How To View Letters Of Recommendation On Naviance

How To View Letters Of Recommendation On Naviance – Students and their parents can use Naviance to check the status of college applications. Credit: Credit: West Albemarle High School Counseling Department

Albemarle County Public Schools launched a new software program called Naviance this year to make college and career planning easier for students.

How To View Letters Of Recommendation On Naviance

How To View Letters Of Recommendation On Naviance

“Our advisors have been asking for [Naviance] for quite some time,” said Michael Craddock, chief instructional trainer for the division. “We were doing so many things in paper formats… We had no tool to bring it all together.”

Free Letter Of Recommendation Templates & Samples

Naviance provides college and career planning software to thousands of schools across the country. Craddock said the division expects to pay the Arlington-based company $43,000 annually to use the software in its middle schools and high schools.

Parents and students can access Naviance at home from the PowerSchool online portal. High school students can link their Naviance accounts to the Common Application used by nearly 700 colleges and universities.

Naviance also enables high school guidance departments to send students’ transcripts and midterm reports electronically to even more colleges, saving postage and staff time.

Chris Lennon, guidance counselor at Albemarle High School, said some teachers who tried to upload letters of recommendation for students last fall found Naviance’s user interface confusing.

Updated College Planning Resources And Video Series

“There was definitely a learning curve … but teachers now have a good grasp of it,” he said.

Starting next year, students will have access to a database of aggregate data such as test scores, grade point averages and admissions decisions for different colleges.

Student newspaper articles from high schools in other states have argued that this feature of Naviance causes additional stress for college applicants, and could discourage students from applying to colleges that aren’t actually out of their reach.

How To View Letters Of Recommendation On Naviance

Pat McLaughlin, strategic planning officer for the district school division, said high schools need to emphasize that the GPAs and test scores visible on Naviance are not always the deciding factor in college admissions.

College And Career Readiness / Letter Of Recommendation Request

“[Colleges] will look at you as a person and your accomplishments outside of school when they make that decision,” he said.

McLaughlin said Naviance will play a key role in implementing a teacher-student mentoring program for freshmen that the division is planning as part of its Middle School 2022 curriculum redesign initiative.

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While Naviance is most prevalent in the district’s high schools, it is also used for state-mandated career education in high schools.

Sixth graders use Naviance to watch video interviews with professionals in different fields. Seventh-graders are adding interesting careers to an online inventory in preparation for the annual 7th Grade Career Fair at the University of Virginia.

Step By Step How To Use Naviance Through The College Application Process

“[Naviation] is just a tool to explore,” said Cabell Guy, guidance counselor at Sutherland Middle School. “It doesn’t pigeonhole kids… It just shows them what their abilities are.”

About 50 students at Sutherland have logged into Naviance’s career exploration service outside of school activities, Guy said.

“Some of the cooler features of Naviance are harder sells for middle schoolers,” Guy said. “It’s hard to get kids excited about planning for college in seventh grade.”

How To View Letters Of Recommendation On Naviance

Seventh- and eighth-graders in Albemarle County use Naviance to create an outline of their high school courses of study. High school guidance counselors will have access to these four-year plans and information about students’ career interests before students begin freshman year.

Requesting Letters Of Recommendation: For Scoir Connected Students

“We always did career stuff in high school, but often it just stopped there,” Craddock said. “Maybe it was put in a file, or maybe it was sent home. Now, high school counselors have … a better picture of every kid that comes to their case.”

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Letters Of Recommendation

The best way to reach us is to message us through this website. That way, your note will reach the right people on our team and we’ll have the right information to respond. Achieving standardized test scores, writing a compelling personal statement and supplements, and maintaining a high GPA are all challenging tasks, but at least you have the comfort of having control over these critical components of your college application. A letter of recommendation, on the other hand, requires you to trust a teacher or counselor to advocate for you and help you get into your top-choice universities. Because of the unique nature of the letter, we’ve put together a list of things to consider when asking someone to write your letter of recommendation.

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The recommendation letter is an integral part of the university application for a reason. Just like your personal statement, a letter of recommendation gives more insight into the person behind the application. In a sense, your letters of recommendation provide an even better picture of yourself because they allow your prospective colleges to see you through the eyes of a trusted teacher, advisor, or mentor.

These individuals can speak to your best qualities as a student and as a person: Do you work hard to improve your grades when you struggle with a particular unit? Do you joke when your teammate seems upset about losing a game? Hold the door open for your peers? Help your confused classmate struggling through a problem? These are all questions that a good recommender can answer in a strong recommendation letter.

How To View Letters Of Recommendation On Naviance

Besides the fact that most college applications will require you to provide one or more letters of recommendation, asking for letters of recommendation is a great way to practice self-advocacy, time-management, and even humility skills.

County Schools Look To Streamline College, Career Planning With Naviance

Perhaps the most important question you will ask yourself is who to ask for a letter of recommendation. Depending on the schools you are applying to, you may need three or more different recommenders:

The first two are pretty self-explanatory; you can choose any teacher and counselor in your school, but don’t ask anyone. You should choose a teacher who knows you well and who you believe will take the time and effort to write a letter of recommendation that reflects your unique personality and skills. Choosing a teacher who also advises an extracurricular activity you’re in or a teacher you’ve known since sophomore year can help ensure you have a meaningful relationship. Choosing a teacher who can speak to your passion for a specific field, especially if it’s one you plan to study in college, can also be a good move.

Some schools have specific recommendations that you should ask to write letters on your behalf if you want to apply to their programs, so be sure to research each school’s specific requirements. Here is an example from MIT.

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“MIT requires two letters of recommendation from teachers. One recommendation should be from a math or science teacher, and one should be from a humanities, social science, or language teacher, although this is not a difficult requirement.” – MIT Admissions

For Teachers: Managing Recommendations

, it’s a good idea to demonstrate your strengths in STEM if you plan to apply to a STEM major.

The third category, “Other Recommender” could be a bit more confusing. describes “Other Recommendations” as “Art Teacher, Clergy, Coach, College Access Counselor, Employer, Family Member, Peer, [or] Other.” As you know, with freedom comes responsibility, so you should be extra careful when choosing your outside counsel. This letter of recommendation is an opportunity to reveal much more than what your test scores and transcripts reveal about you; choose a recommender who understands your character, interests and potential, and who will be able to convey that to your university admission. For all of your letter writers, you should ideally choose someone who has known you for several semesters and can provide honest and unique insight into who you are as a person.

Since many colleges and universities have different deadlines, and early action and early decision applications make this even more difficult, there is no single date by which you should request a letter of recommendation. In general though, we recommend asking your recommenders for a letter in the late spring of your junior year, and at a minimum, at least two months before the deadline. This will give your letter writers plenty of time to review your resume, write the letter, and deal with any technical issues they might encounter during the submission process.

How To View Letters Of Recommendation On Naviance

Remember that you can submit your application through The Common App before your recommenders send their letters. That means you can’t use your teachers’ possible procrastination as an excuse for your own. Getting your application in early means less stress, so make sure you stay proactive about submitting all your materials ahead of time and check with your teachers to make sure they send your letters on time.

How To Request A Letter Of Recommendation On Naviance

Between school and sports practice or your many other extracurricular commitments, it may not be possible for you

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