Half Of Deca Crossword Clue 5 Letters

Half Of Deca Crossword Clue 5 Letters – JW quickly returns and gives us another CSO puzzle, this one for our very own Ron and his talented trombone. It’s not unusual to use the same clue for all theme answers, but Jeffrey brought it home with 4 themes that are all grid-spanners! He injects some nice 8 letter fill in the corner and crosses two stacked long single down fill. APRISED, SHUT OUTS, PARISHES, RING TOSS, IN SPIRIT and CASSETTE are 8s, with triple 6s intersecting double 6s in other corners. Very nice grid with very few small fills.

17A. Slide :Microscope mount(15). Sussing the theme isn’t the point, of course, but it was fun to see how Phil was going to make four different types of slides. We begin in the laboratory.

Half Of Deca Crossword Clue 5 Letters

Half Of Deca Crossword Clue 5 Letters

45A. Slide : Runner’s Trick (15). Of course the slide in baseball is an integral part of the game, reminding me of Dizzy Dean who said of Phil Rizzuto in the 1938 World Series, “He’s on third.”

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15. As in divinity: TRIUNE. Definition: Three in one (especially used in reference to the Trinity).

16. Where flocks gather : parishes. Parishes are flocks or are part of a parish, but they gather together in churches, chapels…

20. Org. For Sharapova and Kournikova :WTA.W omen’sT ennisA Association…a cheat for you purists? Difficulty using two Russian tennis pros.

35. Not your average Joe? : LATTE. A really fun clue, especially if you know the coffee is known as joe, as in a really good cup of joe. do you ask

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36. Video game hero with cart :MARIO. I played and lost many times when my kids were growing up.

40. Epic with catalog of ships : ILIAD. The Catalog of Ships (Ancient Greek: νεῶν καταλογιος, neōn katalogos) is an epic catalog in Book 2 of Homer’s Iliad (2.494–759), listing the armies. Off to Troy.WIKI.

58. Moo __ Pork :SHU. The dictionary says the name comes from the Mandarin mùxū, the fragrant flowering shrub Osmanthus fragrans (because the scrambled eggs in the dish resemble the flowers of the shrub in shape and color. This is a northern Chinese dish. HOW ABOUT RECIPEC.C., Barry G. ?

Half Of Deca Crossword Clue 5 Letters

65. School discovered, probably :SEINED. What a break when this word appeared in yesterday’s puzzle; Friday’s twist in the clue, of course.

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7. Mill. Mail Drop : APO. One of three special postal addresses Army/Air Post Office (APO), Fleet Post Office (FPO), Diplomatic Post Office (DPO).

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8. Challenging reading material : PAP. Soft comes from soft or semiliquid foods such as those suitable for babies or infants. This leads to “reading material or entertainment that is worthless or lacks substance.”

13. Yet, in poetry: EEN. I am also confused by this meaning. Still higher – even higher? i think

25. “Arise, fair __, and slay the jealous moon”: Romeo : Sun. Shakespeare is back with one of my favorite scenes from JW…

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36. Catalan Surrealist :MIRO. My uncle had a Miro print in his office when I was a kid. I thought it was stupid.

37. Fundraising target, often :ALUM. Go for the nitpickers, I know you mean to look for abbreviations instead of accepted expressions.

38. Fair Game : Ring Toss. A foul play at the fair. “The Ring Toss: Rings are only a hair wider than the neck of a target bottle or spike, …and are made of hard plastic to facilitate extra bouncing. If Carney shows it can be done, you should suspect that he’s using what you’ve been given. A bigger ring than or he scores by shooting directly overhead, a move like a basketball shoot, virtually impossible from the player’s position.”LINK.

Half Of Deca Crossword Clue 5 Letters

42. Gallic Sol :AME. It would be better if you see ME. 62D. Season: ETE. We are in August and it is summer. See how easy it is with pronunciation.

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47. Clear Eyes Competitors :VISINE. Eye drops and CSO to one of the gone.

49. Hospital routine : ROUNDS. An important event in a hospital where doctors make rounds and meet patients. Also, part of grand rounds when doctors have other doctors and medical students to study with.

63. Remove :TIE. Correct me if I’m wrong, Steve or NC, but I believe ties and draws are different in cricket.

Also another JW Friday; The long fill really helped lead to a fairly quick Friday. Hope you all had as much fun as I did. Lemonade out.

