Phy Words 5 Letters

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If you’ve been on social media platforms in the last couple of weeks, you’ve probably seen a grid of green, yellow and black squares. This is the latest epidemic phenomenon called Wordle – a free online game that offers users a new word puzzle every day. It was created by Josh Ward for his crossword-loving partner. As of January 10, the game has 2.7 million players.

Phy Words 5 Letters

Phy Words 5 Letters

In Wordlay, players have six attempts to guess the target five-letter word. Each time they guess, they see which letters in their guess are in the correct position (green) in the word, and which letters are in the word but in a different position (yellow). It is similar to the board game Mastermind but with one key difference. In the Master Mind, all six colors appear equally on the target. In Wordlay, since guesses and targets must all be real words, certain characters are more likely to appear, making some guesses better than others.

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This leads to a question I’ve seen people debate online for a long time: What’s the best first word to guess?

For now, let’s define “best first guess” as the one that shares the most letters with the target word. What we need to know is: how common are each of the 26 letters in five-letter English words. Not just any five-letter words, but the ones that are most likely to show up as a target.

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Vague words such as “nissus” (a mental or physical effort to reach a conclusion) or “wins” (a connection between different levels of a mine) are not appropriate.

In a recent study I found over 60,000 English words and how well known they are. This kind of statistic is interesting to language researchers like me because it captures how easily a word can be processed: on average, commonly known words are read faster.

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I took all the five-letter words known by at least 50% of the people studied (if you know “Nissus” or “Vince” – which I certainly don’t – you share that feat with only 7% of the sample). Then I counted how many times each letter appeared at least once in a word.

The most common letter is “e”, appearing in 46% of words. It is a well-known form that applies to the English language in general. A notable exception is George Berek’s novel A Void, which is deliberately written without the letter “e”. This pattern was even used by Sherlock Holmes in The Adventure of the Dancing Men to decode a code made up of dancing stick figures, justifying the most common symbol “e”.

A mysterious sequence of dancing stick figures that Holmes deciphers in The Adventure of the Dancing Men. Presented by the author

Phy Words 5 Letters

One reason “e” is so common is the advent of the silent e at the end of words in the 16th century, which was used to signal something about previous sounds. For example, “tone” is pronounced differently than “ton.”

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The next most common letters are: “a” (39%), “r” (34%), “o” (29%), and “i” and “s” fifth (28%). Out of these six letters, one word immediately “rose” as the best choice! Want a particularly bad first guess? Try the “whump” (a dull pulsating sound). By this measure it’s pretty bad.

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But while “raised” means more likely to get the letters at the destination, they may not be in the right position.

If we want a word that can get the letters in their correct positions, the best option is “save” (boring, repetitive, unchanging). But don’t stop there. If we combine these approaches into one final score, we get a word that we are very familiar with: “high” (a young hawk) – “risen” but in a more strategic order.

One last thing to note. While writing this article, I found an actual list of words that people could enter into the source code for the Wordle website and appear as targets. I decided not to use that list because it was more fun to answer the question with the available language resources. Also, that list may change and I’d like to find a more general answer.

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But, to put your mind at ease, while I’ve made all of the above a list of “official” Wordle goals, “Rise” ends up being the best again. So there you have it. Now it’s up to you what you do with guesses two through six.

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