Simpsons Theme Piano Notes Letters

Simpsons Theme Piano Notes Letters – If playing the piano has always felt intimidating because of the difficulty of classical music, this article is for you! Besides being fun to play, thanks to their catchy tunes and easy shapes, these songs make the learning process much easier.

The songs on this list are great for beginners because of their repetitive melodies and simple harmonic structures, usually consisting of a few chords. Starting simple and then increasing the difficulty allows you to build solid foundations.

Simpsons Theme Piano Notes Letters

Simpsons Theme Piano Notes Letters

If you can’t read comments, don’t be afraid. Many classical music teachers will object to this, but if your goal is just to enjoy the music, you no longer need to read sheet music. Audio-visual learning is already taking the place of written materials today. With new generation piano tutorial videos, you have the opportunity to see what note you are going to play without any musical knowledge, thanks to the colored boxes that slide on the screen, a “piano roll screen” as we call it. If the song is too fast, you can even slow down the video or loop each segment to practice certain parts. These types of videos provide the opportunity to learn by making direct visual connections, so it greatly shortens the learning time.

The World According To Benedict Cumberbatch

Let’s leave all this technical information aside and take a look at the songs we prepared for you! We have selected over 50 easy piano songs for beginners that you can enjoy as you enter the world of piano.

The Disney animated film Frozen was released in 2013 and “Let It Go” was the first song from a Disney animated musical to reach the top ten of the Billboard Hot 100 since 1995. Music and lyrics were composed by husband and wife songwriting team Kristen Anderson-Lopez and Robert Lopez. It was performed by Idina Menzel. Also, there is a pop version of the song sung by Demi Lovato.

The left hand is quite easy to learn, so you can start practicing and memorizing. Of course, you should practice piece by piece instead of playing the whole tune. For each section practice the left hand first by singing the right hand melody and then add the right hand. Try to keep the same numbers of fingers for the same melodies throughout the song.

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“Believer” was released in 2017 as the lead single from the band’s third studio album, “Evolve”. The song spent over a year on the Billboard Hot 100, peaking at number four and was one of the best-selling songs in the US in 2017. It was also featured in the trailer for “Murder on the Orient Express”.

Homer Simpson, Kaws And The Cartoon Mind

You can practice the right hand separately first to clear the possible mistakes. Be careful with the beat in the intro. Also, the beat of the right melody before the chorus can be confusing but you can simplify it if you need to. During the chorus the left hand gives the groove so try to be precise with the rhythmic feel of this part.

“Perfect” was released in 2017 as the fourth single from Ed Sheeran’s third album “÷”. With the assistance of Will Hicks, Sheeran produced the song himself. He also collaborated with his brother to provide string orchestration for the song. The song is a romantic ballad written about his future wife Sherry Seaburn, whom he knew from school and then reconnected with when she was working in New York. It became his second Billboard Hot 100 #1 song right after “Shape Of You”. Sheeran later did a duet version of the song with Beyoncé.

If the left melody in the tutorial feels easy to you, you can try adding an octave lower to it. It will sound louder that way. But be careful with the long jump on the right hand in the chorus. It jumps an octave higher, try not to lose focus on the bass at the same time. The chorus chords are the same as the verse but in a different order. This is a good example of how simple chord progressions can end up in good pop songs.

Simpsons Theme Piano Notes Letters

“Havana” is a tribute to Camila Cabello’s hometown in Cuba, where she was born and raised until the age of 5 before moving to the US. Naturally, it has all the Latin elements incorporated into a pop song. It reached number one in several countries including Australia, Brazil, Canada , France, Mexico, UK and USA in 2017. She played herself in the music video and received positive reviews from critics.

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Hedwigs Theme Piano

After you get used to the notes, instead of playing straight, try to give a Latin feel to the left hand bass. You can imagine a Latin percussion accompaniment in your head to do this. The intro is super fun to play and it doesn’t sound like an easy version at all. If you can sing or if you have a friend who can sing you can skip the melody and play the intro throughout the song with some variations.

“Clocks” was released in 2003 by Coldplay for their second album A Rush of Blood to the Head. The song is based on a piano riff and includes ambiguous lyrics about themes of comparison and urgency. There are many remixes of the track and the riff is often sampled. He won the Grammy Award for Record of the Year. Considered one of Coldplay’s signature tracks, “Clocks” continues to receive critical acclaim and is frequently included in lists ranking the greatest hits of the 2000s and all time.

After the intro the rest of the song is relatively easy so you should focus on the intro first. If the rhythm of the right hand pattern in the introduction feels complicated, you can try counting in groups: “one two three, one two three, one two” this is called an “8/8 pattern”. You can use the sustain pedal to connect the notes in the pattern but don’t forget to clean up every time the chord changes with the left hand.

In 2010, Bruno Mars released Just the Way You Are as his debut solo single and the lead single from his first studio album. It quickly topped the Billboard Hot 100 and won the 2011 Grammy Award for Best Pop Vocal Performance. Bruno Mars reveals he’s a huge fan of songs that get right to the point like Joe Cocker’s ‘You Are So Amazing’ and Eric Clapton’s ‘Wonderful Tonight’. According to Mars “Just The Way You Are” shares the same sentiments.

How To Play

This easy version tutorial is nicely simplified with a minimal left hand bass pattern and the right hand vocal melody. The left hand plays the same shape in different positions, we call this shape “the fifth”. If the rhythm of the right melody feels too complex for you, try singing at the same time. At first it might be weird but it will get easier once you get used to it.

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“Someone Like You” was written by Adele after the breakup of her relationship with a 30-year-old man she thought she would marry. It remained at the top of the UK charts for five weeks. The song also topped the charts in Australia, Ireland, Brazil, Italy, New Zealand, France, Switzerland, and became Adele’s number two in the US. The sound is quite simplistic with piano and vocals.

If you’ve made it this far, this song will be a step up. Finally, we see a typical left hand piano accompaniment during the chorus. Focus on the uniformity of each note, you can even try using a metronome to practice your left hand only. If it feels difficult, try playing the first notes of all four notes at first and then add the other notes.

Simpsons Theme Piano Notes Letters

The collaboration of director Steven Spielberg and composer John Williams is quite famous for its successful results. Jurassic Park was one of those Spielberg-Williams collaborations that ended up being a classic. The film was released in 1993 and the cut was also highly praised and is often considered one of the most iconic and beloved works of John William’s career.

Years Ago: ‘the Simpsons’ Airs Its First ‘treehouse Of Horror’

Pay attention to the left hand, especially when there are two characters at the same time. If you feel comfortable you can add it an octave lower to make the song even more epic! Practice the right hand separately until you can play each section smoothly. Yes “each section”, this means you should practice by dividing the song into sections as we have mentioned many times before. You can try counting and then humming to internalize the tune.

“Everything I Wanted” was written by 5-time Grammy-winning singer Billie Eilish and her producer brother Phineas. It can be described as a pop and alternative pop track influenced by house and electronica and features a minimalistic production consisting of piano and bass guitar playing below. Inspired by a nightmare she had, the song is about the close relationship between Eilish and O’Connell; The lyrics talk about him protecting Eilish and making sure no one hurts her.


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