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Gunther Toody from Car 54 Where Are You? So Joe E. Ross’s signature sentence serves as a prologue to Jeff’s wonderful Wednesday puzzle where he has six entries starting with OO, four across and two down. Jeff’s amazing inclusion of six of them in Wednesday’s level further impressed this humble blogger.

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Jeff Weeks also requested that “this puzzle, based on its theme, be dedicated to Lemonade’s wife, OO”. I am happy to do so!!

17. Butterfingers Comment :OO PSY DAISY- A variant of Upsy Daisy which is said when a child stumbles or is picked up. Or before and after this…

Half Of Deca Crossword Clue 5 Letters

54. Plays like Cary Grant: Oo Zess Charm- By Zoltan Karpathi, Professor Higgins declares, “Charm oozes from every pore, it crosses the floor.”

December 5, 2019 By Duke Chronicle

66. The Washington Monument’s 897:Steps – No longer allowed to be climbed but held in 2007 at 6.7 minutes.

5. Like Parfait : Layered- Poirot often uses the word “parfait” (perfect) on the British TV series when his “little gray cells” are invented.

9. “Care to stab the answer?” :Any guesses- Can you guess the 6-letter word (not 5-letter as posted earlier) that connects these four pix? (*answer by grid below)

33. Trompe __ : L’OEIL- French for trick the eye. I love these chalk drawings that do just that

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My Friday is back with a foil add a word edition that makes us laugh. First, I had the pleasure of working with Jeffrey in creating the Mel Brooks tribute puzzle. Mel is definitely someone who can respond with a lot of laugh-out-loud. JW is also focusing on light-hearted themes, puns and a good time had by all. I got used to his style, use of many words and sense of humor. With 67 squares in the theme, and three grid-spanners there aren’t many long sparkly fills, but he squeezes in AVALANCHE, WEB FOOTED, THREE PUTT and BALD EAGLE.

17A. An item from a convent seamstress’s workshop? :HA bits and pieces(15). I grew up near a convent and saw many nuns marching down my street. He made a complete habit.

When my niece was three years old and saw them walking, she asked who all the kings were.

Half Of Deca Crossword Clue 5 Letters

24A. Wise boy? :Cat Buddha (11). It’s great how easy this Monday puzzle made it to fill out. This is my favorite theme fill–Billy Budd…classic.

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36A. Bichon Frize Pack Leader? : French Alpha S(15). A CSO for our now busy and hopefully wealthy Marty who loves skiing in the Alps.

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48A. A sandwich for desert? : Saha runs rap (11). This seems the least inventive and most obvious pun, but perhaps the seediest entry.

57A. A request for relief, and a hint to create the other four long answers to this puzzle:

I could use a smile (15). JW’s seem intent on making us laugh while we cry at some difficult cues.

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21. Zagros Mountains Location :ASIA. In Iran, a fact I didn’t know, but Pers easily guessed.

23. __ Paulo :SAO. Part of the 2016 Olympic bid is for Brazil to host 28 Olympic sports — including rugby sevens and golf, which were added by the International Olympic Committee in 2009. The Games will be held at 33 venues and 5 venues in the host city of Rio. In the cities of Sao Paulo (Brazil’s largest city), Belo Horizonte, Salvador, Brasilia (Brazil’s capital) and Manaus. Wiki. Also, 60 d. Braz. Neighbors: Uruguay. Uruguay ranks first in Latin America for democracy, peace, lack of corruption, e-government, and first in South America for press freedom, size of the middle class, and prosperity. Wiki.

32. Goya Subject : MAJA. She is back with or without her clothes. and 26 d. Gulf of California Peninsula : BAJA.

Half Of Deca Crossword Clue 5 Letters

43. 1968 Self-titled Folk Album : ARLO. I see him often and never tire of complaining about his performance at Woodstock.

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44. Hindu Sovereign : Queen. And, 4D. Indian Honoree: SRI. There was a lot I didn’t know about this Word.

56. To the point :PAT. Another Friday I don’t quite get; Perhaps by definition as pat answer…” had already been prepared and so said without giving much thought to the question.”Dictionary.

31. Nav for pony players. Option : OTB. They closed in New York, but are still out in the MECCA for gamblers.

33. Green Frustration : Three putts. When Stenson three-putted the first green for bogey on Sunday, I thought the pressure was going to mount and Phil (who birdied) would get his second claret jug.

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45. Vivaldi was designated as a: PRIEST. Planned kinda gives it, but who knew? A riddle with nuns and priests… How many of you remember what Vivaldi was known for?

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