Words With Letters Slicer

Words With Letters Slicer – Last week, Stacey shared a post full of tips for new slicers. As you take the leap and start the March challenge, you can plan seasons and many of the best that will surprise you.

If you’ve taken up the challenge before, you know how writing each day of March brings focus to the attention of stories from your everyday life while also bringing you closer to the community. And, like the name, you know it’s challenging.

Words With Letters Slicer

Words With Letters Slicer

On January 30, seasoned slicers shared the benefits they experienced from joining SOLSC. You can still watch the helpful videos linked below.

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These participants also have some useful strategies for any slicer, whether it’s your first year or your fifth year. I knew I was going to print this post to hang near my desk as inspiration on the days when I find myself still looking for a story to tell.

JULIETTE AWUA-KYEREMATEN collects rich vocabulary from other writers or different writing genres from cutters to use as a mentor. Juliette also suggests listing language constructs or unique ideas to copy and try in the classroom.

NAWAL QAROONI uses her phone, scrolling through the pictures she has taken. She said, “If it’s important enough to photograph, it might be important enough to write about.” Nawal also looks out the window to observe or take the lyrics as a starting point.

SUSAN KENNEDY uses themes to help guide her writing and ideas. Her notebook, files on her phone, or a running list of ideas also help lead to the challenge. Then she’s ready with some ideas before March starts. Susan also sets aside a “specified” amount of time to write and schedule posts.

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ERIKA VICTOR likes to use familiar and preferred formats, like poetry. Read other articles that also give her opinions. Erika also asks her students to cut out ideas before they leave for the day.

PETER VON EULER lists memories, recent and distant before March begins. Here is a kind of menu if he gets stuck. He also finds inspiration in the conversations the kids are having during the day and can use excerpts of what he hears. Peter says, “Before day one, I tried to write two parts. That way, I always have one in the bank in case I have a really tough day and have no ideas or time. “

MELANIE WHITE uses instructor texts to mimic and attempt to emulate writing techniques from a selection of professional writings. She also chooses different hand-crafted movements to use on purpose, when shaping her thinking and writing. Melanie also shared that being physically active is very helpful. A long walk or run, a change of place, and the use of nature can all inspire you.

Words With Letters Slicer

A big thank you to them for sharing their favorite strategies to stay motivated to write every day in March. I hope you can glean a few ideas from this post when the challenge gets tough. Here’s a quick guide to ideas shared by our seasoned Thai masters.

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