoo their various body parts. Whether it’s the calligraphy of Chinese characters, sometimes misunderstood and misunderstood, mythical creatures such as dogs, phoenixes, and lions, or any other symbol, the People have been getting Chinese stamps for the past two years.

On the other hand, the public image of tattoos in China is not good. Tattoos have long been looked down upon, with older people associating them with crime, gangsters, and prisoners. Even now, the stigma is slowly spreading and tattoos are becoming more common, they can be seen in young people rather than older people.

Love Yourself In Chinese Letters

Love Yourself In Chinese Letters

According to an interview published in the Los Angeles Times, with Beijing-based artist Ma Chao, tattoos are almost always illegal, with Ma dropping out of school at age 14 to pursue his dream is to become an artist. Today, he puts a tattoo on the skin of the younger generation asking for it, but only if they are 100% sure that they like it.

Introduction To Traditional Chinese Characters

But since Chinese tattoos are very popular in the western countries of Europe and America, and the stigma is slowly breaking in the east, we decided to write this article and list the most popular Chinese tattoo ideas and with the intention behind most. popular brand.

Finally, you can include yourself in the list of the most popular Chinese tattoo ideas that we have seen on Instagram and other sources, and you will have your own idea that will greatly appreciate you. .

In this section, we will look at some Chinese mythological symbols and their meaning, and see how they can dry your body as a tattoo. Continue reading this article to find a tattoo style that’s right for you.

Before diving into complex designs such as dragon, phoenix, snake, etc., it is a good idea to look at simple examples of tattoos such as calligraphy, which are very popular in Western countries. Ancient Chinese symbols have history and traditions, and thus they represent some wisdom that is deeper and more important, even if not everyone can understand them.

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Ways To Introduce Yourself In Chinese

Westerners enjoy stamping stamps with Japanese or Chinese calligraphy. The only problem, however, is that these signs are often wrong, making it difficult for anyone to understand that. That’s why it’s important to have someone who knows the meaning behind the symbols to interpret the symbols you want to tattoo yourself.

Chinese symbols are beautiful, interesting, etc., but you don’t see them much among Chinese citizens for the aforementioned reasons. If anything, it’s more likely to have a Chinese person with a command of English or a language other than Chinese on their hands.

Hanzi, Chinese characters are used in Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, and other Chinese communities living outside of China. There are about 50,000 Hanzi words, with most of them not in common use, or at all.

Love Yourself In Chinese Letters

If you can’t trust your artist or someone else to create a logo for you, there is a Simplified Chinese option that has words in it that, as the name suggests, are simple. Writing is easier because there aren’t as many prints and less time. Simplified Chinese characters were introduced to help combat ignorance in China, and some people enjoy them for tattoos.

Best Chinese Letters Tattoo Ideas That Will Blow Your Mind |

There are many different types of tattoos that you can make with Hanzi characters. Sometimes it is a single character that can mean a word like love, peace, strength, faith, courage, and respect. On the other hand, you can leave a name of a loved one, as long as you know a translation that should be translated correctly.

Some other ideas to try when dealing with Hanzi characters include a word or a quote from a story, or a quote from a famous person, especially Chinese history and traditions. Some of the famous names in Chinese history who have memorable quotes are Sun Tzu and Zhuge Liang who were the greatest military planners of their time.

However, be careful with the translation, and the artist who does the ink, because you never know when they can make a mistake and the message will be reversed to what you have thought of it first. It’s always a good idea to be careful.

One last idea with Hanzi characters is pet names. It’s no secret that the Chinese zodiac is unique and includes animals. You can print the name of the animal that represents your birth year, or your loved one. Everything works, as long as you are careful to get your zodiac name right. It is important to understand that different Chinese zodiacs have their own characteristics, which is why it is important to apply the zodiac sign you want to tattoo yourself.

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Most Popular Arabic Tattoo

Chinese style tattoos help with a lot of ideas when it comes to getting tattoos. What’s more, it can be combined with other abstract symbols and transformed into small stamps and a large inking. Everything is up to you.

Dogs as a cultural symbol exist in many different cultures. However, western mythology and legends do not celebrate it like the east. That’s why people are so fascinated by the slender, snake-like bodies of Chinese dogs, and the combination of colors that define them.

But what does the Chinese dragon mean? What message and sign does it give? Let’s see.

Love Yourself In Chinese Letters

Dogs are believed to bring good luck, and only Chinese emperors own them. It was believed that only the emperor and the king were allowed to take things with wolves, and they got lucky. That’s because the princes can see with them.

Chinese Symbols For Love, Hope, Faith

They bring luck, power, courage, happiness, and strength, and although they resemble four-legged snakes with hawk-like claws, they are very different in comparison. of Europe to ancient dogs. All the good looks of dogs from the east are what inspire many people to get a tattoo.

They are considered aquatic in nature because they are closely related to lakes, seas, oceans, storms, and floods. Loong is one of China’s most famous wild dogs, also known as Lung.

Koi fish is often considered to be Japanese. But despite their popularity in Japan, Koi fish first came from China via invaders. They can be red or black and have a positive sign.

Initially, they were associated with wealth, wealth, and success. Their symbol is often used by traveling traders, but today, many people tattoo the Koi fish to show their success, or to call. Koi fish is also associated with prosperity, especially in relation to work, studies, and other purposes.

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Amazing Chinese Tattoo Designs With Meanings

Also, the Koi fish is associated with endurance, courage, and abundance. Koi fish are believed to be strong enough to swim upstream, especially in waterfalls. It only adds to the symbol of endurance, courage, and strength.

Although the Phoenix shares culture and purpose with many cultures and nations, it is still present in Chinese folklore. In Sinospheric mythology, Fenghuang, the immortal bird, is known more than any other bird in the world.

It is very similar to a peacock, except that it is larger, and covered in red fire. Phoenixes are associated with immortality because when they die, they are reborn from their flames and ashes. It is believed that these birds can live for hundreds and even thousands of years before they burn to ashes and reproduce.

Love Yourself In Chinese Letters

In most cases, they are associated with good luck, courage, strength, immortality, rebirth, endurance, and other good qualities. It is an inspiration for tattooing.

Chinese Love Symbol Wallpapers

Like dragons and phoenixes, turtles are considered sacred animals in Chinese mythology. According to Chinese mythology, the turtle is among the oldest animals in the world, which is why they are a symbol of wisdom, wisdom, deep thinking, knowledge, and peace.

It doesn’t surprise us because turtles always know how to be calm in everything and work slowly and firmly to reach their goal. A turtle is a rare but good idea for getting a new tattoo, especially if you want to show your spiritual strength, strength, endurance, wisdom, and luck.

In addition to that, turtles, like Koi fish, can convey a sense of wealth and wealth, which is why many people buy small turtle figurines to keep in their homes. the home. We know that a turtle is a very good idea.

We have reviewed the best Chinese tattoo designs for you to check out. You can go with a different plan or come up with your own, with the things we have listed to serve as an idea for you to go further. Let’s dig in.

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